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Alien Graffiti T-shirt

alien graffiti

Alien Graffiti T-Shirt – Pretty funny design of an alien spray painting some crop circles on the wall. (Although, if they aren’t in actually crops, what would they be called?) Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught, because illegal street art can carry stiff penalties.

Also, according to article 731.01, they can tack on another $250+ to this guy’s fines for public nudity. (Not to mention if he is in Singapore doing this, which would be really bad!) Anyway, this funny t-shirt is also over at Glennz.com


Chop Shop T-Shirts; Sci-Fi etc

we fab beatles t-shirt

Wefab - 85 Icons of Fab History and Songs (can I say "beatles" w/o getting sued?)

tron guy

Tron Guy w/ Frisbee dog!?

Chop Shop – So, I was just intrigued by looking through the (mostly sci-fi) designs at chopshopstore after Thomas sent a link to me. They do some cool stuff by making a larger design out of a collection of individual silhouettes in designs like, “wefab” (above) “51 Celebrity Robots” (w/glowing eyes & buttons) “54 celebrity vehicles,” and “34 Celebrated Vampires.”

The style kind of reminds me of those stock vector illustration collections you can get on sites like istockphoto, except in this case they all work together in a larger design. I think for this reason, everyone has a unique viewing experience, and relates uniquely to different parts.

Alien celebrity t-shirt

Alien celebrities t-shirt

If you are a Beatles fan, you’ll surely appreciate the design above, and might even get the irony of the “apple” shape, and the “Apple-esque” title of “WeFab.” (Remember that Apple Music vs. Apple Computers lawsuit?)

I also liked their “robots nofollow” t-shirt, which is probably understood only by people like myself that work with HTML.

Anyway, I found myself looking through the deigns trying to name as many of the “51 Celebrity Robots” as I could for some reason. I imagine that if you are standing at a party in someone’s kitchen wearing one of these shirts, you’ll find others doing the same!

*Check out ChopShopStore.com & use coupon code: popcultureplease for 15% off!


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“Who’s the Daddy?”

Alien geeks rejoice, this one’s for you.


“In this maternity ward, no one can hear you scream. I’m sure we all remember the chest bursting scene from the classic film, maybe things would have turned out better all round if we knew what was to come. With this in mind a precautionary sonogram could have given us a few clues. I’m sure it would put the ‘host’ parent’s mind at ease!”

We especially dig the level of detail in this design:


Available on tons of colors, scary Malcom-in-the-Middle doppelganger not included.

$26.13 + shipping at RubyRed T-shirt Designs


Gal’s Diner

I’m torn on this one. I like the shirt and I want to comment on the site, but I don’t want to set off a nerd alert. I will say that I like how they use videos to display the shirts in action. A great touch that makes the display pop. The style of the site sure looks familiar.


Add to your continuing mission a visit to the site.

$30 + shipping at Engedi Apparel