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Vistaprint T-Shirts: Are They Any Good? Review + 25% Off Coupon

vistaprint logo redVistaprint t-shirts review and coupon – You probably know Vistaprint for printing business cards or paper marketing materials, but are they any good for printing t-shirts? I had a cheap t-shirt printed through Vistaprint, so here is my review:

Vistaprint T-Shirts: My Review

vistaprint t-shirt review basic

I was really happy with the t-shirt I ordered from Vistaprint! While they offer a bunch of mostly crappy design templates, I chose to upload my own complete design, and it turned out great. The “basic” t-shirt was printed on a “Fruit of the Loom Heavy” tee blank, the image looked sharp, and the colors were good. I completed the order in about 10 minutes, and the shirt arrived 4 days later.

Please read my review below for tips from my experience ordering t-shirts from

First, Use a Coupon for Any Vistaprint T-Shirt Order

If you just go to, you might be paying full price. You can try googling, “Vistaprint t-shirt coupon” to see what’s out there, or you can get a coupon Vistaprint t-shirt coupons here. (There are usually about 10 promotions each week)

Usually a promo code is applied when you click on a link, so you won’t need to enter a code later. Usually a 25% discount is available, so please, don’t pay full price!

Choosing a T-Shirt Blank

vistaprint tshirt blanks

The first thing you’re going to want to specify is either men’s or women’s t-shirts. After doing so you’ll be given an option between their Basic T-shirts or the more expensive SignatureSoft. Long-sleeve and kid’s t-shirts are also available, but I’m going to review the adult options. Here’s an overview:

  • SignatureSoft – From $16 (before coupon) Their premium ringspun cotton t-shirt. This seems to be a little softer and lighter than their “basic” tee. You’ll get a better fit with this option as the cut is different for men and women. Available in 2 colors: black and white
  • Basic T-Shirts – From $12 (before coupon) 100% cotton unisex no frills t-shirt, weighs about an ounce more than the SignatureSoft.  “Classic,” looser fit means cheaper. 2 color options: black or white

*Note: Templates offer 1-3 color options, but choosing a color other than white will add $5 to the cost.

*Tip: Only the SignatureSoft gives you a men’s or women’s cut option. The Basic t-shirt is unisex, so don’t expect a flattering cut for your curves!

Choose a T-shirt Template

vistaprint t shirt review designs

Unless you have a complete design ready to print, you’ll choose from one of their t-shirt templates. You can sort these by category like “sports,” or “business services” which I imagine assumes you have a logo.

Most of these design templates look like free clip art. The ones for contractors are especially bad, but you can find a few diamonds in the rough. Nothing fancy or inspiring here; mostly just different positioning for your text and photos.

Vistaprint: How to Design Your T-Shirt

Templates be damned, for this t-shirt review, I’m going to upload my own design. I love how easy the design process is on sites like Shutterfly (get coupons), but Vistaprint is not so user-friendly.

Here you can choose between printing on the pocket or front of your shirt.You might decide to just put a small logo on the breast area and put your large design on the back, but i’m going cheap and just doing a large front design.

vistaprint tshirt design meowFirst, I chose a high-resolution image to fit in the 12×12” space on the front of the shirt. You should save your file as CMYK (not RGB) for the best color match, although both are accepted. Save and upload your design in common file formats like JPG, PSD, PDF, Illustrator (.ai) or PNG.

Tip: Make sure your image is high resolution. I’d recommend at least 200 dpi, which means 2400 x 2400 or bigger in this case. If you are uploading a photo smaller than about 1mb in file size, it might not be high-res.

When I uploaded my image and dragged it onto the shirt, it didn’t fit. The top and bottom of my design were cropped off. There is no option (that I could find) to adjust the image dimensions to fit, so you have to upload a design that is proportionate to the square space.

sample vistaprint t shirt design

Tip: Your design has to be a square. Make the height the same as the width by adding white space to whichever dimension is short in a program like Photoshop. If you are printing on a dark design, this blank space will have to be transparent, not white!

If you want to add a design for the back, it will cost you an extra $5.

Review your t-shirt design and approve

review the vistaprint tshirt preview

Looks fine, although the preview is too small to see if your text and images look sharp. That’s something you should do when you first add the high-resolution image.

