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Hurricane Sandy t-shirts by JettyLife

Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirt – As with any disaster, there are people who will attempt to profit off of the misfortune of others. Call is crass commercialism or “storm porn,” but Hurricane Sandy t-shirts have been popping up everywhere. Growing up in New Jersey, this natural disaster hits close to home – and in the same way that vendors were attempting to benefit off the F.D.N.Y. and N.Y.P.D. from 9/11, I find it pretty disturbing.

Luckily, there are legit companies out there who are helping by designing, printing and selling t-shirts that directly benefit the relief effort. JettyLife, a company based in Little Egg Harbor, NJ, is one such company. As stated on their site, “Profits from the sales of this custom, Jetty T-shirt will go to victims of the storm who are in direct need of assistance as well as the emergency response units who risked their lives to save others.”

JellyLife has already sold 10,000 of their UNITE/REBUILD t-shirt. If you want to be part of the effort to Restore the Shore, go and get one for yourself.


Upperatus – Charity T-Shirt Site

upperatus charity t-shirts

Upperatus Charity T-Shirts – T-shirt designs often accompany fund raising and charity work, & Upperatus has built their site around this concept. Every month they feature one design that directly benefits a charity, and they team up with a celebrity to promote it.

heal the bay logoThis month, the cause is Heal the Bay, and they’ve enlisted the help of classical singer Nathan Pacheco in the effort to sell t-shirts to directly benefit the cause.

I really hope this works out for them, as doing things idealistically and the “right” way is often more expensive and feels like swimming upstream. (For inspiration look at companies like Newman’s Own that have had a successful business and donated over 330 million to charity)

Here’s an idea of how we can all support their idea. Go buy one of their high quality American made t-shirts (with water-based inks) this month, and then contact me with your order confirmation. (subject: Upperatus) If you do, I’ll mention you at the bottom of this post with a link to your website.

So, for about $30 you get a great shirt, an $11 donation to Heal the Bay, and some potential traffic to your site. Not a bad investment. Go check them out at

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