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Malgusto T-shirts

May 18, 2011 movie t-shirts
west reanimator t-shirt

Malgusto Cult Movie T-Shirts Although “malgusto” is Spanish for “bad taste,” their t-shirt designs are pretty sweet: Herbert West Reanimator T-Shirt Plan 9 From Outer Space – Movie t-shirt Malgusto t-shirt company […]

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Miles to Go: Invisible Man

March 21, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts

Today’s tee comes from Miles to Go called the Invisible Man, which features…. the invisible man. Based off the book by H.G. Wells, here is MTG’s description of their tee: the Invisible […]

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Jawa Coffee from Ruby Red Designs

October 29, 2010 funny t-shirts
jawa coffee t-shirt

Catching up on some great t-shirts submitted this week and can’t leave out this one from oft-featured Ruby Red Designs: This design “features Jawa Coffee, a medium dark roast that is best […]

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Otto is my co-pilot

September 29, 2010 funny t-shirts

Otto is my co-pilot – Airplane movie t-shirt I always wondered why a TV channel would sometimes run a movie about 1000 times in a week. I think they buy the rights […]

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“Terra” by Terratag

August 9, 2010 japanese t-shirts

I’m not sure what Kaiju is, I think it’s some Japanese type of monster movie, but I do like shirts with bold prints and vibrant colors. This is one of many cool shirts over at Terratag and I think I’ll do a wider feature on the site in the near future. In the meantime, pick up this shirt.

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“Step Brothers Shoe Shirt”

June 15, 2010 funny t-shirts
stepbrothers shoe t-shirt

It’s been called one of the most immature movies of all time, but that doesn’t matter since you are still reading this sentence. You can’t help but to be a fan of […]

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“Iron Man 2 Comic Chest” at

June 10, 2010 movie t-shirts
ironman 2 t-shirt

I finally saw Iron Man 2 recently and know that I could do all of those stunts if I only had this shirt. I’d probably be able to fly too! If I […]

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