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18 Classic Pop Culture Cars on One Radical T-Shirt

classic cars pop culture t-shirt

inspector gadgetClassic cars of Pop Culture T-shirt: Can you guess them all? In many popular movies and cartoons of the 1980’s, the cars were as big of a character as any of the people. So, why not illustrate the best of them and put them on one t-shirt? (I can’t think of a reason; except that it might take you a week)

If you’re the type of person who likes to have people squint and stare at your chest, this t-shirt might be a good investment, and you’re in luck;

Also interesting to consider that nearly all of the movies that featured memorable automobiles from the 80’s spawned sequels modern remakes; I’m struggling to find one on this design that didn’t! (Maybe that’s all that Howard the Duck needed to be a hit? You know, like a “Duckmobile” or something?)

greased lightning carAlso, the way things are headed, it looks like we might get a modern day remake of The Cold War to go with our remixed 80’s pop culture.

Anyway, if you grew up in the 80’s and think you’re pretty sharp, try naming all of the classic cars featured on this nostalgic shirt. (OK, there are a few automobiles that aren’t from the 80’s mixed in)

I’ve put the answers below, but don’t cheat! Be sure to share this with friends, and see who scores the highest. By the way, I thought that #6 was the hardest; it’s not from the 80’s, so here’s a big clue:

lost show van

Answers: (don’t peek!)

Speed Racer • Jurassic Park • Back to the Future • Toy Story • Ghostbusters • LOST • Scooby Doo • Dukes of Hazzard • Breaking Bad • Inspector Gadget • Dumb and Dumber • Batman • Grease • The Jetsons • Transformers • Flintstones • The Love Bug • The A-Team

Another coupon: Speaking of automobiles, you can get 30% off at Advance Auto Parts + free shipping with this coupon! (Sorry, they don’t carry Delorean parts)


Tee Fury Disney Mashup T-shirts: Are These Fun or Just Rip-Offs?

doctor who princes anna frozen

Mixed up pop culture / Disney t-shirt designs – Are you sitting at home, inspired to create a Frozen design, but feeling limited by copyright rules? Well, you might be elated (or gassy?) to know that almost every day Tee Fury puts out a t-shirt design that gets awfully close to receiving a cease and desist letter from companies like Disney.

So, how do they get away with it? Actually, they’ve been stepping on people’s toes for years, including those of Mike Mignola, creator of the Hellboy comic. Their biggest advantage might be that each t-shirt is on sale for only 24 hours. By the time a lawyer looks at it to even consider a cease and desist, it’s probably not for sale anymore.

The other factor is that Tee Fury sells the designs of independent artists, meaning that any potential lawsuit might be deflected to a graphic designer who probably has more student loans than assets. A number of their designers also don’t like in the U.S., further complicating any potential lawsuit.

Anyway, with Disney’s Frozen grossing over a billion dollars in theaters, it’s creating it’s own mini-economy, with companies like Tee Fury cashing in on unlicensed “Frozen-inspired” merchandise. (Heck, I’m going to mention Frozen a few more times, just hoping that it gets me more page views! Frozen, Frozen, Frozen!)

Consider that Disney does more than it’s own share of borrowing; a few recent examples being the movie Frozen based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, and Tangled based on Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.

Should we feel bad that Disney isn’t getting their share on these t-shirts, or should they just let it go? Let me know!

*Update – The insane thing is that I just noticed a few of these Elsa / Frozen t-shirts selling for as much as $40 on eBay!

• “Come Out & Play” (above) by designer Karen Hallion
• check out our latest coupons for AllPosters here

• Download Frozen coloring pages here


Alien Graffiti T-shirt

alien graffiti

Alien Graffiti T-Shirt – Pretty funny design of an alien spray painting some crop circles on the wall. (Although, if they aren’t in actually crops, what would they be called?) Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught, because illegal street art can carry stiff penalties.

Also, according to article 731.01, they can tack on another $250+ to this guy’s fines for public nudity. (Not to mention if he is in Singapore doing this, which would be really bad!) Anyway, this funny t-shirt is also over at


Creative Sesame Street t-shirts

So if you haven’t heard the news by now, the puppeteer who provides the voice of Elmo (yes, that’s the guy…still can’t quite wrap my head around that one) resigned last week after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy.

This means that Sesame Street will have to find a new guy to do the voice – and although my two-year-old daughter can’t speak in coherent sentences and still craps her pants, she’s going to know something is up when “Elmo replacement guy” starts working those furry red arms. But I wonder: Sesame Street did just recently air an episode about how the characters deal with a hurricane that destroys Big Bird’s nest. Could this Elmo situation be turned into another “teachable moment”? Hmm. Probably not.

