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Top 5 (Snappy!) Designer Kid’s Clothes Brands

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that graphic tees have been one of the biggest trends of the year.

Thanks to fashion houses like cult label Vetements, Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air (HBA) and even more classic brands like Adidas, you can’t turn your head these days without seeing catchy sayings and familiar logos on tees.

Many associate graphic tees with older, millennial styles. But now, the trend has made its way into fashion for children.

The following designer kid’s clothes brands allow you to make the latest running offerings appropriate for your children. Follow the advice in the post, and your child will be the envy of every kid on the playground!


fendi kids tshirt

fendi kids tshirt

With its signature friendly Fendi monster, Fendi designer kid’s clothes help to bring a bit of fun to every outfit.

Many of their graphic tees feature the monster listening to music, playing the DJ, or even dancing!

Especially if you’re a fan of bold colors in kid’s clothing, you can’t go wrong with these bright, attention-getting tees.


The vintage look has found its way to kid’s clothing thanks to graphic tees from brands like Mayoral.

Many of their designs feature black-and-white photographs of motorsports, seaside destinations, and even classic cars. If your child is an old soul, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on the offerings from this design house.


a076 kids tee

You’ve likely already spotted the influence of Japanese design in your own clothing. Perhaps nowhere is it more obvious than in the graphic teeshirt options offered by up-and-coming designer AO76.

Thanks to Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana-inspired animal prints, your child can stand out in the lunch and carpool lines.

The brand offers prints of deer, mountain ranges, and pine trees for boys. Girls will love the 3D sequin and glitter hearts attached to a warm grey sweatshirt. The tell-tale “76” graphic on each of these shirts is irresistible to those who love good branding.

Hackett London:


So much of graphic tee style is centered around showing off a love of nature and travel.

If your little one is all about living the nomad lifestyle, then you’ll fall in love with the classic designs of Hackett London. Their look is all about crisp British style, combined with the innate

hackett london kids

hackett london kids

coolness of graphic tees.

Think the calligraphy “H,” on marching band jackets for kids, or a royal seal across sweatshirts and tees.

Need ideas on how to create the perfect, Prince George-approved Hackett London outfit? Nickis fashion for children and other kid style blogs can help you figure it all out.


Especially when it comes to dressing children, the most important thing to remember is that fashion is just meant to be fun.

Enter Gaudi, the brand whose clothes are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. With bold, in-your-face slogans like, “Hey You!” or “Perfect,” these designs are all about helping your kids to grow their self-confidence.

Shop For Designer Kid’s Clothes Till You Drop

As you can see from this post, finding the right graphic tee look for your child has never been easier.

Remember, it’s never too early to start developing a love of fashion in your child! It’s a great way for them to focus on individuality, and learn more about how to express themselves.

Looking for more awesome design ideas for both you and your child?

Check out our website to learn how to look good no matter where you’re going.

alexander hamilton tshirt buy

Alexander Hamilton T-Shirt: The $10 Founding Father

hamilton broadway musical playbillHamilton Revolution Army T-Shirt: Unless you’ve been stuck in a West Virginia coal mine, you’ve probably heard of the Broadway phenomenon that is “Hamilton.” It’s a game-changing hip hop musical that has been called “inspirational” and “life-changing.” (Unlike your average Iggy Azalea concert)

If you don’t have $1500 to spend on a pair of tickets, definitely download the amzing and addictive soundtrack. Also, here’s a cool t-shirt design tribute to “The Ten Dollar Founding Father,” Alexander Hamilton Himself for under $20 from

hamilton revolution tshirt women

Buy an Alexander Hamilton T-shirt; But The Broadway Musical Store is Expensive!

You know, when something really starts to take off or becomes a meme, the internet quickly becomes filled with junk from people with Photoshop and a CafePress shop. You really have to sort through crap to find something wearable.

The other thing is that if you want to buy officially licensed Hamilton Broadway / Musical shirts, they cost $30+ each, even for kids’ t-shirts!

I thought this Hamilton t-shirt was pretty sweet, though. Photo courtesy of

lin manuel miranda hamilton

The Hamilton Musical: NYC, Chicago, London Beware Expensive or Crappy Gifts & T-Shirt Designs & Gifts

When Disney’s Frozen came out, everyone went wild and started buying merchandise of all kinds. For people who didn’t want to get approval and pay royalties to Disney to create a design, I assume it was a challenge to come up with a good design that didn’t infringe on copyrights.

Hamilton is different, as it’s about a historical figure, so it offers designers the opportunity to use images of Alex himself without stepping on any toes. Obviously, you can’t use images of Lin Manuel Miranda or the actual actors, but why not start with the most recognizable, royalty free picture of Alexander Hamilton out there: the $10 bill?

I guess this shirt design is just as appealing whether you are a fan in NYC (Broadway), Chicago, or London!

Hamilton “yorktown” video from the Grammys (above)

Alexander Hamilton Revolution Shirts: for Men, Women, & Kids

My favorite color for this t-shirt is the army / olive color, as it goes well with the theme of “revolution.” I guess the red shirts do too, but that’s more of a communist revolution.

Also, there aren’t many Hamilton tees that I would actually put on my kids, but this one is available for boys and girls.

Still reading? Get free shipping at on t-shirts at Vistaprint here or keep up with Lin Manuel Miranda on Facebook

cheap tuxedo tshirt featured

4 Cheap Tuxedo T-shirt Designs: Only $6

cheapest tuxedo t-shirtsCheap tuxedo t-shirt – Renting a tuxedo is expensive, and the worst thing you can do is return it damaged or really late. Events like bachelor parties in Vegas might seem like a good time to wear a tuxedo, but face it; it logistically doesn’t make sense. It’s going to end up lost or damaged, and you might even puke on it.

