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What the Heck is This Place?

Whether you’re an aspiring t-shirt designer, or just someone who loves rockin’ hot new designs, Pop Culture Tees has something for you.

Featuring new designs from the hottest retailers and indie artists, tips ‘n tricks, and interviews from industry experts, Pop Culture Tees delves into the world of creative t-shirt design.

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If you want your t-shirt or website reviewed, drop us a line. No guarantees it will wind up on the site, but chance are if it’s original and well-designed it’ll make the grade. If you’re a t-shirt retailer, printer, or community site and would like some exposure, let’s talk about doing an interview or feature article.

Kevin McCormick


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Christian

    There’s no “contact” link so I’ll try here.

    To start out a small design shop, from the ground up, do the majority of people screen print themselves? Or are they outsourcing small batches from the get go?

    If the idea is design and sell shirts it seems like the time wasted printing is contrary to the goal at hand.

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