Star Wars T-Shirts for Kids

Star Wars T-Shirts for Kids – After looking online for kids’Star Wars t-shirts, I found a great selection at -When you use a coupon below, you can save up to 20% on your entire order!

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kids star wars t-shirtsSoft Retro Star Wars Squadron t-shirt for kids

star wars t-shirt storm trooperRetro kids Star Wars T-Shirt -Storm Trooper

star wars t-shirt kids empire strikes backStar Wars T-Shirt for Kids – The Empire Strikes Back

kids darth vader t-shirt Darth Vader Star Wars T-shirt for Kids

star wars kids t-shirt star wars logo Retro Star Wars Logo T-shirt for Kids

star wars t-shirt bounty

Star Wars T-Shirt - Bounty Hunter

The price of kids Star Wars t-shirts online is generally in the same ballpark, (about 20 bucks) and there are some really good designs. Because you can get Star Wars t-shirts for kids from myriad of online stores, my interest was to find the cheapest t-shirts with high quality. Hence, I decided to feature the Star Wars t-shirt designs available at Allposters.


Allposters has coupons that give you up to an extra 20% discount on your order and/ or free shipping. This immediately turns that $20 Star Wars kids tshirt into a $16 kids t-shirt. (also look for free shipping) I also like these peticular Star Wars designs for kids because they are classic designs; I don’t want a Jar Jar Binks t-shirt with 8 different bright colors. I like the original Star Wars designs that look vintage and retro, with the original characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Lea, and the storm troopers. I first saw the first Star Wars movie when I was about 6 years old, and I think a lot of today’s parent’s also saw the movie when they were about the age their kids are now. Hence, it’s nice to see the retro Star Wars kids t-shirts.

Check out their selection of kids t-shirts for Star Wars designs that include Darth Vader, the retro kids Storm Trooper t-shirt, vintage Star Wars logo t-shirt, and the vintage Star Wars movie poster t-shirt design. They also have a ton of other kids t-shirts and posters, and Allposters coupons are good towards your entire order. Thanks for looking at these Star Wars t-shirts for kids!

Star Wars T-Shirts for Kids


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    If you go to, they usually offer a coupon for about a 20% discount or free shipping on your order. If you use the coupon towards one of these kid star wars t-shirts, they are pretty cheap. Also, look for kid’s star wars stuff at your local target store.

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