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Stubborn Sideburn – STBN SDBN T-Shirts

stubborn sideburn t-shirts

two stubborn sideburn t-shirts: "Stereo", & "Sumo"

stbn emblem t-shirt

stbn emblem

Some cool designs from Stubborn Sideburn, designed by talented Japanese artist Junichi Tsuneoka, who describes his style as, “California Roll,” combining Japanese pop culture and American urban culture together into something very unique and eye-catching. (mmm… California roll)

All of STBN SDBN tees are hand crafted, and are printed in ultra-limited numbers of less than 24 per design (only 24 of each!?) adding that, “It’s more of my design output purpose. I would rather design more than produce same thing over and over.”

He also showcases some slick sticker and print designs from his store at I look forward to seeing more designs from the very talented Mr. Tsuneoka, as he is off to a great start!

Check out some of the stickers; these designs would also look great on some t-shirts:


stbn sdbn stickers


Chop Shop T-Shirts; Sci-Fi etc

we fab beatles t-shirt

Wefab - 85 Icons of Fab History and Songs (can I say "beatles" w/o getting sued?)

tron guy

Tron Guy w/ Frisbee dog!?

Chop Shop – So, I was just intrigued by looking through the (mostly sci-fi) designs at chopshopstore after Thomas sent a link to me. They do some cool stuff by making a larger design out of a collection of individual silhouettes in designs like, “wefab” (above) “51 Celebrity Robots” (w/glowing eyes & buttons) “54 celebrity vehicles,” and “34 Celebrated Vampires.”

The style kind of reminds me of those stock vector illustration collections you can get on sites like istockphoto, except in this case they all work together in a larger design. I think for this reason, everyone has a unique viewing experience, and relates uniquely to different parts.

Alien celebrity t-shirt

Alien celebrities t-shirt

If you are a Beatles fan, you’ll surely appreciate the design above, and might even get the irony of the “apple” shape, and the “Apple-esque” title of “WeFab.” (Remember that Apple Music vs. Apple Computers lawsuit?)

I also liked their “robots nofollow” t-shirt, which is probably understood only by people like myself that work with HTML.

Anyway, I found myself looking through the deigns trying to name as many of the “51 Celebrity Robots” as I could for some reason. I imagine that if you are standing at a party in someone’s kitchen wearing one of these shirts, you’ll find others doing the same!

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Remuse Collective T-Shirts

Fall from Grace t-shirt

"Fallen from Grace"

Secret Life Remuse

"Secret Life"

Daggers Remuse t-shirt


Remuse is a new artist collective brand offering sweat-shop free t-shirts (American Apparel, I believe) that are released seasonally. Remuse designs are meant to inspire “the pondering of everyday life both subliminally and direct.”

Like myself, they hail from outside Philly & also seem to share my glass half-empty view of where society is headed. They intend to encourage awareness of society’s decline through their work.

I think the artists at Remuse are off to a great start. Although they only have a handful of designs, the ones they have showcase impressively illustrated, thought-provoking illustrations printed on quality tees.

Check out their shop and use coupon code: POP10 for 10% off!

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Battle of the Beards T-Shirt

battle of the beards

battle of the beards

Chuck Norris Beard

Chuck Norris Beard

Battle of the Beards T-Shirt – While a lot of people have wondered who would win in a fight of, oh, let’s say Godzilla fought King Kong, Clack Industries (who only does one t-shirt design a year) has proposed a deadly face off between Chuck Norris and The World’s Most Interesting Man in a Battle of the Beards.

Let’s not forget the influence that beards have had in modern popular culture. Whether it be San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, or Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke (can you imagine the global economic meltdown if he shaved his beard!?) beards have made a stunning comeback in recent years.

Although the outcome isnt clear, whoever wins this epic battle will surely have to contend with the formidable challenger Kenny Rogers. View / buy this t-shirt

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burn card t-shirt packaging

Burn Card T-Shirts

burn card t-shirt

Burn Card t-shirt

This week I received a cool t-shirt from UK-based Burn Card Clothing. Their first set of designs center around the playing cards-inspired logo. Actually, before I speak about the shirt, I have to tell you how impressed I was with the t-shirt packaging, also inspired by old-school playing cards.

