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Lead & Light

Created out of the frustrations of a creative mind, Lead & Light bring a dark and mysterious flavor to the table. All their shirts have a black and white theme with a similar style in design that create a real strong brand identity. One of my favorite things about Lead & Light is that they print each shirt individually by hand on American Apparel tees.

I love the detail in these designs and just overall vibe and mood that comes from them. These aren’t your simple design mock ups but truly, well thought out artwork. I’m really diggin’ this next one…

Not only are these tees individually printed, use American Apparel blanks, and have amazing artwork, but most of them are selling for only $15!! Check out these shirts and more on their website here.


We are Make Believe

Make Believe” is being heavily talked about all over the interwebz lately… and there is good reason for it. Out of Nebraska, Brandon and David have been working hard to put Make Believe together and we say they did a pretty good job doing it. The second you get to their website you can feel the strong brand identity they created, which is even more apparent when you see their tees.

Printed on thin, slim fit shirts, Make Believe has around five designs for the winter collection and they are already working on their spring/summer collection so keep checking back on their website for more updates. I grew up next to the Dana Point Harbor and have always been surrounded by boats with some sailors in the family so naturally my favorite tee is their anchor tee shown above.

All their designs are great and have the same look to them so you can tell thats a Make Believe shirt when you see one. Thats huge for any clothing company and Make Believe has conquered it. Taken from their “About” page:

Good friends that create classically inspired designs with a modern touch. We make, we believe; We are Make Believe. Inspired by the aesthetic appeal of the 1950s simplicity, we compose designs that are both timeless and appealing to all generations.

I strongly recommend you guys check them out. Their tees sell for $25 each and they ship internationally and have both men and women’s tees. Visit Make Believe now!



I hope everyone had a good holiday and a Happy New Year! To celebrate 2011, I wanted to start off the year with another favorite brand of mine… Masked. Anything other than its name and its creator, “Bori (last name to hard to pronounce)”, Masked is pretty much a mystery. All we know is they make awesome shirts and accessories. I wanted to feature their “Marilyn Masked” tee that depicts “Marilyn Masked (not to be mistaken for Monroe)” in a simple, elegant design:

The design is amazing and the reason this is their most popular tee is clear.

It is available for both men and women.

Buy “Marilyn Masked” here for $25.99 or check out their other shirts and accessories on their website here.

Bori was also so kind enough to share a video of the official “story” on Masked:


Facelift-Definitely Original

We got this submission from Facelift and I must say I have never seen anything like it. It’s a pretty good idea, really. Not only is there a design on the front, but there is also one on the inside. Why? so you can do this:

See what I mean? Thats pretty cool to say the least. They have a few different designs and all their shirts are printed on organic 50/50 blend polycotton tees. They are also offering up a discount to PCT readers using coupon code “PCTfacelift”. Check out their website here where all their shirts sell for $21.95. Stay tuned for a more detailed feature soon!!


Need to Make Money? Start a Clothing Company

Thats what Tucker and Spencer did this summer instead of working for their local fast food joint. These High Schoolers from Canada took the leap to entrepreneurship and made a fantastic website and some clean and simple designs catered to the skate and snowboard crowd. Their company is called Muzed, which means “Stoned on music. Can also be described as a lasting eargasm. Only used for good music.”

They have a few designs already and even a beanie. They sent us this shirt in their submission to us:

All their shirts are printed on Gildan tees and have a nice tag on bottom. Pretty amazing from the next generation. Here is their other tee that I really like.

These guys are pretty awesome. We’ll be in contact with them for future interview/products. Check out their pretty nice website here.


You Lose: 10 Deep

Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, finals have been killing me….. but finally I’m free! This morning, my friend tipped me off to one of his favorite brands, “10 Deep.” Established in 1995 (love the 90’s btw), they are a New York street wear brand created by Scott Sasso. When I checked out their website, I loved what I saw. The first shirt that struck me was their “You Lose” shirt.

I love what their brand has going. They know how important individuality is and limits are only fictional barriers created by oneself. “You Lose” brings strength and victory to the table here. I love the little touch with the flag that reads, “2nd sucks.” Heres a little background info from their website:

As one of the original New York streetwear brands, our motto is simple: forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.

“You Lose” is a limited run, web exclusive. So get yours here before I buy them all.


EEvo is For Extreme Recreation

EEvo is all about the extreme recreational sports athlete/fashion conscious consumer. A recent company which started in 2009, EEvo by Dan Green and Gavin Pledger attempt to mix extreme sports with music and fashion and its definitely showing in their line of products – from T-shirts to belts. I love their style – big and bright. Their “Phat Lines” tee happens to be one of my favorites and is just in time for the boarding season.

Here is EEvo’s description of this particular tee:

“The concept behind this design does not even need to be mentioned! Those of you who know how it feels to cut a phat line through fresh powder in the winter time know that this tee speaks for itself.”

“Phat Lines” is available in white or gold and all of their shirts are on American Apparel to ensure that great fit and comfort. We look forward to see what EEvo comes up with next. Follow them on their blog here or their facebook and buy “Phat Lines” on sales for $25 here.


17 yrs. old With A Clothing Brand

Lindseypaige Schwartz is only 17 and has her own clothing brand, PSR Clothing. Not only is she selling her shirts online, but is already in a few surf shops. She has 7 different designs as of today, and her current focus is to attend more events and expos to get her name out there. So far, she is doing great, regardless of her age. Today we’ll focus on her shirt called “Roll with the Punches.”

We’ll leave it to Lindseypaige who can describe her design best:

“It sends a positive message to keep going no matter what happens. I came up for the idea of this shirt the morning my parents told me they were getting a divorce. I decided that I can’t let this affect me and i have to keep positive. Basically go with the flow.”

We look forward to what she does next and we’ll be sure to let you all know about it. More info on her website here and you can buy the shirt, “Roll With the Punches,” here for only $19.99.

Awesome job Lindseypaige and keep at it!