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burn card t-shirt packaging

Burn Card T-Shirts

burn card t-shirt

Burn Card t-shirt

This week I received a cool t-shirt from UK-based Burn Card Clothing. Their first set of designs center around the playing cards-inspired logo. Actually, before I speak about the shirt, I have to tell you how impressed I was with the t-shirt packaging, also inspired by old-school playing cards.

Packaging is often overlooked, but as we said in a previous post about t-shirt packaging ideas, it can really make an impression. I couldn’t help but be impressed when opening the package from Burn Card, and here’s why:

burn card t-shirt packagingburn card t-shirt packaging

burn card hang tags

burn card t-shirt logo

As you can see, their branding is carries through all the way from the packaging to the hang tag, to the shirt itself. (Check out the creative hang tags above. What a nice touch)

Anyway, back to the t-shirt. I got one of the black ones with their logo on it. Very cool, and understated. I remember back when the “sport” of Poker was exploding in popularity, about a million people tried to make t-shirts to capitalize on the craze. More than 9 out of 10 designs were lame, as people were kind of missing the point.

T-shirts with poker-lingo on them, or designs incorporating poker chips and playing cards really just missed the mark. What high roller would want to walk through a casino wearing a shirt that says, “Poker Freak,” “Texas Hold em,” or “I Got the Nuts.”

However, this understated logo design would look very cool, and could go places like a casino or restaurant and still look classy. Well done. Looking forward to seeing new designs from them soon! Buy at


Boomslank Anime Tees

Though shopping at their site is an odd experience (I want to be able to easily see a t-shirt design BIG if I’m going to buy it), there’s no denying that the brothers behind Boomslank have some real talent for design. With themes heavily drawn from the world of anime, their style ranges from the simple and bold to the complex and detailed.

boomslank t-shirt

Our particular favorite is this newer design, titled “Airport”…

…which reminds us a little of something out of Hiro Miyazaki’s imagination, in a Howl’s Moving Castle sort of way:

Based in Raleigh, NC Boomslank designs are printed on American Apparel tees and run $24.00 each. Visit their site to see more.


Make Your T-Shirt Packaging Memorable

t-shirt pakaging idea

Creative T-shirt Packaging for Burn Card Clothing

When you ship out shirts to your customers, it’s your last chance to make a positive, professional and lasting impression. Beyond the obvious – shipping good product that’s neatly folded and arrives without being all beat up – there’s a lot you can do to go above and beyond and make your customer’s purchasing experience truly memorable. This in turn increases the chance they’ll buy again, or recommend your shop to a friend.

To help you get started (and inspired) we’ve compiled a list of tips (with links for resources) for packaging your tees and some samples of really remarkable stuff that other folks have done.

Tips for shipping your shirts in style:

  1. Invest a few extra bucks in plastic bags to individually package your t-shirts. This looks especially pro when you are shipping multiple tees out to a customer.
  2. Order some hang tags to attach to each shirt. Some of the most memorable shirts I’ve received had tags that are as well designed as the graphics on the tees themselves. Put your company name, website URL, and some amazing artwork on your tag. There will be people who keep them just because they look cool.
  3. Throw in a few¬†stickers (here or here), buttons, or other trinkets with each order. These are cheap to produce in bulk, make sweet little freebies, and are great for promotion if they are cool enough that people will use them. Don’t mention it on your website – just do it without saying anything and be a hero.
  4. Find a way to say THANK YOU. Whether it’s a hand written note, or a pre-printed message, let your customer know you really do appreciate their order.
  5. Include a coupon code good on your customer’s next purchase. Many big-boy retail shops follow this policy to lure shoppers back and turn them into repeat buyers. Even if it’s just 10% off an order, you can easily increase your chances of getting that next purchase.

Really Creative Packaging Ideas

Of course, one of the best ways to stand out is to make your actual packaging unique. If you’re on a budget, just getting some pre-printed mailers is a great way to start. But here’s a few examples of some out-of-the-world packaging to inspire you:

Johnny Cupcakes is a juggernaut in the world of established t-shirt brands. Their packaging, and this is just one example, is always creative. (via lovely package)


Oddica has been around forever, and has always had custom printed flexible shipping bags. The design has changed over the years, but the branding is always consistant. (via notcot)


Butchrd Apparel, who we’ve featured before, actually packs their tees in styrofoam meat cases. The idea is perfectly inline with the concept behind their line which is an example of really smart marketing and branding.

Here’s another example of packaging matching up to the brand. Creative + cheap + easy to pull off = a true winner. (via flickr. ldandersen)

Want to share some tips or other outstanding packaging ideas you’ve seen? Post em below!


Paul th’ Butchrd Pig

The thing that’s really different about this line is that all their designs are themed around a Butcher and/or his butcher shop. Taking it one step further, they package and ship all their product shrink-wrapped in meat packaging (like a really tasty steak).

Which is great example of how you can take a theme and really create a distinctive line around it. paul butchered pig


It doesn’t hurt that they have some pretty wicked designs.

UPDATE: Since we asked, the folks behind Butchrd were kind enough to send us a pic of some packaged tees. Yeah, that’s an awesome concept.


$19.97 + shipping at Butchrd Apparel