Snowmageddon Tee

Are you one of the east-coasters who are still digging out of the epic snow storm of 2010 that shut down DC? Or maybe just one of the not-so-lucky people who had some travel plans “adjusted” thanks to the weather?

If so, why not commemorate the event with …


I think that I shall never see..

Isn’t that the starting lyric for a pop song? At any rate, I like the colors on this shirt. It reminds me of summer and spending time under the big old tree reading the newspaper (remember those?) and enjoying some alone …

The Giver

Sometimes it seems that life is dealing you some bad cards. Just remember that as long as you still have something to give, you are not at the bottom of the rope. We could learn a lot from a stuffed animal.


Pre-order before August 16th and get it …