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gold grillz teeth

Grillz: The History Behind Those Expensive Smiles

celebrity gold grillDo you know what memes and fashion trends have in common? Heidi Klum puts it best, “One day you’re in. And the next day, you’re out.”

But unlike memes, some fashion trends never really go away. Even the most questionable fashions from past decades seem to find a way to come back. This is because there’s nothing really new in fashion. Everything is cyclical, even grillz.

Yes, grillz. You know, dental bling. Many celebrities have been seen rocking them recently including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, and Rapper Lil Yachty.

What’s really surprising about this novel fashion accessory is that it has such a rich history behind it. Rappers may have brought them into the mainstream but you can trace its first appearance all the way back to 800 BC.

Etruscans – 800 BC to 200 BC

etruscan gold teeth

If you can admire Kylie Jenner for mastering the art of getting attention, then you’ll surely appreciate what lengths Etruscan women would do for the sake of fashion.

According to Etruscan Gold Dental Appliances: Three Newly ‘Discovered’ Examples, Marshall Joseph Baker’s research paper, affluent Etruscan women had their front teeth deliberately removed to be fitted with a gold band appliance – the earliest example of grills. This served no other purpose than to indicate their high status, much like celebrities nowadays who sport them purely for the stunt factor.

Mayans – 300 AD to 900 AD

Whereas the Etruscans used gold for grills, the Mayans preferred jade. Kings and queens would fit their upper teeth with round pieces of jade, specifically those that are lighter and more translucent in color.

As is the case with Etruscans, dental bling was reserved for the upper crust of the society. Mayans consider jade as a precious stone and a symbol of obligation. Royalty donned these jade dental accessories to send a powerful message about taking care of their people.

Filipinos – 1300 AD

Aside from filing and deliberately blackening their teeth, ancient Filipinos also used a lot of gold to decorate their teeth. The most common way was to drill holes into the teeth and put in gold pegs.

Now, the gold pegs could be fashioned as simply as gold dots or as elaborately as fish scales and intricate bead patterns. Aside from gold pegs, Filipinos also had their teeth wrapped in gold or sported gold caps and plates. If you want to learn more about Filipino dental ornamentation, you can check out VCM or Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces.

Modern Grillz

gold grillz sample

Back in the day, they were called gold fronts, not grillz. This was in the 70s, where gold teeth were considered a fashion statement by native New Yorkers.

By the 80s and 90s, grills were making an appearance in music videos. Think Slick Rick and Flava Flav. In 2005, Nelly released the song “Grillz,” featuring Paul Wall. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Bling It!

You probably read about the Dubai dentist who created the world’s most expensive grills.

At $152,700, the set boasts of 160 diamonds and 10 grams of 24-carat gold. There’s no need to drill or fill the teeth, all that’s needed are two appointments, and of course, loads of cash.

But don’t worry, if you’re looking for a more affordable dental bling, you do have options. Ever heard of simulated diamond teeth? They look as flashy as real ones minus the hefty price tag.

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trumpy cat tshirt featured

Trumpy Cat T-Shirt: Trump + Grumpy Cat – Only $6

Trumpy Cat T-Shirt: Successful t-shirt designs can often be about creating a mash of seemingly unrelated subjects. In this case, why not take two of the biggest pop culture icons of the times and mash them together?

Not following? Here’s a visual illustration of how it works:

trump grumpy cat t-shirt

Grumpy Cat + Donald Trump = Trumpy Cat

  • “There are two types of people in this world, and I don’t like them.” – Grumpy cat
  • “I’m not sure I have ever asked God’s forgiveness.” – Donald Trump

trumpy cat tshirtTrumpy Cat T-Shirt: Only $6!

Ah hah, now I get it! Really, the two of them are pretty similar already. They both hate others, love attention, and have a pessimistic view of the world. (although Grumpy Cat’s view of Mexicans is still unknown)

Really it’s just a matter of giving Grumpy Cat a toupee, suit, and some eyebrows, and viola; “Trumpy Cat.”

trump grumpy cat shirt

You can buy Trumpy Cat shirts from for only $6 each.

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pope is dope t shirt design

The Pope Is Dope T-Shirt – Sweet Design!

pope is dope t shirt design

pope francis rap microphone

Pope Francis drops a dope rhyme

The Pope Is Dope – Just in time for the Pope’s visit to Philly came this “The Pope Is Dope” t-shirt design. Sure, there were a couple of crappy designs floating around already with that message, but this one actually looks good.

Unlike most Popes, Francis is a man of the people and truly deserves a dope, old school tribute like this. (I don’t think crusty old Pope Benedict inspired too many t-shirt designs)

I like the one with the retro-filter, but you can find shirts without the distressed look as well.

