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18 Classic Pop Culture Cars on One Radical T-Shirt

classic cars pop culture t-shirt

inspector gadgetClassic cars of Pop Culture T-shirt: Can you guess them all? In many popular movies and cartoons of the 1980’s, the cars were as big of a character as any of the people. So, why not illustrate the best of them and put them on one t-shirt? (I can’t think of a reason; except that it might take you a week)

If you’re the type of person who likes to have people squint and stare at your chest, this t-shirt might be a good investment, and you’re in luck;

Also interesting to consider that nearly all of the movies that featured memorable automobiles from the 80’s spawned sequels modern remakes; I’m struggling to find one on this design that didn’t! (Maybe that’s all that Howard the Duck needed to be a hit? You know, like a “Duckmobile” or something?)

greased lightning carAlso, the way things are headed, it looks like we might get a modern day remake of The Cold War to go with our remixed 80’s pop culture.

Anyway, if you grew up in the 80’s and think you’re pretty sharp, try naming all of the classic cars featured on this nostalgic shirt. (OK, there are a few automobiles that aren’t from the 80’s mixed in)

I’ve put the answers below, but don’t cheat! Be sure to share this with friends, and see who scores the highest. By the way, I thought that #6 was the hardest; it’s not from the 80’s, so here’s a big clue:

lost show van

Answers: (don’t peek!)

Speed Racer • Jurassic Park • Back to the Future • Toy Story • Ghostbusters • LOST • Scooby Doo • Dukes of Hazzard • Breaking Bad • Inspector Gadget • Dumb and Dumber • Batman • Grease • The Jetsons • Transformers • Flintstones • The Love Bug • The A-Team

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More Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts

t-rex-funny reversable t-shirt

funny dinosaur t-shirts

t-rex playing drums

Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts – So, for whatever reason we were inspired to do another post about funny dinosaur t-shirts.

It might not be enough to simply display vector art of dinosaurs on t-shirts to get people to take their wallets out. Because good clip art has become so readily available & technology has allowed anyone to be a “t-shirt designer,” the market is a bit flooded online. Sometimes with successful t-shirt design you have to be creative & push the envelope a little to get people’s attention.

This, “Ask me about my T-Rex” t-shirt does just that, and is the latest in the recent trend of shirts that you can flip on over your head to reveal the design on a second side. Not a bad ice breaker at a party! (Maybe wait until everyone has had a couple drinks to unleash the T-Rex though)

Also, the “Never Forget” dinosaur extinction t-shirt, and the “Dino DNA” (Jurassic Park) shirts are pretty funny too. Actually, great idea to take recognizable non-copyrighted elements like that from movies. Get the shirts here:

Ask Me About My T-Rex t-shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts:
Never ForgetDino DNA t-shirts from Busted Tees. Get a coupon
T-Rex Playing Drums
t-shirt from Amorphia Apparel

thumb busted tees haters

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Where do I enter a coupon code for Busted Tees?
Using a code at bustedtees.com is really easy, probably because their target audience is not made up of rocket scientists. Luckily it’s mostly young males with attention deficit disorder, so coupons are designed for instant gratification. Just go online and do a Google search for a Busted Tees coupon, then get at least one code to write down. Before proceeding to checkout, just enter the code in your shopping cart like this:

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support our troops star wars t-shirt

Located in downtown NYC, Busted Tees was started by a couple of guys from CollegeHumor.com, and has become a popular destination online for people looking for cheap funny t-shirts. The have a big selection, and they are known for their great coupons saving you up to 20% as well as their t-shirt grab bags giving you 4 t-shirts for $30 (before using a coupon code) and their deal of the day, one t-shirt at a 40% discount.

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