hand drawn t-shirts

Hand drawn t-shirts that have artwork or designs that have been illustrated by hand.

Gucha Gucha T-Shirts

October 13, 2011 cartoon t-shirts
gucha gucha t-shirt

Gucha Gucha – Gucha Gucha is a Japanese word that refers to a state of confusion and disorder, but also means full of thoughts. I’d say it’s a pretty good description of […]

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Pale Horse Design T-Shirts

August 17, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts
Pale Horse Mariachi T-Shirt

Chris Parks, the talented artist behind the amazingly detailed designs at Pale Horse Design, is a self taught illustrator with an impressive portfolio. Chris got his start designing album art for punk […]

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Yamaha xs650 Engine T-Shirt

August 17, 2011 goth t-shirts
yamaha xs650

Yamaha xs650 T-Shirt – Is there anyone more passionate about what they ride than motorcyclists? This isn’t just true for Harley riders, or the Japanese crotch-rockets. The Yamaha XS650 engine has a […]

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Richcorner T-Shirts

June 3, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts
stephanie richcorner

Stephanie Richcorner is a new, small one-woman-label from South Tyrol, the northern part of Italy. Richcorner stands for soft, comfy T-shirts with a colorful, frisky print and a playful and cheeky wool-pin. […]

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Miles to Go: Invisible Man

March 21, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts

Today’s tee comes from Miles to Go called the Invisible Man, which features…. the invisible man. Based off the book by H.G. Wells, here is MTG’s description of their tee: the Invisible […]

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German Chic: Faith21

March 4, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts

From “somewhere between Cape Town, Amsterdam, Bali and Northern Germany” our submission box brings us Faith21. A brand focused on athletes and surfers made by people with a lot of free time […]

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Flower Children

February 14, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts
flower children t-shirt

Now here is something new: For that beach bum, 70’s look, try the recently started Flower Children. Based out of Montreal, Flower Children opened for business this month and it looks like […]

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