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King of Dark Side – Darth Vader T-shirt

darth vader king of darkside t-shirt playing cardKing of Dark Side – A tribute to Darth Vader, the best villain in sci-fi history. This bad-ass Star Wars inspired t-shirt design brilliantly tells the story of Lord Vader’s tragic rise to dark lord in a playing card design.

Check out this shirt, as well as more at SneakyStudios where you can even get some cool lucha libre wrestling masks! If you like this design, let us know below!

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thumb busted tees haters

Busted Tees Coupon for 20% Off & Free Shipping

thumb busted tees hatersBusted Tees Coupons – One of the most popular web-based t-shirt brands, has tons of funny t-shirts for pretty much everyone.

The good thing is that they have coupons online that will save you up to 20%, and orders over $75 get free shipping. Also, look for their “deal of the day,” which is one featured design for only $12. Check it out!

busted tees banner
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Where do I enter a coupon code for Busted Tees?
Using a code at is really easy, probably because their target audience is not made up of rocket scientists. Luckily it’s mostly young males with attention deficit disorder, so coupons are designed for instant gratification. Just go online and do a Google search for a Busted Tees coupon, then get at least one code to write down. Before proceeding to checkout, just enter the code in your shopping cart like this:

enter busted tees coupon code

You’ll see above that they clearly itemize your discounts, and they also let you know how much more you have to spend to qualify for free shipping. Usually, orders of $75 or more ship free unless there is a specific promotion going on. Shipping is almost $7, so that’s a good deal.

support our troops star wars t-shirt

Located in downtown NYC, Busted Tees was started by a couple of guys from, and has become a popular destination online for people looking for cheap funny t-shirts. The have a big selection, and they are known for their great coupons saving you up to 20% as well as their t-shirt grab bags giving you 4 t-shirts for $30 (before using a coupon code) and their deal of the day, one t-shirt at a 40% discount.

Busted Tees Coupons for 2012!


Beast Wreck T-Shirts

Beast Wreck Shirts – Jared from Beast Wreck has made my day with these kick ass t-shirt designs. He describes the style as “A mad-scientist’s concoction of equal parts pop, pulp, rock, and retro…”

obama zombie t-shirt

ZOMBAMA'S REVENGE - obama zombie t-shirt

Obama Zombie – So, takeoffs on the original Obama “HOPE” posters are everwhere. This has to be about the coolest parody I’ve seen though. When asked what the political statement here was, Jared responed, “I’m trying to say is that I have fun with ridiculous parodies of self-important ‘street artists.’ That’s all.” buy it

Kool Aid angry bat t-shirt

KROOL AID - Kool Aid Man Wrecking Sh*t

Friendly mascot for a sugary drink? Hell no! Krool aid is angry, and wielding a bat. Maybe he’s upset at being used as a corporate pawn for so long. (was he laid off in the recent economic downturn?) check it out

bobbafet bounty hunter t-shirt


What happens when you cross the galaxy’s baddest bounty hunter and Speed Racer? Something like this bad-ass BOUNTY HUNTER t-shirt

Give him a thumbs-up below, and check out all his awesome t-shirt designs at the beastwreck store!


My Yoda Shirt, This Is – Funny Star Wars T-Shirt

yoda t-shirt
My Yoda tshirt, This Is
only $9.99 from fivefingertees
For an extra 5% off, use coupon code: fiveoff

Yoda T-shirt – Our current string of cool Star Wars t-shirts continues with this My Yoda Shirt, This Is t-shirt from fivefingertees. (thanks for sending me one, I’ll be rocking it for sure!)

chicken pot pie t-shirt

Another t-shirt from fivefingers

Maybe there is some irony to a Zen master like yoda ending up in the most commercial movie series of all time (I’ll always prefer the old school puppet yoda to the cgi version) but the little guy sells tickets. Actually, did you know the Star Wars franchise is at the $20 Billion mark for revenue? (Maybe we could start paying off our foreign debt in plastic wookies? Oh, wait, they’re made in China – nevermind)

Anyway, for under $10, how can you go wrong with this yoda t-shirt? They even gave us a coupon code: fiveoff to use for an extra 5% off your order!

Check out their movie t-shirts, and funny t-shirts at

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Strum Trooper – Star Wars T-Shirt

storm trooper guitar

Someone’s cryin’, my Lord Vader, kum bay ya…

Over at there are some cool indie t-shirt designs, and one of them is strum trooper in the ChickenSashimi shop.

We’ve always wanted to see the sensitive side of storm troopers, (you know they have to be conflicted about their mission under Darth Vader) and this t-shirt design really captures it.

soldier guitar

this machine kills wookies

Personally, this design reminds me of a Star Wars version of the iconic photos of soldiers in Viet Nam with guitars and peace symbols, but maybe you have your own idea of what the Storm Trooper is playing. (Would Queen Amidala be seduced by his sensitive original lyrics?)

Anyway, ChickenSashimi has some worthwhile t-shirt designs posted; everything from video-game and camera-geek related tshirts, to obscure references and 80’s nostalgia. Give the design a thumbs up or down below, and Check out his other designs here

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Nowhere Bad T-Shirts

"Clash of the Titans"

Daily deal sites are all the rage online, and the t-shirt world is no exception. While you probably know of sites like teefury, there are also smaller sites that feature some pretty cool designs from independent artists.


Origin of the species

Origin of the Species

Nowhere bad features one new t-shirt design for sale every 72 hours before the t-shirt is retired from their site.  There seems to be a sci-fi theme to a lot of their t-shirts, as they touch on some of our favorite genres: monkeys, star wars, and robots.

Anyway, check out their site at or feel free to weigh in below on the age-old question of who would win in a fight between Boba Fett and a T-Rex. – Personally, I think Bobab Fett would just hover around and tee off on a dinosaur, but maybe I’m wrong.

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Jawa Coffee from Ruby Red Designs

Catching up on some great t-shirts submitted this week and can’t leave out this one from oft-featured Ruby Red Designs:

jawa coffee t-shirt

star wars - jawa coffee t-shirt

This design “features Jawa Coffee, a medium dark roast that is best best served Hoth! A perfect sipping coffee for the dusty climate of Tatooine. It’s a vintage style design that harks back to the classic metal advertising signs from times gone by. It ties in nicely with the recycling, scavenging nature of the Jawa.”

Nobody does a better job of regularly blending Star Wars inspired designs with hip t-shirts, but Roger also regularly puts together some great pop culture tees.

Check ’em all out here or grab Jawa Coffee starting at $26.