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Cat on a Motorcycle T-Shirt

cat on a motorcycle

cat on motorcycle t-shirtCat on a motorcycle – Purrfect Roadtrip: I came across this t-shirt on Threadless (designed by Nicholas Tankersley) recently, and it struck a chord with me. The idea of a cat-owning biker is funny, but on some level it really makes sense to me. I immediately make a connection between the motorcycle and the cat, and that is “independence.”

I have an uncle who has been riding Harleys his whole life, and has always been a huge cat person. He never wanted kids, and hasn’t been able to keep a job, although he’s got a brilliant mind. (He can take apart a car or helicopter’s engine and completely reassemble it from memory) It probably wasn’t until I saw this t-shirt that I made the connection between motorcycles and cats.

cat motorcyclist auto

Think about it; cat owners don’t need the reassuring co-dependence that having dogs offer. They don’t stare out the window longingly when you leave the house, and don’t greet you at the door by jumping up and down and licking you when you leave for 10 minutes. Cats certainly enjoy the occasional tummy rub, or back scratch, but at the end of the day, they enjoy their independence. In fact, the cat that I had growing up would spend most of its time outdoors terrorizing birds and sitting in trees, and really just needed us for meals.

I’m not saying that cat owners are somehow morally superior, but I think, like bikers, they’re likely to crave some degree of independence. Back to the design; The retro Harley motorcycle makes it timeless. (Depicting one of those Japanese crotch-rockets wouldn’t work here) Nice use of color, (or, lack thereof) all black with a splash of red on the cat’s bandana, maybe representing that streak of independence I was talking about? Thoughts?


3 Funny Communist T-Shirts: Why Is Communism a Joke?

communist party t-shirt funny

kim jong unFunny Communist T-Shirts: Why is it that Communist t-shirts are so funny? I guess I could answer my own question here. Probably because you’re taking something so strict, and orderly, and making a joke of it.

Communism takes itself really seriously, which often leads directly to parody, (Just ask Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff) and makes for great t-shirt potential.

Kind of like when that Jesus is My Homeboy t-shirt came out I guess. (Although, I wouldn’t recommend making an “Allah is my homeboy” design, unless you really want it to blow up… no, I mean literally, and probably while you’re wearing it)

Maybe there is some irony to the fact that most of these t-shirts are probably printed in China? Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un for taking the reigns from his dad, and being the next Communist clown. (t-shirt ideas, anyone?)

communist soldiers marching

Why so serious?

chairman meow posterall hail Chairman Meow

funny communist shirt no class

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Tipsy Elves: Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ugly christmas sweater gingerbread men

ugly christmas sweater snowmen

tipsy elves santa hatTipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweaters: I always like to see t-shirt / apparel companies on Shark Tank, and last week they featured Tipsy Elves; a company that sells new, ugly Christmas Sweaters for about $60 each.

I’m actually a bigger fan of a couple of the accessories that they sell, including a cool Santa beard hat, and a Santa beer bottle coozie. Either one of those is going to get you noticed at any Christmas party.

Anyway, not a bad idea to deliberately create ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, I’ve seen a buzz online about “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,” on December 20th. Well, if 10% of the people participating in that event buy their ugly sweater from Tipsy Elves, they’ll get a nice pre-holiday windfall!

They also put a “naughty” spin on a lot of designs, which adds another layer of humor to the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing.

What do you think? Does this fad have legs, or are the tipsy elves going to suffer from a hangover in a couple of years?

By the way, congrats to them, as they did end up making a deal on Shark Tank; getting $100k from Robert for 10%. (Valuing the company at $1 million.) Check them out at

ugly christmas sweater reindeer

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NFL Linebacker Wears Funny Harvard Law T-Shirt

harvard law just kidding t-shirt

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes was wearing a pretty funny, “HARVARD LAW – just kidding” t-shirt after the game yesterday. Those ivy league shirts can be a bit pretentious, so seeing a big, mean dude like Brandon wearing a spoof of them is pretty funny. (By the way, don’t accuse Harvard Law of being racist, as about 30% of their students are minorities)

Looks like Brandon went to the University of Florida, and I’m assuming he has no plans for a career in law after football. After doing a Google search, it appears you can get that shirt at a number of popular stores online including Red Bubble and Zazzle. Funny!


Clash of The Titans – Retro Tourist T-Shirt

funny clash of the titans t-shirt

clash of the titans movie poster 1981

Coast of the Titans: Visit Joppa: Here’s a pretty sweet design inspired by the original Clash of the Titans movie.

Starting with one of those tropical shirts that tourists wear, designer Hillary White made something pretty cool by incorporating Titans imagery including the bad-ass Kraken, and Pegasus; changing the tropical location to Queen Cassiopeia’s city of Joppa. (hey, maybe she’ll do another one featuring that mechanical owl, Bubo?)

The distressed filter on the design adds to the retro feel, reminding us this tee is clearly based on the original 1981 version of the movie.

Release the Kraken! (sorry, I had to say it) For sale over at teefury for one day.

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Continental Breakfast – Geography T-shirt

continental breakfast t-shirt

country mapContinental Breakfast T-shirt – Just wanted to highlight this creative play on a “continental breakfast” by @Dijay featuring breakfast foods in the shape of the continents.

A great idea, and the food is definitely recognizable as the continents. However, I’m not sure people would make the connection of the play on words without a brief explanation. Hmmm… I wonder if it would be improved by adding the text, “continental breakfast” somewhere in the design, like maybe on a napkin or sugar packet? In any event, very funny and has made it’s way onto the top 20 t-shirts over at woot. Check it out!


Ugly Sweater Contest t-shirts

ugly christmas sweater t-shirt

Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt – Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again. When all of us who work in a corporate office are invited to the obligatory Ugly Sweater Contest holiday party. I did some poking around online looking for the origins of this most absurd of traditions, and couldn’t find anything. I wonder – did it start out as a regular Christmas party, and then enough people by-chance showed up in butt-ugly sweaters that it turned into a contest?

Or maybe there were earlier, more biblical origins: perhaps it’s to pay homage to the 3rd wise man (you know, the guy who brought myrrh to the party) who was dressed in that atrocious orange and red frock?

Well regardless of how it started, it’s here to stay. This year, have some fun with it by picking up one of these Ugly Sweater Contest inspired tees. Lets see how long it takes your boss to figure out that the reindeer on it are humping.

Humping Moose Holiday Sweater t-shirt @ Crazy Dog Shirts
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Have zombies jumped the shark?

Paramount Pictures just released the first trailer for the new movie, World War Z. It looks pretty epic! I am a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the original George Romero zombie flicks, and just about anything zombie-related I can dig. But, everything reaches its saturation point eventually – will the release of a $180 million summer blockbuster about zombies starring Brad Pitt finally herald the end of this craze? A veritable death of the undead? I’m not sure, but I know one thing: I’m going to see it.

There are a million and one zombie t-shirts out there – and a lot look very amateurish and corny. But these make me laugh, and are very well done:

“Lawn of the Dead” at Threadless:


zombie t-shirts
“Zombie Protest” at ThinkGeek:


zombie thriller video
“Throwing Shapes, Eating Brains” at Threadless (Thriller inspired, for all you children of the 80s):

Does the Zombie genre still have legs, (pun intended) or like the fifth season of Happy Days, has it also jumped the Shark?

*Do you have too much free time? If so, check out this site which shows you what you would look like if you were a zombie: