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Bitmap’d T-Shirts – Video Game Inspired Tees

bitmapd t-shirts

bitmapped_logo_smallInspired by both classic video games of the 8 bit era (like Mario Brothers & Tyson’s Punchout) as well as newer video games from the hi-def era, (like Metal Gear Solid & Red Dead Redemption) Bitmap’d tees brings some cool tees to the gaming culture.

Why are video games such of an important peice of pop culture? Hmmm… I guess video games are a shared experience for most of us suburban males (and the occasional cool Asian girl?) during those formative years, and we like to be reminded of that. Why else would someone pay so much money for rare Atari 2600 games?

Priced at under $20 each, these retro video game t-shirts from Bitmap’d can help you reclaim a little bit of that nostalgia without breaking the bank. (They can’t help you with that thinning hair though.)

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Human gamepad shirt

T-shirt featuring video game controller on girls t-shirt with joystick nipples We’ve seen shirts that play the guitar and drums, but one that you can control your Mario-box? Well, it’s one way to get your hardcore gaming S.O to give you more attention. I know that the current example seems a bit weighted towards one particular gender, but I’m sure it’s a unisex shirt.

If you absolutely need this shirt, you can find it from this shop that I think is in Russia. I don’t read Russian, so buyer beware.

T-shirt featuring video game controller on girls t-shirt with joystick nipples. [Gizmodo via Flopculture]


Top 11 Space Invaders Tees

Top 11 Space Invaders T-Shirts (Because 10 just isn’t enough)

If the background of our site wasn’t a huge tip off, then let me tell you that we’re some huge fans of space invaders of here. So when Andy over at Thunderfrogs said he was putting together a list of space invader t-shirts and offered to let us publish it, we responded with a resounding “HELLZ YEAH!” (Check out his full bio at the end of the article.)

space invaders tshirt byelove

1. Space Invaders Attack from Bytelove – €22. Bytelove specialises in catering to the geeky crowd, with WoW, Mario, and other classic gamer tees. [Via Militant Geek]

space invader tshirt2

2. Space Invader t-shirt from Bytelove – €22. Simple and effective; and recognizable over a light-year away.

space invader tshirt

3. The Space Invaders Tee by Kiser from Karmaloop – $35. It’s the oversized front printing that makes this one so cool – though I’m not fond of the crossed-guns motif. [Via Militant Geek]

space invader tshirt atari

4. Invasion t-shirt by msuber, from MySoti – £11.65. Msuber repeats the ranked geometric space invaders, for a pleasing pattern print.

i love ny space invader tshirt

5. I Space Invade NY t-shirt by James Lillis at MySoti – £16.48. The first of two space invaders t-shirts from James Lillis; this one a parody of the famous New York advertising campaign.

space invader t-shirt black

6. Space Invade No Evil by James Lillis from Red Bubble – from $24.94. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. Space Invade no Evil. Check out my interview with James here.

space invader tank tshirt

7. Ground Defenses, by Glennz – $19.95. If you look up ‘pop culture inspired parody’ in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Glenn Jones. Or there would be, if pop culture inspired parody was in the dictionary, and was defined by a photo of it’s greatest champion.

space invader bug spray t-shirt

8. Bug Spray space invaders t-shirt by crazydays from Red Bubble – from $27.93 Rather than killing bugs, this spray can seems to be unleashing hordes of the alien insects on an unsuspecting world. I think a liberal splash of color would brighten up this design no end.

space invaders t-shirt tolky monkys

9. Hikiko Invaders space invaders shirt from Tolky Monkys – €22.  Tolky Monkys is a Spanish shop with cute character tees. In this one, a mime artist called Hikiko finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time (but is there ever a right time and place for mime?).

space invaders threadless t-shirt

10. A Simple Plan, Space invader t-shirt by Neil Gregory – $18 If ever evidence of the gaming gender bias were needed, it’s that this t-shirt is sold out in all mens sizes, but still readily available for the ladies. Being blogged by Wil Wheaton can’t have hurt sales either.

space invaders tshirt goodie-two-sleeves

11. Space Arcade from Goodie Two Sleeves – $21.98. These guys have broken formation! They’ve completely ignored the battle plans the space-general laid out in the briefing!

T-shirt designers are not the only ones to be inspired by the seminal seventies arcade game; musicians (and their video directors) also enjoy paying tribute. Check out this stunning video from Royksopp. [via BoingBoing]

If you’ve ever played waaaay too much space invaders (and who hasn’t?), eaten cheese and then gone straight to bed, your dreams were probably something like this next video from Hexstatic & Kris Menace. [via BoingBoing]

If these delights have failed to slake your thirst for 8-bit goodness, keep an eye out in your local city center, as an anonymous graffiti artist known only as “Invader” has been installing mosaic space invaders in cities across the globe for the last decade.

About Andy/Thunderfrogs:


Thunderfrogs delivers the best of the t-shirt world (sales, discount codes, store and tee reviews, interviews and t-shirt news), updated on a near-daily basis. I love t-shirts with pop-culture references, especially 80s film, cartoon, and computer game nostalgia.

Andy also recently published another interview with James Lillis, a PopCultureTees favorite; read the whole thing here.

Space invaders t-shirts