“Niñote” from Psycho Reindeer

August 9, 2010 Tees

It’s been a while since I ate at Big Boy, but not since I ate tacos. Mmmmm..tacos.

Get your own!

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“I’m Basil Marceaux dot com” by the guy that wants to be the next governor of Tennessee

August 3, 2010 Tees

I’m on the fence with this one. Part of me thinks this is an internet meme unfolding before my very eyes. The other part thinks that this is actually a legitimate attempt to win the top spot in the government of one of our southern states. Who is Basil Marceaux, you say?

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“Andy vs Apple” from Andy Versus

July 25, 2010 Tees

Hey fanboys (and fangirls), Pick a side!

Or you can hedge your bet with this shirt.

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“Paul Picked Me” from Paul Picked Me

July 12, 2010 Tees

Proven to be more accurate at making predictions than a metal rooster on a stick, Paul the prodigious 8-legged prognosticator knows who will. He predicts you wearing this shirt in your future.

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“Totally Awesomebot” from Psycho Reindeer

July 9, 2010 Tees

Robot shirts are the best! What’s cool about this shirt is that the design was crowdsourced with 67 fans submitting robots. All of them were culled together to produce a SuperRobot and a super shirt. Also, Looking at the eyes makes the Pokemon theme run thru my head.

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“Cityscape” by Make Believe

July 7, 2010 Tees

With a shirt like this, you can go from your casual shorts to your fancy going out pants without losing a sartorial beat. Options are always a good thing.

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“I Love Acid” from Electric Sun

July 7, 2010 Tees

So, I’m not going to try to act smart and say that I know exactly what a Roland TB-303 machine does. I’m more on the consumer side of music (preferrably Freestyle). What I do know is

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“Toxic Spill” from Tastes Like Doom

June 28, 2010 Tees

Alright, so I’m not exactly sure what the description of the shirt was trying to say, but if you don’t look at that and just hit the buy link, you’ll have a shirt that is sort of a commentary on what’s going on in the Gulf.

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