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Chairman Meow T-Shirts on KickStarter: Support the Kitty Revolution

chairman meow army tshirts

chairman meow posterChairman Meow T-Shirts on KickStarter: Glorious leader Chairman Meow is offering propaganda t-shirts and poster art for the Kitty Revolution on KickStarter, promising that after the Revolution, supporters of Chairman Meow will be “the lucky ones.”

Looks like he has science behind his argument too, noting that climate change is actually extending cat breeding season, causing lots more feral cats. Uh oh!

We certainly support the Revolution, so count us in for a t-shirt.

Looks like they’re about half way to their goal, with 7 of the initial 14 days remaining.

I’m actually surprised that they haven’t reached their goal yet, but then again, I haven’t seen a lot of successful t-shirt campaigns on KickStarter. I guess the main drawback is the amount of time needed to make a campaign successful, and the low profit margin you get from screen-printing and selling (100?) t-shirts.

I’m going to research whether KickStarter is a good idea for this type of a project, or if you’d be better off using a site like TeeSpring instead.

Anyway, regardless of whether this campaign gets funded, I enjoyed Chairman Meow’s wisdom on their site. Also, I plan to use their $25 off coupon for TurboTax that I picked up on the site that’s going to save me $25 when I finally do my taxes. (But will there still be an American Government to write my check to by April 15th?)


3 Funny Communist T-Shirts: Why Is Communism a Joke?

communist party t-shirt funny

kim jong unFunny Communist T-Shirts: Why is it that Communist t-shirts are so funny? I guess I could answer my own question here. Probably because you’re taking something so strict, and orderly, and making a joke of it.

Communism takes itself really seriously, which often leads directly to parody, (Just ask Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff) and makes for great t-shirt potential.

Kind of like when that Jesus is My Homeboy t-shirt came out I guess. (Although, I wouldn’t recommend making an “Allah is my homeboy” design, unless you really want it to blow up… no, I mean literally, and probably while you’re wearing it)

Maybe there is some irony to the fact that most of these t-shirts are probably printed in China? Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un for taking the reigns from his dad, and being the next Communist clown. (t-shirt ideas, anyone?)

communist soldiers marching

Why so serious?

chairman meow posterall hail Chairman Meow

funny communist shirt no class

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