Tip: When you choose your size, note that many of their customers report that Vistaprint sizing runs small. If you have any doubts as to your shirt size, choose one size larger.

Applying the Coupon, Completing Your T-Shirt Order

vistaprint tshirt coupon applied

At this point, review your order and make sure you have a coupon or promo code applied. The retail price should be crossed out, and a lower price should be in red. (above)

Don’t bother opting-in for their “special offers” unless you want a bunch of emails sent to you. You’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the premium SignatureSoft shirt blank again, but I’m a cheap guy, so I’ll stick with the Basic. Also, they will show your your design on a bunch of other merchandise, hoping you add to your order.

Enter a Promo Code / Complete Order

vistaprint tshirt promo_code

If you haven’t gotten a discount applied yet, this is your chance to enter a promo code. Just get a Vistaprint coupon online and type it in the “Promotional Code” box. If you are spending over $50, look for free shipping. Hey, they even let you mail in a personal check!

Delivery / shipping speed & Cost:

  • Economy: 8 business days = $4.99 (I’m choosing economy!)
  • Standard: 5 business days = $9.99
  • Express: 3 business days = $19.99 (yikes!)

Vistaprint T-Shirt Received: My Review

So, how long does economy shipping take? Although Vistaprint quotes 8 business days for their cheapest shipping, mine arrived in 4 business days.

Wow, I was really surprised with the quality of my t-shirt; Looks better than the online preview!

vistaprint t-shirt review sizing

The t-shirt was printed on a Fruit of the Loom “Heavy” 100% cotton blank. As a 6′ 1″ 185 pound man, the sizing of the “Large” seemed good to me, but several reviews on say that they run a little small. Also, another common reason for negative reviews is that the colors start to fade after the shirt is washed several times.

vistaprint t shirt closeup quality resolution

close up of the printed shirt

I printed an illustration, saved out as a high-resolution (250 dpi) PNG file from Photoshop. All of the colors were really sharp and clear. I have no doubt that if I had printed a photo or logo, it would have been just as sharp.

*Keep in mind that their cheapest shirt option, “Basic,” is unisex, so if you are a woman with curves, it probably won’t be an exceptionally flattering cut. Maybe spend the extra $3 for their “SignatureSoft” premium option.

Vistaprint Custom T-Shirt Review: Summary

If you are looking for cheap custom t-shirts for your small business, Vistaprint is a really good option. Sure, if you’re a designer, or have a bigger budget, there are better options out there.

However, consider that a print-on demand site like Cafepress charges about double the price; starting at $17.99 for their cheapest t-shirt. 6 Dollar Shirts (See reviews) won’t print anything custom, and charges a similar price as Vistaprint for any of their t-shirts.

If you are going to print a larger number of shirts, consider sites like, but for fewer than 10 t-shirts, you’ll be paying about $20 per shirt.

In fact, I’m sure all the hipsters out there turn their noses up at Vistaprint, but for $8.99 + shipping, I was really happy with this quality, no-frills shirt option.

View their t-shirts, and apply a 25% off coupon

View all Vistaprint coupons and save 20-50%!


Sons of Anarchy T-Shirts – 20% Off Coupon

Sons of Anarchy T-Shirts from FX Shop
For 20% Off Use promo code: SOA3DVD

sons of anarchy t-shirt Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt $9.99 from fivefingertees
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sons of anarchy biker

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy T-Shirts — I just got the above t-shirt in the mail from fivefingertees – Sweet! I have to admit that I am an occasional fan of Jack Daniels, but honestly not too familiar with the wildly popular tv show “Sons of Anarchy” on FX.

In any event, it’s a cool t-shirt, and Steve from fivefingertees describes it as, “a tshirt that is inspired by the TV show ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ with a twist of Jack.”

After doing a little research, I see that the show, revolving around a fictional vigilante motorcycle gang in Charming, California, has set all kinds of ratings records for cable series. The plot sounds interesting too, and it costars Katie Segal, meaning that everyone from the Bundy family (Married w/ Children), except Bud, now has a successful show on TV!

