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Akumu Ink – A Stylish Japanese Nightmare

akumu ink anime t-shirt

Umami (meaning "Tasty") Girl - Tokyo Revenge

akumu ink skulls tshirts

Jadore (loving her kitty to death?) - Mad Hatter

akumuink jessi

jessi making tshirt look good

Akumu Ink – Thanks to Aldora from Akumu Ink for sending me a link to their site which features some pretty cool & unique t-shirt designs. “Akumu,” meaning “nightmare” in Japanese, pretty much describes the theme of their dark designs in a single word.

Combining elements of Japanese anime, horror, and pop culture into a creative nightmarish design, Joey (the artist) has come up with some pretty sweet illustrations. On many of the designs you can see nice hand drawn lines that give you the feeling of a charcoal drawing from a sketchbook.

They also update their blog w/ some great sketches and new designs.

poison t-shirt

death before dishonor

I’ve always felt that combining 2 uniquely different elements is a good way to come up with something new and original (it worked for the movie Snakes on a Plane!) and that is what they do over at Akumu. I could even see fans of goth (like Abby from NCIS) sporting one of these.

Good stuff! Check out their website at


Remuse Collective T-Shirts

Fall from Grace t-shirt

"Fallen from Grace"

Secret Life Remuse

"Secret Life"

Daggers Remuse t-shirt


Remuse is a new artist collective brand offering sweat-shop free t-shirts (American Apparel, I believe) that are released seasonally. Remuse designs are meant to inspire “the pondering of everyday life both subliminally and direct.”

Like myself, they hail from outside Philly & also seem to share my glass half-empty view of where society is headed. They intend to encourage awareness of society’s decline through their work.

I think the artists at Remuse are off to a great start. Although they only have a handful of designs, the ones they have showcase impressively illustrated, thought-provoking illustrations printed on quality tees.

Check out their shop and use coupon code: POP10 for 10% off!

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This is Not Leather- Killer Brigade T-Shirts

leather t-shirt

This is not actually a leather t-shirt

This is Not Leather – Whoa, what a cool design sent to us by Mo at Norwegian clothing brand Killer Brigade. Looking like leather over a real skull t-shirt (which i believe is considered “business casual?”) this kind of takes that old “tuxedo shirt” idea to a new level. I guess you would call this “Trompe-l’œil,” defined as “realistic imagery in order to create an optical illusion.”

I really like how the leather design on the front fades out around the edges, and bleeds right onto the edge of the collar, giving it a cool, realistic effect. Although the store is based in Norway, I’m wondering how Americans like myself can get one of these t-shirts? Mo, if you have the answer, please comment below!

Also, check out one of their other cool designs below:

space queen t-shirt

space queen t-shirt


Pale Horse Design T-Shirts

Pale Horse Mariachi T-Shirt

Pale Horse Mariachi T-Shirt

pale horse t-shirt

Pale Horse t-shirt

Chris Parks, the talented artist behind the amazingly detailed designs at Pale Horse Design, is a self taught illustrator with an impressive portfolio. Chris got his start designing album art for punk and metal bands, and now draws inspiration globally, and has his own studio and exhibits his art globally.

On his site, you can find some pretty badass t-shirts, including the ones below. Definitely check out Chris’ t-shirt designs and entire site at

balinese mask t-shirt

"Balinese Demon" - Balinese mask t-shirt

pale horse geisha t-shirt

Pale Horse - Geisha t-shirt

Check out Chris’ portfolio at Palehorsedesign