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Flippin’ Sweet: Why Napoleon Dynamite is Still a Cultural & Fashion Icon

Napoleon Dynamite is Still a Cultural and Fashion Icon – When Napoleon Dynamite came out in 2004, everyone thought the little indie movie was going to fly under the radar. But, despite a tiny budget of only $400,000, it grew wildly out of control and earned a staggering $46.1 million.

Overnight, everyone was quoting every line of dialogue from the film. Plus the quirky “norm core” looks turned Napoleon into a fashion icon.

Now, more than 10 years later, the fever for the film may have cooled but Napoleon Dynamite is still a phenomenon.

Here’s why.

80s Wave Fashion Icon

Have you noticed the 80s have come back big time? The neon retro-future has hit its stride in the 2010s but was predicted back in 04 by Napoleon Dynamite.

How did Napoleon become a fashion icon? Beyond blowing up big time at the box office, it had everyone feeling a bit nostalgic

Let’s go over the classics that made the movie a master class in Idaho couture.

Vote For Pedro

The most recognized of all the looks from the movie, the Vote for Pedro tee is the gold standard.

The white ringer tee with iron-on red letters is ultra nostalgic. Who didn’t have a little league shirt that looked just like it?

Plenty of people wore this shirt ironically and yet…they wanted to be part of this uncool cool club.

napoleon dynamite patriotic pantsPatriotic Pants (Rex Kwon Do)

Remember the hilarious dojo scene? Of course you do – all because of those Rex Kwon Do pants.

In the quotable scene, Rex promises that his own brand of martial arts can bring you “…the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.”

Unabashedly patriotic plus roomy enough for roundhouse kicks, you want to rock this look at every summer backyard BBQ.

Rex Kwon Do pants had an ironic edge to them as well and yet can you deny Rex is your personal style sensei?

napoleon dynamite deb

Puffy In Pink

Deb’s debut at the dance was memorable for so many reasons. The crimped hair, the side ponytail, and that puffy pink dress.

The director based the story on his own experience in Idaho, a place where time moves a little slower and fashion lingers long after its expiration date.

So while Deb may seem a bit behind the times, she was a fashion icon back then – and is still one now.

The excess of the 80s is making a comeback and with it, big sleeves and bright pink. Take a tip from Deb who was way ahead of the curve.

Besides, Napoleon liked her “real big” sleeves. Ladies, take note!

Moon Boots

These are the foundation of the Napoleon Dynamite style. If you want to rock the look, you must have a tucked in printed tee, dad jeans, and a pair of sweet moon boots.

Would Napoleon have been able to dance his way to victory without them? Probably not.

Moon boots, puffy sleeves, ironic tees, and Rex Kwon Do pants – Napoleon Dynamite set the trends.

We’ll never stop quoting it and the fashion has stuck with us all these years. This movie is worth its weight in tots, it’s so good. Flippin’ sweet.

Photo credits: Napoleon Dynamite, Fox Searchlight

dude abides tshirt

How to Spruce Up Your Man-Child’s Apparel With Cool Pop Culture Prints!

Are you going out on the town with your friends? Does your wife let you dress any way that you want to on the weekends?

We know what you want. You want some pop culture prints.

Posters. T-shirts. Socks.

You want to wear clothes that express your inner (or not so inner) man-child. You worked all week and you worked hard. Now you want to sit at your pc and game all weekend in some mesh shorts and a Napolean Dynamite t-shirt.

Want to expand your wardrobe? We’ve got you covered on what to look for.

The Hottest Pop Culture Prints

1. Star Wars

How strong are you with the Force? The epic trilogy that started it all was once a safe place for nerds.

It’s now mainstream, thanks to Disney. Gone are the days where your stormtrooper shirt sat in the closet collecting dust.

Wear your SW gear with pride, in or out of the house. If you’ve got small kids, match up your shirts with theirs. Children are great accessories.

2. Loud Socks

bacon socks

Bacon socks!

As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to express yourself. One way that you can sneak some man-child into your professional attire is with socks.

Some mens funky socks might catch a raised eyebrow or two, but who cares? They’re socks! The majority of professionals are too busy to snoop around your ankles to see what kind of socks you’re wearing.

3. Go Fancy

If you like to party and you want your Jesus to party, go with a tuxedo t-shirt.

This is a great way to not-so-subtly poke fun at your more serious friends and family members.

