10 different shirts for Haiti relief

January 22, 2010 lists

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to posting about relief efforts for Haiti, but fortunately, it’s been well covered at many sites in the Shirt-O-Sphere. How about this great list that Coty Gonzales posted a few days ago. As I was looking around for what was being offered, I noticed 2 […]

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The Ultimate List of Tees for Star Wars Fans

July 20, 2009 lists

Hideyourarms is one of the tee-blogs we follow on a daily basis, who provides really great insight on the industry and new stuff that’s out there. But I think Andy, the guy behind the blog, is most known for his amazing t-shirt lists that put our small collection to shame. I don’t know how many […]

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T-shirt Art For Sale – 10 Great Designs

July 15, 2009 lists

One of the best ways of starting or expanding your clothing line is to acquire designs from outside artists. This is a great way to build a diverse collection, and help out artists too. Plus, right now is a great time to do it – with so many contest sites launching and such a limited […]

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MJ // 1958 – 2009

June 25, 2009 lists

With the passing of Michael Jackson, it’s hard to find anyone that does not have some memory of one of his iconic songs (I have Thriller as my phone ringtone). Now comes the tributes and the memorials and for your convenience, a collection of Michael Jackson t-shirts. Trendyshirt: Michael Jackson Got to be there with […]

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Top Ten Skull T-Shirts

March 24, 2009 lists

James from t-shirt connoisseur here, bringing you a top ten countdown list of tees with skulls. You don’t have to be a goth kid or a metal fan to wear tee’s with skulls. Skulls can symbolize death, and their figure can leave you pondering mortality, but the iconic image of the skull is more than […]

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Top 11 Space Invaders Tees

March 9, 2009 lists
space invaders tshirt byelove

Top 11 Space Invaders T-Shirts (Because 10 just isn’t enough) If the background of our site wasn’t a huge tip off, then let me tell you that we’re some huge fans of space invaders of here. So when Andy over at Thunderfrogs said he was putting together a list of space invader t-shirts and offered […]

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Threadless Holiday Sale Round-up

December 2, 2008 lists

Threadless is in the midst of their holiday sale where not only are they offering discounts, but they also have a bunch of tees priced at $5, $10, and $15. Some of them are newly released designs, too. We combed through all the discounted designs and pulled out some of our top picks to share […]

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5 More Really Great Obama Shirts

September 11, 2008 lists
Something About Berry

Since we did our first post about awesome Obama shirts, we’ve found even more great designs and had a bunch of submissions to the site. So here’s part II, with five more outstanding designs! 1. There’s Something About Berry Super-clever concept that’s been well executed. Lots of different designs available around the same theme. $25.00 […]

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