cheap tuxedo tshirt featured

4 Cheap Tuxedo T-shirt Designs: Only $6

Cheap tuxedo t-shirt – Renting a tuxedo is expensive, and the worst thing you can do is return it damaged or really late. Events like bachelor parties in Vegas might seem like a good time to wear a tuxedo, but face it; it logistically doesn’t make sense. It’s going to end up lost or damaged, […]

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Cat vs. Cucumber T-Shirt: Only $6

Cats vs. Cucumbers Video So, you’ve probably seen the youtube video below. It’s a compilation of people putting cucumbers behind their unsuspecting cats. Then, the cat sees it and has some kind of primal, freak-out reaction. Cat vs Cucumber t-shirt CAT VS. CUCUMBER T-SHIRT: Only $6! Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers? Turns out […]

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My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt: Only $6

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt – Did you know that more than 60% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day? Think of all those dumb Valentine cards and chocolates, not to mention the tie-wearing boobs who line up at the supermarket on the way home from work to buy overpriced flowers and stuffed bears. My Cat […]

pope is dope t shirt design

The Pope Is Dope T-Shirt – Sweet Design!

The Pope Is Dope – Just in time for the Pope’s visit to Philly came this “The Pope Is Dope” t-shirt design. Sure, there were a couple of crappy designs floating around already with that message, but this one actually looks good. Unlike most Popes, Francis is a man of the people and truly deserves […]

ceiling cat watching

Ceiling Cat T-Shirts

Have you heard of Ceiling Cat? There certainly are no shortage of memes involving cats, and one famous cat meme involves Ceiling Cat. Basically, it’s a funny picture of a cat looking through a hole in some drywall which was rotated so that it looks like the cat is looking down on us from the […]

Kylie Jenner Turns 18: Wears Slutty “Eat Me Out” T-shirt

Kylie Jenner Turns 18, Makes Pouty Face & Wears Scandalous T-Shirt – So, when you are Kylie Jenner, you need to get attention for everything you do, or you walk around with a big, sad, empty feeling. I mean, being the half-sister of someone who is famous for being the daughter of an O.J. Simpson […]

Walmart Selling Offensive 50 Shades of Grey Inspired T-Shirts to Boys

In the ongoing quest to prove that Walmart doesn’t have a conscience, a number of people are up in arms about their “50 Shades of Grey” inspired t-shirt that they are selling in stores and online. (How could third-world children have the nerve to print such a shirt?) Here’s what it looks like: Basically, the […]

Chairman Meow T-Shirts on KickStarter: Support the Kitty Revolution

Chairman Meow T-Shirts on KickStarter: Glorious leader Chairman Meow is offering propaganda t-shirts and poster art for the Kitty Revolution on KickStarter, promising that after the Revolution, supporters of Chairman Meow will be “the lucky ones.” Looks like he has science behind his argument too, noting that climate change is actually extending cat breeding season, […]