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Love + War T-Shirt

love and war t-shirt

OpenHeart Apparel is a newly formed independent t-shirt company that is looking to make its mark. Along with trying to offer stylish, high quality tees, they are working with various charities in conjunction with our different t-shirt designs, all of which have some tie-in to the “heart” theme. They currently have three designs out, one of which is printed, with more on the way.

The first tee, “Love + War,” is military themed, with five dollars of every shirt sold going to the Fisher House Foundation, which provides housing to family members of injured soldiers during their recovery process. These homes are located on military medical campuses so that family is always close by. Their shirts are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel fitted shirts, and feature tagless neck tags and embroidered hem tags.

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Otto is my co-pilot

Otto is my co-pilot – Airplane movie t-shirt I always wondered why a TV channel would sometimes run a movie about 1000 times in a week. I think they buy the rights for a period of time and have to get their money’s worth, so they play it so many times that you can’t avoid watching it. The last few weeks, It was the movie, “Airplane” on a channel that I can’t recall.

It’s an old movie, but it’s a funny one.

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