Packaging is often overlooked, but as we said in a previous post about t-shirt packaging ideas, it can really make an impression. I couldn’t help but be impressed when opening the package from Burn Card, and here’s why:

burn card t-shirt packagingburn card t-shirt packaging

burn card hang tags

burn card t-shirt logo

As you can see, their branding is carries through all the way from the packaging to the hang tag, to the shirt itself. (Check out the creative hang tags above. What a nice touch)

Anyway, back to the t-shirt. I got one of the black ones with their logo on it. Very cool, and understated. I remember back when the “sport” of Poker was exploding in popularity, about a million people tried to make t-shirts to capitalize on the craze. More than 9 out of 10 designs were lame, as people were kind of missing the point.

T-shirts with poker-lingo on them, or designs incorporating poker chips and playing cards really just missed the mark. What high roller would want to walk through a casino wearing a shirt that says, “Poker Freak,” “Texas Hold em,” or “I Got the Nuts.”

However, this understated logo design would look very cool, and could go places like a casino or restaurant and still look classy. Well done. Looking forward to seeing new designs from them soon! Buy at


Beast Wreck T-Shirts

Beast Wreck Shirts – Jared from Beast Wreck has made my day with these kick ass t-shirt designs. He describes the style as “A mad-scientist’s concoction of equal parts pop, pulp, rock, and retro…”

obama zombie t-shirt

ZOMBAMA'S REVENGE - obama zombie t-shirt

Obama Zombie – So, takeoffs on the original Obama “HOPE” posters are everwhere. This has to be about the coolest parody I’ve seen though. When asked what the political statement here was, Jared responed, “I’m trying to say is that I have fun with ridiculous parodies of self-important ‘street artists.’ That’s all.” buy it

Kool Aid angry bat t-shirt

KROOL AID - Kool Aid Man Wrecking Sh*t

Friendly mascot for a sugary drink? Hell no! Krool aid is angry, and wielding a bat. Maybe he’s upset at being used as a corporate pawn for so long. (was he laid off in the recent economic downturn?) check it out

bobbafet bounty hunter t-shirt


What happens when you cross the galaxy’s baddest bounty hunter and Speed Racer? Something like this bad-ass BOUNTY HUNTER t-shirt

Give him a thumbs-up below, and check out all his awesome t-shirt designs at the beastwreck store!


Pale Horse Design T-Shirts

Pale Horse Mariachi T-Shirt

Pale Horse Mariachi T-Shirt

pale horse t-shirt

Pale Horse t-shirt

Chris Parks, the talented artist behind the amazingly detailed designs at Pale Horse Design, is a self taught illustrator with an impressive portfolio. Chris got his start designing album art for punk and metal bands, and now draws inspiration globally, and has his own studio and exhibits his art globally.

On his site, you can find some pretty badass t-shirts, including the ones below. Definitely check out Chris’ t-shirt designs and entire site at

balinese mask t-shirt

"Balinese Demon" - Balinese mask t-shirt

pale horse geisha t-shirt

Pale Horse - Geisha t-shirt

Check out Chris’ portfolio at Palehorsedesign


Yamaha xs650 Engine T-Shirt

yamaha xs650

yamaha xs650 t-shirt by Godmachine

xs650 yamaha engine

xs650 yamaha engine

Yamaha xs650 T-Shirt – Is there anyone more passionate about what they ride than motorcyclists? This isn’t just true for Harley riders, or the Japanese crotch-rockets. The Yamaha XS650 engine has a devoted following over at; a site devoted exclusively to this vintage engine that powered badass cycles for over a decade starting in 1968.

Ted from is so into the legendary xs650 power plant, that he commissioned Godmachine designs to design a t-shirt as a tribute to the engine (above) and it turned out really nice!

godmachine t-shirt

godmachine design

After checking out the other designs at Godmachine, I’ve decided that their artwork deserves it’s own post. Pretty sweet!

In any event, you can see this t-shirt in more detail, or pick one up for yourself here.

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