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Continental Breakfast – Geography T-shirt

continental breakfast t-shirt

country mapContinental Breakfast T-shirt – Just wanted to highlight this creative play on a “continental breakfast” by @Dijay featuring breakfast foods in the shape of the continents.

A great idea, and the food is definitely recognizable as the continents. However, I’m not sure people would make the connection of the play on words without a brief explanation. Hmmm… I wonder if it would be improved by adding the text, “continental breakfast” somewhere in the design, like maybe on a napkin or sugar packet? In any event, very funny and has made it’s way onto the top 20 t-shirts over at woot. Check it out!



I find myself agreeing with Jessica Hill, I like my food with a little attitude. Regular toast for breakfast? If you’re a wuss, maybe.

It’s well known that hash browns are the chumps of the breakfast plate. Who else would let themselves be chopped, diced, covered, smothered, and who knows what else. Eggs are sort of OK, but they are pretty passive when they let themselves be scrambled. We need a bruiser like French Toast to keep breakfast in line. You wanna piece of me? Apporter!


$22 + shipping at Hot Topic


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