For this reason, consider getting tuxedo t-shirts for that bachelor party, wedding /post-prom party, bar gathering, or just about any event where you want to look formal without the cost and effort, and realize that puke might be involved. Also available: tux t-shirts for kids. (Bar mitzvah?)

cheap tuxedo t-shirtClassic Tuxedo T-Shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo t-shirt Consider the even less-formal, “Hangover” tuxedo shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo tshirt Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt: $24
*40% off with code: SQQNFL7

*Warning: Wearing a tuxedo t-shirt screams, “I’m a smart-ass,” and is going to get you attention. Be ready to answer the inevitable, “I like your tux!” comments. (Hopefully from attractive ladies rather than fat guys with mustaches who have just dropped something into your drink.)

A possible smart-ass response to this comment may include, “Thanks! Want to smell my boutonniere?” 

Who Wore the First Tuxedo T-Shirt?

tuxedo_shirt garfunkel grammys 1975

They say that Art Garfunkel might have been the first guy to wear a tuxedo t-shirt when he donned one to the 1975 Grammy Awards. Man, he really looks like a smart ass, but check out how the afro and tux shirt lift him out of Paul Simon’s shadow. It’s GARFUNKEL and Simon tonight, baby!

More Tux T-Shirt Ideas

So, are you trying to think of another event to wear a tux tee? Well, start thinking of when you are most likely to puke, and that’s your answer. How about wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” tux t-shirt on St. Patrick’s Day?

irish tuxedo t shirt st patricks daySt Patrick’s Day Tuxedo T-Shirt

1980s tuxedo t-shirt blue1980’s powder-blue tux t-shirt

Tip: If you wear a tuxedo t-shirt to your actual wedding, you are probably going to have a marriage filled with alcoholism, pro-wrestling, and borderline poverty.



Walmart Selling Offensive 50 Shades of Grey Inspired T-Shirts to Boys

walmart 50 shades of grey

In the ongoing quest to prove that Walmart doesn’t have a conscience, a number of people are up in arms about their “50 Shades of Grey” inspired t-shirt that they are selling in stores and online. (How could third-world children have the nerve to print such a shirt?)

Here’s what it looks like:

50 shades grey t-shirt walmart

Basically, the t-shirt doesn’t mention the racy, sexual bondage-themed movie, but apparently kids are savvy enough to make the connection. (Probably while smoking crack at their middle school sex parties)

I’m guessing it’s just a handful of bad parents buying these shirts. Either that, or young boys (without any fashion sense) who are independent enough to hitch a ride to Walmart to spend their drug money. Hey, at least they made it home!

child labor t-shirts walmart

Hey Manisha, these t-shirts are offensive – Only 50 more to make before lunch break!

Actually, I’m most surprised that you can still buy a t-shirt for under $5! (The good news is that the offensive printed gray tie probably comes off in the wash.)

That low price is definitely the result of the 50 shades of child labor that Walmart was founded on, which should be the real story here.

Speaking of apparel made in the third world, anyone need cheap shoes? If so, check out these Famous Footwear Coupons.



Fun dinosaur themed t-shirts

My Favorite Dinosaur – As stated on the My Favorite Dinosaur site, these t-shirts were “created by people who often wear t-shirts and think Dinosaurs are awesome.” What a customer base! Everyone wears t-shirts and I’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “Meh, dinosaurs kinda suck.” Everyone loves dinosaurs!

The t-shirts are very simple and graphic, featuring a line drawing of each dinosaur and its name. The site features accompanying information on each dinosaur, like where and when it lived, specialized features and what the name means. There is even simple representation of how big it would be compared to an average human, which will remind you how incredibly terrifying these creatures must have been in the flesh. I think that it would be really neat to include at least some of the information on the back of the shirt. If you’re going rock a t-shirt with a freaking Iguanodon on it, why not educate the public on its awesomeness at the same time?

There are dozens of colors to pair with your favorite dinosaur, and you can even customize the text and color of your dinosaur, so the possibilities are endless. The sizes range from infant to toddler to adult, so the entire family can Walk the Dinosaur.

These t-shirts are simple and whimsical, and just plain fun. Check them out here.


Big Stone Head – Funny T-Shirts

big stone head t-shirts

big stone head t-shirts

i feel neutral about ny

i feel neutral about ny

Big Stone Head: As I’ve mentioned before, I love finding a hidden gem in the submissions to our t-shirt blog. Such is the case with Big Stone Head, the brainchild of Jory John & Avery Monsen.

Their designs are full of the kind of dry humor that I love to see on t-shirts, and work especially well as kids t-shirts. In fact, as I was looking at some of the shirts on their site, I called my wife into the room and said, “We have to get this for our kids!” These are the kind of shirts that will get you laughs at the next playgroup, and most of them are even appropriate for wearing to school.

Jory and Avery have taken a slightly twisted view of conventional kids’ themes like pirates, zoo animals, & dinosaurs, and made some great, chuckle-worthy designs out of them. In fact, I was reminded of the hugely popular recent children’s book (for adults), Go the F*ck to Sleep.”

all my friends are dead book

all my friends are dead book

The “All My Friends Are Dead” design immediately struck me as one of those homerun designs with a similar, viral potential as the “Go the F*ck to Sleep” Book. Actually, it looks like they have put out a couple of successful “All My Friends Are Dead” books, also filled with dry humor, satire, and irony. A quick google image search shows that there are knock-offs of the design out there, which is both flattering and annoying.

Next time you are at a loss of what to get your niece or nephew for their birthday, consider something from the Big Stone Head store!