Hopefully the designer of this t-shirt, Chairman Meow, was able to capitalize on the tweet by Kim Kardashian that “The Pope is dope,” during his Philly visit, or the meme that started when people saw The Pope’s rapper stance above.

*Zazzle makes it hard to find the best style t-shirt, but if you look there are men’s and women’s tee options from American Apparel, etc.

pope is dope t-shirt

“The Mack’s dope with more hope than the Pope
But for MCs more knots than rope.” – Craig Mack, Flava In Your Ear


Kylie Jenner Turns 18: Wears Slutty “Eat Me Out” T-shirt

jenner eat me out tshirt

Kylie Jenner Turns 18, Makes Pouty Face & Wears Scandalous T-Shirt – So, when you are Kylie Jenner, you need to get attention for everything you do, or you walk around with a big, sad, empty feeling.

I mean, being the half-sister of someone who is famous for being the daughter of an O.J. Simpson lawyer who leaked a sex tape has a lot of inherent responsibility and pressure, right?

Such is the case now that Kylie has turned 18, as she posted this attention-seeking (and getting) photo on Snapchat saying, eat me out. (dimepiece)

BAM! Your move, Miley Cyrus!

I wish the shirt said, “just adopt me,” as she is the by-product of two of the worst parents in LA, and is on a terrible path to self-destruction as she tries to find herself in her crazy rap-video / narcissistic Twitter bubble.

But, as I said, like Miley she’s 18+ so it’s too late for decent parenting anyway.

in out burger logoAbout the design: Hmmm… Looks like the designer just kind of re-worked the “In and Out Burger” logo into something tasteless enough for a Kardashian.

Apparently the top, costing $155, is sold out online, but crop-tops are available for about $60. (sorry, I’m not providing a link; please spend your money elsewhere)


Abraham Lincoln – All-Around Bad Ass

Considering we just went through a Presidential election, I was inspired to start looking for presidential t-shirts. Not campaign shirts, per se, but rather designs where people used images of past presidents in creative ways. Overwhelmingly, there was one that kept coming up: Lincoln. (the search results for “Millard Filmore t-shirts” weren’t too impressive, BTW.)

Why are people still so enamored by Lincoln almost 150 years after his death? Sure, he saved the Union and ended slavery, but there is something about him that just makes him so cool. He had a look, an attitude, a certain je ne sais quoi, that really can’t be matched by any other president. Washington had his wig, Taft was tubby, and Kennedy cool – but Lincoln – he was just an all-around bad ass.

“Zombie Lincoln for President” from Busted Tees: view t-shirtget a coupon

zombie abraham lincoln t-shirt


President Lincoln on Threadless: – view t-shirt

abrahamm Lincoln cool t-shirt north south


A Lincoln t-shirt design from obeythepurebreed (cafepress shop) – view


lincoln gettysburg address t-shirt

president Lincoln Silhouette t-shirt


Some other random Abraham Lincoln t-shirt designs:

more abraham lincoln t-shirts



Takeru Kobayashi is in a contract dispute with Major League Eating over his desire to compete in other contests.

Major league what?

Yes, there is a governing body for those events where people compete against each other by stuffing massive amounts of food in their bodies for fame and prizes. Events can include hot dogs, ribs, pizza, wings, and even asparagus. The most famous event is the Nathan’s Famous 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest and it’s at this year’s event where the dispute between the former 6-time champ and MLE resulted in Kobayashi’s arrest.

At the heart of the dispute is a contract that the participants must sign in order to compete in the Dog fest which restricts the competitors from competing in non-MLE sanctioned events. One side claims that the contract is too restrictive and the other side says that it is necessary to maintain the prestige of the circuit of events by locking down the participants. Since Kobayashi did not sign the contract, he was not allowed to compete.

Kobayashi did attend this year’s Coney Island event as a spectator and when he tried to make a statement by rushing the stage during the awards presentation, he was taken into custody by New York’s Finest. Sucks for him because he was charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and trespassing. What sucks even more is that he is probably still sitting in jail until they can find a court-appointed interpreter.

How is this related to shirts? Well, he was wearing a FREE KOBI shirt.

On the Pop Culture Scale, this shirt rates about an 8 and on the plus side, it’s not ugly like many protest shirts. I haven;t found it for sale yet, but I expect that to change sometime soon.

And FYI, the winner this year’s contest is Joey Chestnut


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Alison Brie rocks a Pete Campbell shirt with ironic Pop Culture flair

[as seen on AOTS]

If you don’t know why this is cool, check out the Mad Men show site on AMC.

In you don’t know about Alison Brie from that show, she also appears in Community on NBC.

You too can share in the Pop Culture by getting the shirt:

$20 + shipping at Busted Tees


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