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Bitmap’d T-Shirts – Video Game Inspired Tees

July 9, 2012 video game t-shirts
bitmapd t-shirts

Inspired by both classic video games of the 8 bit era (like Mario Brothers & Tyson’s Punchout) as well as newer video games from the hi-def era, (like┬áMetal Gear Solid &┬áRed Dead […]

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Human gamepad shirt

February 4, 2010 funny t-shirts

We’ve seen shirts that play the guitar and drums, but one that you can control your Mario-box? Well, it’s one way to get your hardcore gaming S.O to give you more attention.

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Top 11 Space Invaders Tees

March 9, 2009 lists
space invaders tshirt byelove

Top 11 Space Invaders T-Shirts (Because 10 just isn’t enough) If the background of our site wasn’t a huge tip off, then let me tell you that we’re some huge fans of […]

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