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Akumu Ink – A Stylish Japanese Nightmare

akumu ink anime t-shirt

Umami (meaning "Tasty") Girl - Tokyo Revenge

akumu ink skulls tshirts

Jadore (loving her kitty to death?) - Mad Hatter

akumuink jessi

jessi making tshirt look good

Akumu Ink – Thanks to Aldora from Akumu Ink for sending me a link to their site which features some pretty cool & unique t-shirt designs. “Akumu,” meaning “nightmare” in Japanese, pretty much describes the theme of their dark designs in a single word.

Combining elements of Japanese anime, horror, and pop culture into a creative nightmarish design, Joey (the artist) has come up with some pretty sweet illustrations. On many of the designs you can see nice hand drawn lines that give you the feeling of a charcoal drawing from a sketchbook.

They also update their blog w/ some great sketches and new designs.

poison t-shirt

death before dishonor

I’ve always felt that combining 2 uniquely different elements is a good way to come up with something new and original (it worked for the movie Snakes on a Plane!) and that is what they do over at Akumu. I could even see fans of goth (like Abby from NCIS) sporting one of these.

Good stuff! Check out their website at


Mister Black Tee T-Shirts

Big Robot T-Shirt

Big Robot T-Shirt

anime cartoon characters

112 anime retro cartoon characters on one t-shirt!

Cool Ghostbusters T-shirt

Cool Ghostbusters T-shirt - Who You Gonna Call?

1980s t-shirt

1980s Pop Culture T-shirt - ┬┐Quien es malo?

mister black tee logo

Mister Black Tee

I love finding out about great t-shirt shops online that I’ve never heard of. Spanish t-shirt shop Mister Black Tee is just that. Above are a few of there newer designs with some cool American pop culture references like Ghost Busters. (how many 80s characters do you recognize in the shirt above?)

For someone like myself who grew up watching these 80s movies, it’s really cool to see them reinterpreted in these creative t-shirt designs. (Would these designs be even cooler to me if the text was en Espanol?) There is even a design on the site featuring famous movie directors and one with little anime drawings of retro cartoons. (112 personajes de dibujos animados – desde 1962 hasta 1997)

tarantino t-shirt

Mira! Tarantino!

I’m not an expert on copyright law, but I’d say that they have done a great job with the retro-looking illustrations; alluding to the characters in these movies without getting in trouble for using actual movie names or pictures of actors.

They also have some great paper toys under their “Goodies” section.” Check out their shop at


Boomslank Anime Tees

Though shopping at their site is an odd experience (I want to be able to easily see a t-shirt design BIG if I’m going to buy it), there’s no denying that the brothers behind Boomslank have some real talent for design. With themes heavily drawn from the world of anime, their style ranges from the simple and bold to the complex and detailed.

boomslank t-shirt

Our particular favorite is this newer design, titled “Airport”…

…which reminds us a little of something out of Hiro Miyazaki’s imagination, in a Howl’s Moving Castle sort of way:

Based in Raleigh, NC Boomslank designs are printed on American Apparel tees and run $24.00 each. Visit their site to see more.


Mofeti: Speed Racer

From one of the best cartoons from back in my day, but now with horrible remakes for the current generation to enjoy, we have a Speed Racer tee from Mofeti. Mofeti focuses on simple designs, sticking to black and white with clean fonts. Mofeti stands for “Money over fame equals talented individuals,” which I have no idea how it relates to Speed Racer, but I like this one.

Pick up the Speed Racer tee here at Mofeti’s website for $28.