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Alexander Hamilton T-Shirt: The $10 Founding Father

hamilton broadway musical playbillHamilton Revolution Army T-Shirt: Unless you’ve been stuck in a West Virginia coal mine, you’ve probably heard of the Broadway phenomenon that is “Hamilton.” It’s a game-changing hip hop musical that has been called “inspirational” and “life-changing.” (Unlike your average Iggy Azalea concert)

If you don’t have $1500 to spend on a pair of tickets, definitely download the amzing and addictive soundtrack. Also, here’s a cool t-shirt design tribute to “The Ten Dollar Founding Father,” Alexander Hamilton Himself for under $20 from

hamilton revolution tshirt women

Buy an Alexander Hamilton T-shirt; But The Broadway Musical Store is Expensive!

You know, when something really starts to take off or becomes a meme, the internet quickly becomes filled with junk from people with Photoshop and a CafePress shop. You really have to sort through crap to find something wearable.

The other thing is that if you want to buy officially licensed Hamilton Broadway / Musical shirts, they cost $30+ each, even for kids’ t-shirts!

I thought this Hamilton t-shirt was pretty sweet, though. Photo courtesy of

lin manuel miranda hamilton

The Hamilton Musical: NYC, Chicago, London Beware Expensive or Crappy Gifts & T-Shirt Designs & Gifts

When Disney’s Frozen came out, everyone went wild and started buying merchandise of all kinds. For people who didn’t want to get approval and pay royalties to Disney to create a design, I assume it was a challenge to come up with a good design that didn’t infringe on copyrights.

Hamilton is different, as it’s about a historical figure, so it offers designers the opportunity to use images of Alex himself without stepping on any toes. Obviously, you can’t use images of Lin Manuel Miranda or the actual actors, but why not start with the most recognizable, royalty free picture of Alexander Hamilton out there: the $10 bill?

I guess this shirt design is just as appealing whether you are a fan in NYC (Broadway), Chicago, or London!

Hamilton “yorktown” video from the Grammys (above)

Alexander Hamilton Revolution Shirts: for Men, Women, & Kids

My favorite color for this t-shirt is the army / olive color, as it goes well with the theme of “revolution.” I guess the red shirts do too, but that’s more of a communist revolution.

Also, there aren’t many Hamilton tees that I would actually put on my kids, but this one is available for boys and girls.

Still reading? Get free shipping at on t-shirts at Vistaprint here or keep up with Lin Manuel Miranda on Facebook


Chop Shop T-Shirts; Sci-Fi etc

we fab beatles t-shirt

Wefab - 85 Icons of Fab History and Songs (can I say "beatles" w/o getting sued?)

tron guy

Tron Guy w/ Frisbee dog!?

Chop Shop – So, I was just intrigued by looking through the (mostly sci-fi) designs at chopshopstore after Thomas sent a link to me. They do some cool stuff by making a larger design out of a collection of individual silhouettes in designs like, “wefab” (above) “51 Celebrity Robots” (w/glowing eyes & buttons) “54 celebrity vehicles,” and “34 Celebrated Vampires.”

The style kind of reminds me of those stock vector illustration collections you can get on sites like istockphoto, except in this case they all work together in a larger design. I think for this reason, everyone has a unique viewing experience, and relates uniquely to different parts.

Alien celebrity t-shirt

Alien celebrities t-shirt

If you are a Beatles fan, you’ll surely appreciate the design above, and might even get the irony of the “apple” shape, and the “Apple-esque” title of “WeFab.” (Remember that Apple Music vs. Apple Computers lawsuit?)

I also liked their “robots nofollow” t-shirt, which is probably understood only by people like myself that work with HTML.

Anyway, I found myself looking through the deigns trying to name as many of the “51 Celebrity Robots” as I could for some reason. I imagine that if you are standing at a party in someone’s kitchen wearing one of these shirts, you’ll find others doing the same!

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Gangsta Cat T-Shirts

Gangsta Cat T-Shirts – Came across these cat t-shirts designed by Dustin Canalin. Always nice to see a backlash against the piles of “cute” cat merchandise festooned across the internet.

cat compton t-shirtCat – Compton t-shirt

cat run dmcCat – Hella Fresh T-shirt

cat machine gun t-shirtcat – me against the world

These gangsta cat t-shirts are approved by Chairman Meow, and are being sold at – you can click on a link above to view them.


Boomslank Anime Tees

Though shopping at their site is an odd experience (I want to be able to easily see a t-shirt design BIG if I’m going to buy it), there’s no denying that the brothers behind Boomslank have some real talent for design. With themes heavily drawn from the world of anime, their style ranges from the simple and bold to the complex and detailed.

boomslank t-shirt

Our particular favorite is this newer design, titled “Airport”…

…which reminds us a little of something out of Hiro Miyazaki’s imagination, in a Howl’s Moving Castle sort of way:

Based in Raleigh, NC Boomslank designs are printed on American Apparel tees and run $24.00 each. Visit their site to see more.