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Burn Card T-Shirts

October 27, 2011 logo t-shirts
burn card t-shirt packaging

This week I received a cool t-shirt from UK-based Burn Card Clothing. Their first set of designs center around the playing cards-inspired logo. Actually, before I speak about the shirt, I have […]

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Intrepid Genius T-Shirts

June 21, 2011 logo t-shirts
intrepid genius logo

Intrepid: resolutely fearless Genius: one with exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, and music Intrepid Genius describes themselves as “being built with […]

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Vote for Conan’s Next T-Shirt

April 6, 2011 logo t-shirts

Conan O’Brien T-Shirts: Fan of the red-headed late night talk show host? You can help vote for his next tee here.

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“Forty-four sixteen” BMX shirt from Electric Sun

August 9, 2010 logo t-shirts

I remember entering in a BMX race one. I used a friends card to enter and lined up at the gate. When it dropped, I did bicycle equivalent of tripping and falling down a hill. When I regained my bearings, all I could remeber was feeling a few tires bumping into my helmet. Ahh..those were the days!

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