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Inkefx T-Shirts

inkefx 1981 t-shirt

inkefx t-shirt - 1981

inkefx vagina t-shirt

inkefx t-shirt - "Burst"

Inkefx is a newly launched t-shirt brand, offering shirts printed on American Apparel with custom hem tags.

There is something sublimely attractive to me about these designs. Hmmm… I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe Dr. Freud could help?

church door vagina

a view from the rectory

Jake from Inkefx notes that these designs were inspired by police badges, so maybe my mind is just in the gutter, and there is nothing vaginal about them at all. (I can’t even look at a church entrance without becoming aroused.)

In any event, Inkfx is off to a good start, offering these cool, organic-looking, bold designs for a fair price of $20.

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My Yoda Shirt, This Is – Funny Star Wars T-Shirt

yoda t-shirt
My Yoda tshirt, This Is
only $9.99 from fivefingertees
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Yoda T-shirt – Our current string of cool Star Wars t-shirts continues with this My Yoda Shirt, This Is t-shirt from fivefingertees. (thanks for sending me one, I’ll be rocking it for sure!)

chicken pot pie t-shirt

Another t-shirt from fivefingers

Maybe there is some irony to a Zen master like yoda ending up in the most commercial movie series of all time (I’ll always prefer the old school puppet yoda to the cgi version) but the little guy sells tickets. Actually, did you know the Star Wars franchise is at the $20 Billion mark for revenue? (Maybe we could start paying off our foreign debt in plastic wookies? Oh, wait, they’re made in China – nevermind)

Anyway, for under $10, how can you go wrong with this yoda t-shirt? They even gave us a coupon code: fiveoff to use for an extra 5% off your order!

Check out their movie t-shirts, and funny t-shirts at

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Ask Not – Patriotic T-shirt

Ask Not T-Shirt

Ask Not T-Shirt

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” – JFK 1962 Full speech

ask not t-shirt

Ask Not t-shirt

You know, it was really nice to get this “Ask Not” t-shirt in the mail the other day from (thanks for the freebie!) The timing really couldn’t be better. Look at our country today. We’ve allowed corporations to take the reigns of our economy, and now we find ourselves in a bit of a quagmire, as we move well past a $14 Trillion deficit. (That number has 12 zeros… write it out, it’s scary)

Of course, after bickering, they will raise the debt ceiling again this month (as it was under Ronald Reagan) and then people will go back to pleading for more tax cuts and freedom to buy $7 pants at Wal Mart.

jfk t-shirt

An Idea Lives On- JFK T-Shirt

Anyway, our country is in quite the predicament, and pretty soon people will start having to show their actual patriotism, which in this case means sacrifice and contribution. People are already in the streets of cities like Athens, (Greece, not Georgia) so both liberals and conservatives need to start asking ourselves what we can do to make our country better. (besides hoarding gold and demanding more tax cuts, of course)

Although at first glance this t-shirt certainly has a liberal bias, anyone with true patriotism should relate to the meaning. (that goes beyond the Support Our Troops ribbons, ya’ll)

There, I said it. (Although turbulent times do create some good music!) Now check out the t-shirt at! Use coupon code: POPCULTEE

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Stanley Kubrick by Stanley Chow

Kubrick t-shirt - Stanley Chow

social fabrik

another social fabrik design

It’s always nice to find a surprisingly good submission to popculturetees. That was the case today with the inspiring designs of the talented artist Stanley Chow, including this tribute to Stanley Kubrick sold through UK-based socialfabrik.

This t-shirt is a tribute to (not Jesus) maverick film director Stanley Kubrick; director of films like Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Lolita, and others. (although only a total of 13 films)

Stan Chow is a Manchester-based illustrator who has much of his impressive work on display at his website. Although this is the only t-shirt design that I can find of his, you can browse through his great illustrations at: stanley chow illustration

stevie wonder poster

stevie wonder poster

magnum pi illustration

magnum pi - moustache tribute

If you like Stanley Chow’s illustrations, give him a thumbs-up below!

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Intrepid Genius T-Shirts

intrepid genius logo

Intrepid: resolutely fearless
Genius: one with exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, and music

Intrepid Genius describes themselves as “being built with quality and a focus on creativity.” They say that a message of “taking the next step forward” is central for each design, and the basis of their slogan, “UpWard ThinKing.”

This message is already clear in the designs that they have in their store, which clearly take inspiration from the musical and bold style of street art.

Check out their t-shirts below, and the Intrepid Genius Store online. If you like what you see, give them a “thumbs-up” below!

monkey brains tshirt

monkey brains tshirt

malcolm x t-shirt

malcolm x – Clearly an “intrepid genius”

intrepid integrity t-shirt

intrepid integrity t-shirt

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Strum Trooper – Star Wars T-Shirt

storm trooper guitar

Someone’s cryin’, my Lord Vader, kum bay ya…

Over at there are some cool indie t-shirt designs, and one of them is strum trooper in the ChickenSashimi shop.

We’ve always wanted to see the sensitive side of storm troopers, (you know they have to be conflicted about their mission under Darth Vader) and this t-shirt design really captures it.

soldier guitar

this machine kills wookies

Personally, this design reminds me of a Star Wars version of the iconic photos of soldiers in Viet Nam with guitars and peace symbols, but maybe you have your own idea of what the Storm Trooper is playing. (Would Queen Amidala be seduced by his sensitive original lyrics?)

Anyway, ChickenSashimi has some worthwhile t-shirt designs posted; everything from video-game and camera-geek related tshirts, to obscure references and 80’s nostalgia. Give the design a thumbs up or down below, and Check out his other designs here

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Nowhere Bad T-Shirts

"Clash of the Titans"

Daily deal sites are all the rage online, and the t-shirt world is no exception. While you probably know of sites like teefury, there are also smaller sites that feature some pretty cool designs from independent artists.


Origin of the species

Origin of the Species

Nowhere bad features one new t-shirt design for sale every 72 hours before the t-shirt is retired from their site.  There seems to be a sci-fi theme to a lot of their t-shirts, as they touch on some of our favorite genres: monkeys, star wars, and robots.

Anyway, check out their site at or feel free to weigh in below on the age-old question of who would win in a fight between Boba Fett and a T-Rex. – Personally, I think Bobab Fett would just hover around and tee off on a dinosaur, but maybe I’m wrong.

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Malgusto T-shirts

Malgusto Cult Movie T-Shirts
Although “malgusto” is Spanish for “bad taste,” their t-shirt designs are pretty sweet:

west reanimator t-shirt Herbert West Reanimator T-Shirt

plan 9 movie t-shirtPlan 9 From Outer Space – Movie t-shirt

Big Lebowski T-shirt

The Big Lebowski

Malgusto t-shirt company describes themselves as, “a heartless corporation that, sick of not finding out movie based t-shirts that we liked, decide to produce them by ourselves, jeopardizing our personal fortunes.”

They feature t-shirt designs with colorful retakes on cult classic movies. Besides the t-shirts featured above, they have pretty sweet designs for Night of the Creeps, Evil Dead, Robo Cop, The Big Lebowski, and Big Trouble in Little China among others.

Priced in Euros, these American Apparel tees ship from Spain, making shipping fees a little salty here in the U.S. — In any event, they seem to be doing well, so if you have some spare Euros in your jeans, pick one up at!