Regardless, as Elmo goes on his “sabbatical”, the rest of the Sesame Street cast will still be hard at work teaching the ABCs and 123’s. Here are some very creative Sesame Street themed t-shirts. See the entire collection from Threadless here.

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Cookie” @ Threadless

Oscar’s Hideout” @ Threadless

 cookie monster letter c t-shirt Brought to you by the letter “C” – Cookie Monster t-shirt @Threadless
(Hey, this would be a good gift for a kid whose name starts with the letter “C’)


Cheap Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirts

Vocabulary word of the day: Anthropomorphism
Definition: The attribution of human characteristics to animals or non-living things. Examples: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their rat sensei, Splinter

Anyway, if you are looking for some cheap nostalgia, has a 20% off coupon available, meaning that these $20 t-shirts are now $16 or less. (One of the shirts is actually only $10 after using a coupon. View all TMNT shirts)

About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Originally a comic book series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) were crime fighting turtles named after four Renaissance artists. Trained in ninjitsu, (which was extremely popular in the 80’s – I myself had a sweet collection of ninja stars) they ate pizza, fought crime, and lived in isolation in the sewers of New York City.

They all had the chemistry of a successful boy band. Leonardo was the leader, Michelangelo the comic relief, Donatello (Donny) the smart one, and Raphael the bad boy (with a Brooklyn accent). Looking back on it, I actually think they may have inspired New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) as well as the War on Terror.


Stubborn Sideburn – STBN SDBN T-Shirts

stubborn sideburn t-shirts

two stubborn sideburn t-shirts: "Stereo", & "Sumo"

stbn emblem t-shirt

stbn emblem

Some cool designs from Stubborn Sideburn, designed by talented Japanese artist Junichi Tsuneoka, who describes his style as, “California Roll,” combining Japanese pop culture and American urban culture together into something very unique and eye-catching. (mmm… California roll)

All of STBN SDBN tees are hand crafted, and are printed in ultra-limited numbers of less than 24 per design (only 24 of each!?) adding that, “It’s more of my design output purpose. I would rather design more than produce same thing over and over.”

He also showcases some slick sticker and print designs from his store at I look forward to seeing more designs from the very talented Mr. Tsuneoka, as he is off to a great start!

Check out some of the stickers; these designs would also look great on some t-shirts:


stbn sdbn stickers


Akumu Ink – A Stylish Japanese Nightmare

akumu ink anime t-shirt

Umami (meaning "Tasty") Girl - Tokyo Revenge

akumu ink skulls tshirts

Jadore (loving her kitty to death?) - Mad Hatter

akumuink jessi

jessi making tshirt look good

Akumu Ink – Thanks to Aldora from Akumu Ink for sending me a link to their site which features some pretty cool & unique t-shirt designs. “Akumu,” meaning “nightmare” in Japanese, pretty much describes the theme of their dark designs in a single word.

Combining elements of Japanese anime, horror, and pop culture into a creative nightmarish design, Joey (the artist) has come up with some pretty sweet illustrations. On many of the designs you can see nice hand drawn lines that give you the feeling of a charcoal drawing from a sketchbook.

They also update their blog w/ some great sketches and new designs.

poison t-shirt

death before dishonor

I’ve always felt that combining 2 uniquely different elements is a good way to come up with something new and original (it worked for the movie Snakes on a Plane!) and that is what they do over at Akumu. I could even see fans of goth (like Abby from NCIS) sporting one of these.

Good stuff! Check out their website at


Humorous T-Shirts from Sebastien Millon

French Bear loves eating little children

French Bear loves eating little children

tshirt psycho bear

...psycho bears with machetes kill people

You know, the great thing about designing t-shirts is that there are no limitations; so why not have fun with it? With all the designs out there, you really have to do something to distinguish yourself to get people’s attention.

That’s just what Sebastien Millon seems to be doing on his site & with his t-shirts for sale over on Etsy.

His simple cartoonish style works well with his often dark humor, creating some designs you have to look twice at. Kind of reminds of a parody on those hugely successful “Life is Good” designs.

tshirt little owlie fat beats

little owlie loves a fat beat

While not all illustrations are dark, subjects like alcoholism and murder are perfect with these cute drawings, right!? (Personally, I’ve always wanted to see one of those happy little Care Bears brought to their knees with a serious meth addiction) The simple, handwritten font is a good match, too.

Check out more illustrations at