typography t-shirts

T-shirts with typography or designs based on type

Cool Philadelphia Sports T-Shirts – Veteran’s Stadium

October 19, 2012 retro t-shirts
veterans stadium philadelphia t-shirts

Sweet Retro Philly Sports T-Shirts – So, if you didn’t grow up within a 30 mile radius of Philadelphia, I guess you won’t really get it. Actually though, if you are a […]

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Arquebus Clothing

July 18, 2012 typography t-shirts
arquebus t-shirts

More sweet typography designs, this time a submission from Brooklyn-based Arquebus Clothing. As I was saying before, please don’t waste your time just throwing an inspirational quote onto a t-shirt unless you […]

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Perception Apparel – Typography T-Shirts

July 18, 2012 typography t-shirts
perception apparel t-shirts

I’m a fan of typography, and these tees from Perception Apparel really impress me. Sometimes just putting a quote on a t-shirt with a common font can be about as inspiring as […]

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Battle of the Beards T-Shirt

November 8, 2011 cartoon t-shirts
battle of the beards

Battle of the Beards T-Shirt – While a lot of people have wondered who would win in a fight of, oh, let’s say Godzilla fought King Kong, Clack Industries (who only does […]

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dpcted T-Shirts – funny text only designs

September 13, 2011 funny t-shirts
chubby bearded t-shirts

dpcted t-shirts is a new online t-shirt shop that specializes in humorous text-designed pop culture t-shirts. Although they are just getting started, I think they might be on to something. Specifically what […]

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Ask Not – Patriotic T-shirt

July 13, 2011 typography t-shirts
Ask Not T-Shirt

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” – JFK 1962 Full speech You know, it was really nice to get this “Ask […]

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Richcorner T-Shirts

June 3, 2011 hand drawn t-shirts
stephanie richcorner

Stephanie Richcorner is a new, small one-woman-label from South Tyrol, the northern part of Italy. Richcorner stands for soft, comfy T-shirts with a colorful, frisky print and a playful and cheeky wool-pin. […]

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Series: Zen Master

March 29, 2011 typography t-shirts
zen master t-shirt

Any Lakers fans out there? You know I’m one of ’em and so is the people behind Series. Kobe and his team have had amazing season after season with the help of […]

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