Have a first date that you know is going to go horribly? This shirt should be part of your ensemble.

While not perfect for every occasion, these pop culture prints should be in every man-child’s closet.

4. The Dude Abides

The Big Lebowski is one of those rare cult-classics that continues to gain in popularity. It was an underrated film when it was released with a great story, phenomenal acting, and the best one liners of its generation.

Every man-child fantasizes about sitting around all day, bowling, and drinking White Russians. Unfortunately, it’s a grown up world out there, and posters, prints, and t-shirts are as close as you’re likely going to get.

5. Obscure Collections

Remember Silverhawks? Yeah. So do we.

Those action figures, provided they’re still new-in-package, are worth a pretty penny.

Show off your man-child with your knowledge of the most obscure pop culture references. Go to a bar wearing a Voltron t-shirt and you’ll be bombarded with people remembering the show in the 80’s and talking about the recent Netflix reboot.

The nerds brooding in the corner will wonder why you’re getting so much attention. And probably wondering what Voltron is…

The Wrap Up

Being a man-child is commonly associated with laziness, perpetual bachelorhood, and video games.

Yet with every day that goes by, a new kid is exposed to Star Wars, another “dude abides” shirt is sold, and another pack of dinosaur socks is purchased.

The world is changing one pop culture print at a time. Join the revolution.

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Walmart Selling Offensive 50 Shades of Grey Inspired T-Shirts to Boys

walmart 50 shades of grey

In the ongoing quest to prove that Walmart doesn’t have a conscience, a number of people are up in arms about their “50 Shades of Grey” inspired t-shirt that they are selling in stores and online. (How could third-world children have the nerve to print such a shirt?)

Here’s what it looks like:

50 shades grey t-shirt walmart

Basically, the t-shirt doesn’t mention the racy, sexual bondage-themed movie, but apparently kids are savvy enough to make the connection. (Probably while smoking crack at their middle school sex parties)

I’m guessing it’s just a handful of bad parents buying these shirts. Either that, or young boys (without any fashion sense) who are independent enough to hitch a ride to Walmart to spend their drug money. Hey, at least they made it home!

child labor t-shirts walmart

Hey Manisha, these t-shirts are offensive – Only 50 more to make before lunch break!

Actually, I’m most surprised that you can still buy a t-shirt for under $5! (The good news is that the offensive printed gray tie probably comes off in the wash.)

That low price is definitely the result of the 50 shades of child labor that Walmart was founded on, which should be the real story here.

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18 Classic Pop Culture Cars on One Radical T-Shirt

classic cars pop culture t-shirt

inspector gadgetClassic cars of Pop Culture T-shirt: Can you guess them all? In many popular movies and cartoons of the 1980’s, the cars were as big of a character as any of the people. So, why not illustrate the best of them and put them on one t-shirt? (I can’t think of a reason; except that it might take you a week)

If you’re the type of person who likes to have people squint and stare at your chest, this t-shirt might be a good investment, and you’re in luck;

Also interesting to consider that nearly all of the movies that featured memorable automobiles from the 80’s spawned sequels modern remakes; I’m struggling to find one on this design that didn’t! (Maybe that’s all that Howard the Duck needed to be a hit? You know, like a “Duckmobile” or something?)

greased lightning carAlso, the way things are headed, it looks like we might get a modern day remake of The Cold War to go with our remixed 80’s pop culture.

Anyway, if you grew up in the 80’s and think you’re pretty sharp, try naming all of the classic cars featured on this nostalgic shirt. (OK, there are a few automobiles that aren’t from the 80’s mixed in)

I’ve put the answers below, but don’t cheat! Be sure to share this with friends, and see who scores the highest. By the way, I thought that #6 was the hardest; it’s not from the 80’s, so here’s a big clue:

lost show van

Answers: (don’t peek!)

Speed Racer • Jurassic Park • Back to the Future • Toy Story • Ghostbusters • LOST • Scooby Doo • Dukes of Hazzard • Breaking Bad • Inspector Gadget • Dumb and Dumber • Batman • Grease • The Jetsons • Transformers • Flintstones • The Love Bug • The A-Team

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Tee Fury Disney Mashup T-shirts: Are These Fun or Just Rip-Offs?

doctor who princes anna frozen

Mixed up pop culture / Disney t-shirt designs – Are you sitting at home, inspired to create a Frozen design, but feeling limited by copyright rules? Well, you might be elated (or gassy?) to know that almost every day Tee Fury puts out a t-shirt design that gets awfully close to receiving a cease and desist letter from companies like Disney.

