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Cat vs. Cucumber T-Shirt: Only $6

Cats vs. Cucumbers Video

cats vs cucumbersSo, you’ve probably seen the youtube video below. It’s a compilation of people putting cucumbers behind their unsuspecting cats.

Then, the cat sees it and has some kind of primal, freak-out reaction.

Cat vs Cucumber t-shirt

cats vs cucumber shirt blueCAT VS. CUCUMBER T-SHIRT: Only $6!

Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers?

Turns out that the same curiosity that cats show towards things that move or make noise probably also makes them afraid of something strange placed behind them while they are eating.

It’s probably a deep-seated survival instinct, and the cucumber represents a snake or predator sneaking up on them while they eat, but it’s funny!

Cats + Cucumbers = Funny

These cats would probably have the same reaction if other unknown objects were sneaked behind them, but something about cucumbers makes it funny.

It’s no doubt why the cats & cucumbers video has become an internet meme. Not sure who created the video, (it’s been seen over 5 million times!) but there’s also this t-shirt tribute, “CAT VS. CUCUMBER: Quit Scarin’ the Cat, OK?”

cat cucumber video tshirt

Pick up a Cats vs. Cucumbers shirt at 6 dollar shirts (reviews/coupons) for only $6 + shipping!

Also, if you have a cat, check out these coupon codes for Petco.com!

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My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt: Only $6

dumb valentines day bear

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt – Did you know that more than 60% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day? Think of all those dumb Valentine cards and chocolates, not to mention the tie-wearing boobs who line up at the supermarket on the way home from work to buy overpriced flowers and stuffed bears.

My Cat is my valentine t-shirt

cat valentines day tshirt

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt– Only $6!

My Cat Is My Valentine

Let others know that your love is reserved for someone special who can’t kill a stripper and then empty your bank account (sorry, does that not happen to other people?) with a “My Cat Is My Valentine t-shirt.

cat valentine t shirt

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt– Only $6

valentines day cat

Valentine’s Day Is a Dumb Holiday Anyway

And what is Valentine’s Day anyway? No one really knows the details, but it was one of those Pagan Holidays like Christmas taken over by the church to be respectable, and renamed for St.Valentine to sound legitimate.

Well, 800 years later people are throwing money around on over-priced “Valentine” menus (go the day before when everything is normal price!) and watching horrible romantic comedies… sorry, I’d rather not participate!

For the price of 6 roses from ProFlowers (with coupon!), and less hassle than trying to cancel a free trial at match.com, why not consider this bad-ass “My Cat is My Valentine” shirt from 6 dollar shirts?



6 Dollar Shirts: Customer Reviews

6 dollar shirts reviews6 dollar shirts coupons6 dollar shirts logoAs the name suggests, all the tees at 6 Dollar Shirts are… you guessed it… 6 dollars. Most of the designs are simple 1 color designs with a vintage flair with styles ranging from the humorous to the geeky.

There’s enough designs there that you’re likely to find at least one (or a couple) tee designs that you like, no matter what your tastes are. They add new t-shirts pretty frequently, and offer a good selection of funny pop culture tees; often based on movies, video games, or the latest meme sweeping the web.

Click here to view their new shirts

Any 6 Dollar Shirts Coupons?

This company is screen printing t-shirts and selling them for $6 each, so there isn’t much room for further discounts from a promo code. However, they do offer a 10 shirts for $50 deal:

6 dollar shirts coupon 50

Oh, and if you DO find a few you like, you can click here and get 10 shirts for just $50. (That’s a $10 discount. No coupon code needed) With a deal like that, you could give them out as party favors or gifts to a whole group or team. Go check them out!

6 Dollar Shirts Reviews:

is 6 dollar shirts a good deal, or do they suck? Maybe you found a coupon? feel free to join the reviews below