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We have our fingers on the pulse of the t-shirt industry; here’s what’s happening.

Designer Creates Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall Shirts to Get Attention

xanax vicodin adderall t-shirts

Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin Shirts give attention-starved designer some attention – So, this line of t-shirts featuring the names of often-abused prescription drugs is creating controversy. Oh, look… another “artist” from L.A. is doing something crazy to get attention! Yawn…

xanax t-shirtThis is the “Miley Cyrus” school of getting attention by any means necessary, and I guess people will always look to sink to the lowest level when they can’t get attention otherwise.

Anyway, these shirts have drawn predictable outrage from pharmaceutical companies (who wish to maintain their monopoly on profiteering from the prescription drug epidemic.)

Celebrity, and former “3rd Rock from the Sun” star Kristen Johnston (who struggled with prescription drug abuse) tweeted, “Millions are dying, and you want to make money off it. SHAME ON YOU,” after seeing the shirts.

Actually, do you realize that over 30,000 people a year die from abusing prescription drugs? That’s about equal to the number of people killed by guns or in car crashes each year. A high school friend of mine never woke up after a night of drinking and a couple of pain pills, so these statistics aren’t just abstract to a lot of people.

Well, clowns like this guy and Miley Cyrus will always be there to make a profit on something controversial, so just don’t buy their t-shirts, or otherwise support their brands.

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Old Navy Gay Pride T-Shirts

kristen bell gay t-shirt

Kristin Bell Wearing Old Navy Gay Rights T-Shirt

Old Navy Gay Pride T-Shirts – Starting next week, Old Navy will debut a series of Gay Pride t-shirts in their stores, donating a percentage of the profits to the it gets better project. (If you haven’t seen the commercials, that’s the popular new celebrity-led campaign that aims to help gay teens feel pride in who they are)

Although some brands have previously put out t-shirt designs for a gay rights related cause (like American Apparel), this is the first major retail chain that we know of to publicly show support for gay rights or marriage equality.

The t-shirts are inexpensive, (priced between $7.50 and $14.50) and although the designs are simple, the message is clear and progressive. Having millions of teens see these gay rights t-shirts for sale in malls around the country is certainly a step in the right direction.

Nice to see a mainstream retailer like Old Navy taking a chance on something, and putting a cause before profits. (would having them printed in America be too much to ask? – OK, one cause at a time!) Of course, the wildly popular show Glee already proved that you don’t have to be status quo to find mainstream success, but kudos nonetheless.

Here are a couple of Old Navy’s gay pride t-shirt designs:

old navy gay rghts t-shirt

old navy gay rghts t-shirtOld Navy Gay Pride t-shirts – It Gets Better t-shirts
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Japan Relief Tee

This was sent to us by Design By Humans. They are donating $3 for every order of this shirt until today, so act now!

DBH is currently helping efforts with the American Red Cross relief of the aftermath from the earthquake and tsunami that gravely affected Japan. We have a special edition t-shirt designed by artist, johnsonflores, just for the cause called “Help Japan.” For every “Help Japan” t-shirt sold until Sunday, we will donate $3.00 to the American Red Cross.

Buy Here.


DeadBuryDead Releases Spring 2011 Line

The popular DeadBuryDead has released 8 brand new tees as part of their Spring 2011 line. You can see an evolution from their earlier work to today’s – the new line feels more cohesive and has overall strong design. The photos in their lookbook are stunning.

Our favorite from the new line is a tee titled “Metal Heart“, a tribute to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it’s immigrant roots:

Check out these other shots of their new tees (below) and then visit the site to purchase.


Rise To Glory Drops New Winter Line

Overcome & Conquer is the new winter release from clothing line Rise to Glory featuring illustrative prints with strong line work and coloring.

Owner Craig Johnson says this about the line:

“For this line I tried to think hard about what I wanted to convey with it. I decided that I wanted to show a couple of themes I felt were important to me when I thought of ‘Rise To Glory’. One thing that came to mind was natural selection, or that only the strong survive, so I tried to think of instances in both society and nature that would fit a sort of struggle where one being or animal overpowered another for their benefit or for glory. Another theme I thought of was a struggle between people’s own personal goods and evils we have to face and overcome.”

The limited edition shirts are printed on American Apparel and $20.00 each. Buy them here.


Need screen printing? Get 25% off from PCT’s favorite printer

A few years back, when I first started the site, I was working as the lead designer for an awesome screen printer here in Tennessee called NDesigns. It’s where my love for really great t-shirts came from and even now that passion is just as strong as it was back then.

So long story short, even though I’ve moved on (and moved up to Nashville) I’m still writing about awesome t-shirts and these guys are still printing them. And I’m still really good friends with everyone there.

The thing is: they’re the best kind of printers, the ones that do some crazy printing just because they can, the one’s who play around with foil and over-sized prints and can handle pretty much anything you toss at them. They also offer some of the best customer service around and they’re the only ones I’d ever personally recommend on this site or anywhere else.

So here’s the deal:

For the next 30 days ONLY, if you give them a call or shoot them an email and get a print job rolling, you can save 25% off your entire screen printing order. All you have to do is tell them that you found them through this site. That’s it.

Easy, right? If you’re shopping around for a printer for your new clothing line, or getting ready to do a re-run and want to sample someone else, this is the perfect chance. Remember, this deal is good only through MARCH 9TH.

Want to know more about their services? You can check out their website or just check out these highlights:

  • Low minimums – 12 pieces (24 for the best price)
  • Specialty printing effects including glitter, puff, foil and more
  • Over-sized printing capability
  • Up to 10 colors
  • Access to a wide range of high quality and specialty apparel

And… check out some of their recent work:


Meet Gryphony

Say hello to the newest player in the limited time, limited edition t-shirt game:

We first heard about the site late last year, when it was still in development, and kept in contact with the guys behind it through their recent launch. They shipped us a sample of their first design (which we’ll be doing a hands on review of soon) and asked us to check out the site once it went live.

The site’s been open for just a short while now, but has already featured artwork from prominent artists like Wotto and some beautiful work like today’s, from Alvarejo:

Like its predecessors¬† (RIPT, teefury and woot to name just a few), Grpyhony offers each first-run design for a limited period of time before it’s “gone forever.” Right now, that period of time is 72 hours, which is probably a smart move – allowing them more breathing room to get good designs and more sales while they’re still working to build a following.(If you like them, help them out with that and follow them on twitter and facebook)

Each tee is priced at $16 each – which is significantly higher than either Teefury ($9 each), RIPT ($10) or Woot ($10), but it’s important to note that they’re also offering artists $2.00 per shirt sold – which is also significantly higher than most competitors.

As a side note: I wonder how much the higher price point will affect sales. Though it’s pretty much in line with the cost of a tee from a normal clothing line, it’s a big jump from other in the same space.

I also wonder if price hikes from the other guys aren’t too far behind – the price of cotton and fuel are going up, both of which affects the bottom line of how much it costs to produce a shirt. The bigger guys will be able to absorb the cost for a while, but eventually they’ll have to start passing it on to customers.

The thing is, though there’s only three designs to base it on right now, Gryphony seems to be offering designs with a more artistic slant than those normally seen on the other daily tee sites. If they keep it up, they may have found their niche and people may be OK with the premium cost. It’s a void that’s existed since the shut down of Teextile.

There’s nothing revolutionary in their interface (though it’s clean and easy to use) so their real shot of standing out is going to be in terms of what products they offer and how they treat their artists. (Tony – Thanks for a link to the vistaprint free shipping coupon!)

What do you think of the newest limited-time tee site? How do you feel about the $16 price point? Let us know in the comments below: