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Color Resources for Tee Designers

You’ve been working on a design in your spare time for 5 days straight… and almost everything is perfect. Everything except the colors. You have 4 different variations laid out in illustrator and keep flipping back between them. You’ve already switched the shirt colors half a dozen times, …

316 Textures


316 Graphics has released two new texture packs targeted directly towards t-shirt designers.

The textures, high resolution tiffs, are converted to black and white so whether you’re using Illustrator or Photoshop (or that funny editor out of Canada – yes Corel, I mean you), all you have to …

GoMedia Arsenal Releases New Tee Templates

Go Media consistently provides some of the best stock art resources specifically for t-shirt designers.

Just recently, they introduced a package of blank GUY t-shirts for creating the type of stunning winning mock-ups you see popular artists using when showcasing their designs.

Now, they’ve introduced a version of …