Interview with Local Advancer’s Peter Takis

The biggest setback that people take before starting a business, is taking the first step and just doing it. They want to, but they make up excuses in their mind… “I have a full time job,” “I don’t have the time with having to watch my kids,” I’m …


Andy from Thunderfrogs recently interviewed Australian designer RikkiB for us. Rikki’s work is typified by this awesome t-shirt; swirls, rainbows, and shooting stars, lightning bolts and geometric shapes.


TF: Hi Rikki, thanks for agreeing to the interview. How long have you been designing t-shirts? Can you tell us

Euan Gallacher

In another great interview brought to you by Andy from Thunderfrogs, we find out about the guy behind the awesome pop culture tees that have been taking over on MySoti.

While he may not yet be a household name in the t-shirt world, this young student from …