One Year As a Lion

Assault just launched 4 new designs, including this one, by John Staniforth and Tim Toomey.


According to the designers, the shirt was originally inspired by a quote from Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page: “I’d rather live on year as a lion, than a thousand as a sheep.” …

King Cane

What do you get when you mix Pandas and Candy? (And no, it’s not black and white M&Ms.)

The answer? Super-sweet (haha, get it?) clothing line Pandy Cane, who’s designs are entirely based on pandas or candy, or both.

Their King Cane design is currently on sale and …

Monkey King Urban

Akufuncture’s clothing line is a fusion of Chinese culture and urban fashion. And it’s really nice to see a line with such a focused theme for all their designs. That’s the way you do it.

About this tee:

“Monkey King, also known as Sun WuKong, is one of …

Bard Monkey

Cool t-shirt from one of PCTs advertisers. We usually try to write something funny to go with each t-shirt, but sometimes you just don’t need to improve on what’s already there:

“This elusive species of monkey is found only on a tiny little island known as England. Instead …