Now I’m inspired to watch my first episode of Sons of Anarchy. (I think they are on Season 4 already?) Also of note, if you or a friend are a Sons of Anarchy fan, this t-shirt is less than 10 bucks, and you can use the coupon code above for an extra 5% off!

sons of anarchy tshirt Sons of Anarchy T-Shirts from
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sons of anarchy t-shirts flagSons of Anarchy T-Shirt from FX Shop
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Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirt

keep calm kill zombies shirtKeep Calm, Kill Zombies t-shirt at crazydog tshirts
$5 Off with coupon code: SCAREME5 until 11-01-11

i heart zombies t-shirt

i heart zombies t-shirt

Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirts – Apparently stores now begin their Halloween displays in August, so I’ve decided I’m going to start looking for some cool Halloween t-shirts starting right now.

The other day I saw a pretty good looking girl wearing a pretty cool Keep Calm Kill Zombies t-shirt. (You don’t have to be a hot girl to wear it, but something about the idea of an attractive girl fighting a zombie works for me.)

keep calm carry on poster

english motivational poster

Based on the famously reassuring “keep calm and carry on” posters in the London tube system, these t-shirts seem to be available various places online with or without simulated zombie blood. (I was reassured that no zombies were harmed in the making of these t-shirts)

In any event, they have these shirts online, including Amazon, and Crazydogtshirts where I saw this specific one, as well as the I Heart Zombies t-shirt above.

Coupons: free shipping and more for zombie t-shirts



We have been getting more and more submissions lately, and I was looking at this particular submission on my phone and I knew I had to look more into it. Mixing vintage and futuristic designs and principles, Cuppa-T out of beautiful New Zeland has a great, unique theme going on. I love the military feel it has to it as well. By themselves, these themes aren’t original, but how Cuppa-T puts them together really makes it work and they are doing a great job of it.

The particular tee they submitted just came out on the 8th and its awesome. They call it Greetings From Mars. It depicts that classic 60’s style couple on a beach vacation, but in the future on Mars. Here is what Cuppa-T has to say about it:

Its an original composition formed based on lots of research on old postcard art, the silhouettes were actually referencing some pics of classic beach couple sunset scenes, which are where the fellas loud shirt and ladies flowers came from. We didn’t want to interfere with the beach romance feel to much so we didn’t suit them up, plus we figured by the time we can vacate to mars we’d probably have a great sun block.

Not only is the design great, but Cuppa-T shirts have nice hang tags and they have a nice tag on the bottom. They certainly don’t cut any corners here. The printing looks great too.

Most of Cuppa-T shirts sell for 59 NZD to 64 NZD, which translates to around $45 USD. Not exactly cheap. They say the reason for the high price is because they are a small, independent company that only prints limited runs. My only grind is that with the price they are asking, they don’t say what kind of shirt they print on – only that its 100% cotton. I would expect great quality for the asking price, but without the shirt in hand, its hard to say the quality of the print and shirt is worth the price. See what you think at their store here. Anyone have a Cuppa-T shirt and care to comment?


Time to Panic!

Even though Emptees is closing down at the end of month, we still check it everyday for new and exciting brands to feature. Today, it’s Time to Panic! Adam has been working hard for the past year and half to put his ideas into online stores, blogs, and soon to be packages coming to your doorstep. Oh yeah, did we mention Adam was only 16 when he came up with the idea? So that makes him 17 today, taking his passion and putting it into life. Based out of London, Adam has only a few designs for now and all orders are pre-orders that will be shipped out next month. We did tell you we look for new brands, right? Well, here is your chance to be the first to own one of these tees in your neighborhood, or possibly country (or continent) for that matter!

Although simple and a logo tee, the design is not only and nice and clean, but with that unique name means its sure to become very popular. There are two different variations so check them both out here. Up next we have one of his more intricate designs in the opening lineup:

Playful, colorful, and fun. This has been the trend for a while now. Although nothing new or groundbreaking in terms of its design, its sure to be a good seller and addition to the opening line. There is also a third design as well so don’t forget to visit the store and take a look at this brand spanking new company. All of Time to Panic’s tees sell for £16 ea. printed on American Apparel 2001s and will be ready for shipping in March. Pre order now before all of your sizes are accounted for!


