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Ultra Trash Clothing

ultra trash clothing

Ultra Trash t-shirts

double feature tshirt

double feature t-shirt

Ultra Trash Clothing is a small clothing / t-shirt brand founded in Germany by two graphic designers Florian Baier and Stefan Huebsch. Initially nspired by the American Gindhouse movies, they started designing fake movie shirts and posters. (cool idea!)

These “fake movie poster” designs are inspired by old biker movies, slasher movies, road movies & erotic films of 1960s and ’70s, they also offer the “Ultra Trash Shirts,” which combine two shirts in one — (a classic double feature!)

ultra trash t-shirts

killing killing killing

Aside from the obvious influences listed above, these vintage-looking designs even remind me a little of the old Russian Constructivist movie posters. (like the stenberg brothers) The interesting quality about those posters was that they were intended for an audience that was often illiterate, so they relied on attention-grabbing images, typography, and design more than just the meaning of words.

Sweet t-shirts. Anyway, check out their site,, as it looks like they sell out of new designs quickly.


Check Out Raz City Studios

many lives of spock t-shirt

the many lives of Spock t-shirt 1

who killed wicked witch t-shirt

who killed the wicked witch? t-shirt

sons anarchy christmas

sons of anarchy / ghost of christmas future sketch

apes shall rule t-shirt

apes shall rule t-shirt

Thanks to Ramsey for dropping me a line about his brilliant illustrations at Raz City Studios. I may have missed his cool Halloween themed monster t-shirt which was on sale at Shirt Punch for a day, but I definitely like his Christmas Carol / Sons of Anarchy sketch.

A must see for Trekkies is the hilarious Many Lives of Spock t-shirt above; envisioning how pop culture influenced Spock over the years. (available through Red Bubble)

Ramsey has a great blog which showcases not only his t-shirt designs, but his great comic book style illustrations and sketches. Check it out!

coupon: 20% off allposters


Mister Black Tee T-Shirts

Big Robot T-Shirt

Big Robot T-Shirt

anime cartoon characters

112 anime retro cartoon characters on one t-shirt!

Cool Ghostbusters T-shirt

Cool Ghostbusters T-shirt - Who You Gonna Call?

1980s t-shirt

1980s Pop Culture T-shirt - ¿Quien es malo?

mister black tee logo

Mister Black Tee

I love finding out about great t-shirt shops online that I’ve never heard of. Spanish t-shirt shop Mister Black Tee is just that. Above are a few of there newer designs with some cool American pop culture references like Ghost Busters. (how many 80s characters do you recognize in the shirt above?)

For someone like myself who grew up watching these 80s movies, it’s really cool to see them reinterpreted in these creative t-shirt designs. (Would these designs be even cooler to me if the text was en Espanol?) There is even a design on the site featuring famous movie directors and one with little anime drawings of retro cartoons. (112 personajes de dibujos animados – desde 1962 hasta 1997)

tarantino t-shirt

Mira! Tarantino!

I’m not an expert on copyright law, but I’d say that they have done a great job with the retro-looking illustrations; alluding to the characters in these movies without getting in trouble for using actual movie names or pictures of actors.

They also have some great paper toys under their “Goodies” section.” Check out their shop at


Malgusto T-shirts

Malgusto Cult Movie T-Shirts
Although “malgusto” is Spanish for “bad taste,” their t-shirt designs are pretty sweet:

west reanimator t-shirt Herbert West Reanimator T-Shirt

plan 9 movie t-shirtPlan 9 From Outer Space – Movie t-shirt

Big Lebowski T-shirt

The Big Lebowski

Malgusto t-shirt company describes themselves as, “a heartless corporation that, sick of not finding out movie based t-shirts that we liked, decide to produce them by ourselves, jeopardizing our personal fortunes.”

They feature t-shirt designs with colorful retakes on cult classic movies. Besides the t-shirts featured above, they have pretty sweet designs for Night of the Creeps, Evil Dead, Robo Cop, The Big Lebowski, and Big Trouble in Little China among others.

Priced in Euros, these American Apparel tees ship from Spain, making shipping fees a little salty here in the U.S. — In any event, they seem to be doing well, so if you have some spare Euros in your jeans, pick one up at!


Miles to Go: Invisible Man

Today’s tee comes from Miles to Go called the Invisible Man, which features…. the invisible man. Based off the book by H.G. Wells, here is MTG’s description of their tee:

the Invisible Man is on a tri-blend(super soft) coffee American Apparel 100% cotton tee. Printed with discharge white and water based black ink for a really soft print.

“The only true measure of success is the ratio between what we might have done and what we might have been on the one hand, and the thing we have made and the things we have made of ourselves on the other.” -h.g. wells

I love the detailed design work and the color choice of the tee. It brings that vintage look together nicely in one package.

Buy it here for $24.99



Jawa Coffee from Ruby Red Designs

Catching up on some great t-shirts submitted this week and can’t leave out this one from oft-featured Ruby Red Designs:

jawa coffee t-shirt

star wars - jawa coffee t-shirt

This design “features Jawa Coffee, a medium dark roast that is best best served Hoth! A perfect sipping coffee for the dusty climate of Tatooine. It’s a vintage style design that harks back to the classic metal advertising signs from times gone by. It ties in nicely with the recycling, scavenging nature of the Jawa.”

Nobody does a better job of regularly blending Star Wars inspired designs with hip t-shirts, but Roger also regularly puts together some great pop culture tees.

Check ’em all out here or grab Jawa Coffee starting at $26.


Otto is my co-pilot

Otto is my co-pilot – Airplane movie t-shirt I always wondered why a TV channel would sometimes run a movie about 1000 times in a week. I think they buy the rights for a period of time and have to get their money’s worth, so they play it so many times that you can’t avoid watching it. The last few weeks, It was the movie, “Airplane” on a channel that I can’t recall.

It’s an old movie, but it’s a funny one.

Buy “Otto Is My Co-Pilot” for $20 + shipping at 80s Tees