Lead & Light

January 7, 2011 reviews

Created out of the frustrations of a creative mind, Lead & Light bring a dark and mysterious flavor to the table. All their shirts have a black and white theme with a […]

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We are Make Believe

January 6, 2011 reviews

“Make Believe” is being heavily talked about all over the interwebz lately… and there is good reason for it. Out of Nebraska, Brandon and David have been working hard to put Make […]

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January 4, 2011 reviews

I hope everyone had a good holiday and a Happy New Year! To celebrate 2011, I wanted to start off the year with another favorite brand of mine… Masked. Anything other than […]

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Facelift-Definitely Original

December 29, 2010 reviews

We got this submission from Facelift and I must say I have never seen anything like it. It’s a pretty good idea, really. Not only is there a design on the front, […]

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Need to Make Money? Start a Clothing Company

December 18, 2010 reviews

Thats what Tucker and Spencer did this summer instead of working for their local fast food joint. These High Schoolers from Canada took the leap to entrepreneurship and made a fantastic website […]

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You Lose: 10 Deep

December 16, 2010 reviews

Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, finals have been killing me….. but finally I’m free! This morning, my friend tipped me off to one of his favorite brands, “10 Deep.” […]

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EEvo is For Extreme Recreation

December 9, 2010 reviews

EEvo is all about the extreme recreational sports athlete/fashion conscious consumer. A recent company which started in 2009, EEvo by Dan Green and Gavin Pledger attempt to mix extreme sports with music […]

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17 yrs. old With A Clothing Brand

December 8, 2010 reviews

Lindseypaige Schwartz is only 17 and has her own clothing brand, PSR Clothing. Not only is she selling her shirts online, but is already in a few surf shops. She has 7 […]

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