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We have our fingers on the pulse of the t-shirt industry; here’s what’s happening.

Emptees Shuts Down… Sadness Ensues

During the years I’ve been covering the t-shirt industry, it’s been common place to see site and apparel companies, both big and small, come and go. It’s the natural cycle of things, and generally the companies are either small enough or plagued enough that it seems like they’re just being put out of their misery.

In other words, it generally doesn’t really matter. But this time, it’s personal.

Emptees, started back in 2007 (just a year before we launched), was a tiny little project from the folks at Indie Labs… yes, the ones behind Big Cartel. In the 3+ years since, it has grown to be the heart and soul of the t-shirt and apparel community.

So as an active participant on their forums, the news that they’re shutting down hits close to home. The official close date is March 1st and I wish they’d reconsider their decision to hand their site off to someone. Though their reasons for it’s closure make total sense, it still seems like a such a huge loss to the community to just shutter it.

You can read the whole announcement here.

Emptees, we’re gonna miss you.

If you’re an active participant on the forums, where are you going to head to after March 1st?


Chris Hardwick brings back Groverfield

Yeah, I know. Cloverfield came out in 2008, so the Groverfield parody shirt is old news, right?

If you were Joel Watson over at Hijinks Ensue comics, you would’ve felt the same way. Or at least until you woke up this morning and wondered why your sales page was getting so many hits.

This is why:

The moral of this story is:

1) Make a cute shirt referencing something in the Pop Culture sphere.
2) Get it in the hands of Chris Hardwick (or the celebrity of your choice).
3) Convince him/her to wear it on a nationally aired show, like Attack of the Show on G4.
4) Profit, rinse, repeat.

*2.a) If it’s a comedian, consider showing up for a few shows and be seen laughing at all the right spots. Fans tend to get better access. Offer to buy a few extra CD’s if they agree to wear your shirt.

If you don’t have the gumption to go thru all of that effort, you can take the express route and buy the shirt

$18.75 + shipping at TopatoCo

If you would like your site or shirt featured on, send us an email and let us know.


New Tees from Seventh.Ink

We follow Matt a lot here at PCT and there’s obvious reason behind it. Seventh.Ink has come a long away and keeps getting better. If you ever wanted to create your own line or better the one you have already, follow Seventh.Ink because they got this on lock. For their just recently released collection we have two tees from them: Guido Greedo and For Glory.

Guido Greedo is what you get when you mix Star Wars and Jersey Shore together… and we like both (obviously for different reasons). This shirt was voted by fans of Seventh.Ink and enough interest was generated to convince Matt to print it. Good thing he did! His fans love it!

Inspired by the most manly and awesomest movie ever, 300, comes For Glory. The design on this one is pretty much perfect and I have no doubt that these will be gone soon – so pick up yours while you can!

Seventh.Ink has been one of our favorite brands to cover here at PCT so you need to click this link and see what they are all about. All of their tees are printed on none other than American Apparel with top quality designs. Keep it up Matt!


Awesome discount for PCT Readers to NESBuckle

It’s the original NESBuckle! and the folks behind the site have generously offered PCT readers $10 off their order with coupon code: popculturetees

Though it’s not technically a t-shirt, we still couldn’t resist sharing this deal with you. Because honestly, it would go GREAT with those retro gaming shirts you already own and it’s just oozing with 80s pop culture geekiness.

You can get the buckle here as a standalone controller, or as with a belt, if you need one.


Introducing PopThreads: A New Way to Promote Your Shop

PCT has been covering t-shirt design for over 3 years now. During that time, we’ve exposed hundreds of t-shirts to thousands of people who love and buy them. Our passion is bringing positive exposure to independent apparel design.

So it’s really no surprise that our new project, PopThreads, is about the same thing.

The site (check the beta here!!!) is an online curated showcase and community dedicated to helping promote outstanding independent artists and their apparel. Our goal is to allow clothing lines to drive more traffic to their websites and help fans of great design discover new t-shirts, hoodies, and more.

Unlike traditional banner or text advertising, PopThreads has a lot more tools to promote your shop: a brand-able spot in the showcase, inclusion of as many products as you want, and straight forward links back to your website and socials.

Buyers can find your designs through a simple, unified interface and purchase them directly from your website after clicking the “buy” button.

We’re in beta testing right now, and trying to get a few shops on board and set up before we go live. So… we’re giving away 3 months completely free (a $100 value) to anyone who sets up shop now.

If you’re interested, just hit us up at and we’ll get you hooked up.