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Closd – Not a Misspelling

From Italy came two of my favorite things: Ferrari and Pasta. But now I can add a third… Closd Clothing. Although they have only a few different tees to offer, the ones they DO have are fantastic. The reason behind this is that all their tees are limited and once they’re gone – they are gone. Started out in 2009, They have worked extremely hard at what they have become today.

Closd is not a two-person show: we see ourselves as part of a community that devotes itself to developing real-world art into a mobile statement of individuality.

I love the designs they have. Not only are they distinct and cool to look at, but they also have meaning. For example, the “Ronin” shirt above is from the famous story of the legendary Ronin warriors:

Everyone want to be free and decide his one future. 47 Ronin, also known as “Wave Man”, during the eighteenth century in Japan fought against the laws and the rules, they’re still remembered as heroes. Sacrifice and Persistence is the formula.

Check out “Ronin” and their other shirts at their website here where all their shirts sell for €22.00. Remember their shirts are all limited so don’t hesitate!


Emptees 2010 Company of the Year: Electric Zombie!

I’ve been on Emptees a lot lately just lurking around and with the new year recently, they had all their members vote for the “Emptees Awards.” Well, the results are in and the company of the year is Electric Zombie! I checked out their site and WOW! They definitely deserve every praise they get from their fellow Emptees members. Everything is very professional and their designs are top notch.

I mean, just look at the detail!! The man behind Electric Zombie is Kyle Crawford. Not only did he start Electric Zombie in late 2007, but he also does a lot of other work; such as designs for some of my favorite bands – Silverstein, Coheed & Cambria, Paramore, and more. With a portfolio like Kyle’s, there is no question as to how his company grew so fast and became so popular. One of the reasons for this is because “…Kyle is very hands on with the entire brand. From concept, to execution, hang tagging to assembling goodie bags, selling at shows and getting the word out. Electric Zombie, is Kyle Crawford, blood sweat and tears… And tee shirts.”

“I think it’s better when you’re in charge of doing your own thing, because if it fails there’s no one to blame but yourself. It’s easier executing what you envision when you’re hands on, and no one else to satisfy but yourself.”

He’s already done countless designs and it was really hard to choose the ones I wanted to post on his feature. Everything is just great work. He is really involved and loves what he does so much that he works his ass off to make his fans happy. What more can you want from a brand? Check out Electric Zombie’s store here and get some tees on sale while you can.

Again, a huge congratulations to you Kyle Crawford and your Electric Zombie! You and your team deserved it! We all welcome what you have in store for us for 2011!



Today’s feature is Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon from Downington, PA. Jeff started Ugmonk after college when he noticed there was a lack of simple, clean designs on the market. After he achieved his degree in design and scored a full design job was when  he found himself itching to start his own clothing line. Soon after Ugmonk was born, Jeff decided to take the jump and leave his full time job in pursuit of Ugmonk and his dream. Since 2008 and starting with 5 designs and 200 shirts, Ugmonk has grown to be internationally known and full of cameos in the media. Their most popular design is “And Then I Woke Up” seen below.

Today, Ugmonk has shipped to 55 countries all over the world.

Through the first two years, we continued to build Ugmonk by working late nights and weekends refining designs, organizing logistics, and packing orders. Each new release received an enthusiastic response from the community and knowledge of the brand spread organically through word of mouth and online features. My dream of starting my own brand was no longer just a dream.

“And Then I Woke Up” is exactly the style Jeff wanted to create using typography and keeping things simple. As you shop around in the online store, you can see where that fascination comes into play. I love how the large design is met with a very small one unnoticeable until up close.

Ugmonk is becoming a world renown brand and fast. But don’t worry, Jeff says that,

While it’s fascinating and exciting to see Ugmonk show up in mass media, it really is just as fun to hear about people who randomly spot someone wearing Ugmonk on the street and discover the brand that way. No matter how big the brand gets, I want to keep the personal touch and service that people have come to know with Ugmonk. My goal is to provide each customer with the same innovative designs, quality goods, and excellent customer service that I would want.

Buy Ugmonk’s tee “And Then I Woke Up”  for $24 here, or check out all their other great shirts and extras here at their website. If you go to his blog you can find a great post about how he designed and created his shirt “Better Than We Deserve” from the thought process all the way to putting it on the shirt. Click here to check it out!!