So, how do they get away with it? Actually, they’ve been stepping on people’s toes for years, including those of Mike Mignola, creator of the Hellboy comic. Their biggest advantage might be that each t-shirt is on sale for only 24 hours. By the time a lawyer looks at it to even consider a cease and desist, it’s probably not for sale anymore.

The other factor is that Tee Fury sells the designs of independent artists, meaning that any potential lawsuit might be deflected to a graphic designer who probably has more student loans than assets. A number of their designers also don’t like in the U.S., further complicating any potential lawsuit.

Anyway, with Disney’s Frozen grossing over a billion dollars in theaters, it’s creating it’s own mini-economy, with companies like Tee Fury cashing in on unlicensed “Frozen-inspired” merchandise. (Heck, I’m going to mention Frozen a few more times, just hoping that it gets me more page views! Frozen, Frozen, Frozen!)

Consider that Disney does more than it’s own share of borrowing; a few recent examples being the movie Frozen based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, and Tangled based on Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.

Should we feel bad that Disney isn’t getting their share on these t-shirts, or should they just let it go? Let me know!

*Update – The insane thing is that I just noticed a few of these Elsa / Frozen t-shirts selling for as much as $40 on eBay!

• “Come Out & Play” (above) by designer Karen Hallion
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• Download Frozen coloring pages here


Clash of The Titans – Retro Tourist T-Shirt

funny clash of the titans t-shirt

clash of the titans movie poster 1981

Coast of the Titans: Visit Joppa: Here’s a pretty sweet design inspired by the original Clash of the Titans movie.

Starting with one of those tropical shirts that tourists wear, designer Hillary White made something pretty cool by incorporating Titans imagery including the bad-ass Kraken, and Pegasus; changing the tropical location to Queen Cassiopeia’s city of Joppa. (hey, maybe she’ll do another one featuring that mechanical owl, Bubo?)

The distressed filter on the design adds to the retro feel, reminding us this tee is clearly based on the original 1981 version of the movie.

Release the Kraken! (sorry, I had to say it) For sale over at teefury for one day.

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Nostalgic Christmas Movie T-Shirts

griswold national lampoon christmas t-shirtseddie merry christmas shitter fullMerry Christmas! Sh#@%er Was Full! – Every time December comes around, I feel the need to watch a number of movies. Probably the top 3 are, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” and “A Christmas Story.”

These movies aren’t especially good, but for some reason they have lodged themselves permanently into pop culture to the point that someone may accuse you of being Al-Qaeda if you hate them.

charlie brown christmas cola colaA Charlie Brown Christmas has a nice “anti-commercial” message, but the irony is that every 3 minutes the movie is interrupted by commercials. (Did you know the original version included product placement by Coca-Cola? After the opening title, Linus originally crashed into a sign for Coca-Cola after being thrown by Snoopy)

I bet 99 out of 100 people who lived through the 80’s can tell you what movie cousin Eddie’s famous lines like, “Merry Christmas, shitter was full!” came from. (But, unlike actual images from the movie it’s not copyrighted, so you can incorporate it into a t-shirt design) A number of online t-shirt stores, including 80s Tees have these, and I’m sure they sell a lot this time of year.

Anyway, whether they are great movies or not, they spark nostalgia in a many of us, enough to the point that we might even buy a t-shirt for a friend or family member to remind them of some laughs we shared years ago. Next time you watch a well known pop culture classic movie, think whether there is t-shirt design material in any of the famous lines! (you serious, Clark?)

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Gizmo Joins the Zapatista Army

gizmo gremlins zapatista army

los narcos baseball teeMarquismo Men – I think one way to come up with creative designs is to combine 2 unrelated images to create something completely new. Such is the case when you enlist Gizmo (from Gremlins) in the Mexican Zapatista Army (aka the EZLN) in this design at Dimex Vive.

Not sure exactly what the motivation was for this design called, “Marquismo Men,” but I really like it. (Why did Gizmo join this leftist band of Revolutionaries… Was it something in the water?) They have lots of other great well-illustrated designs inspired by iconic Latino pop culture over there, so check them out!

View this t-shirt here