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Upperatus – Charity T-Shirt Site

upperatus charity t-shirts

Upperatus Charity T-Shirts – T-shirt designs often accompany fund raising and charity work, & Upperatus has built their site around this concept. Every month they feature one design that directly benefits a charity, and they team up with a celebrity to promote it.

heal the bay logoThis month, the cause is Heal the Bay, and they’ve enlisted the help of classical singer Nathan Pacheco in the effort to sell t-shirts to directly benefit the cause.

I really hope this works out for them, as doing things idealistically and the “right” way is often more expensive and feels like swimming upstream. (For inspiration look at companies like Newman’s Own that have had a successful business and donated over 330 million to charity)

Here’s an idea of how we can all support their idea. Go buy one of their high quality American made t-shirts (with water-based inks) this month, and then contact me with your order confirmation. (subject: Upperatus) If you do, I’ll mention you at the bottom of this post with a link to your website.

So, for about $30 you get a great shirt, an $11 donation to Heal the Bay, and some potential traffic to your site. Not a bad investment. Go check them out at upperatus.com

People who supported this cause: nathan pacheco | yoursitehere.com


Japan Relief Tee

This was sent to us by Design By Humans. They are donating $3 for every order of this shirt until today, so act now!

DBH is currently helping efforts with the American Red Cross relief of the aftermath from the earthquake and tsunami that gravely affected Japan. We have a special edition t-shirt designed by artist, johnsonflores, just for the cause called “Help Japan.” For every “Help Japan” t-shirt sold until Sunday, we will donate $3.00 to the American Red Cross.

Buy Here.


10 different shirts for Haiti relief

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to posting about relief efforts for Haiti, but fortunately, it’s been well covered at many sites in the Shirt-O-Sphere. How about this great list that Coty Gonzales posted a few days ago.

As I was looking around for what was being offered, I noticed 2 things:

1) Many of the shirts seemed to value speed over style. (Not a bad thing since it’s best to get aid to the region as fast as possible.)

2) Most of the shirts were designed to be billboards for further aid. That’s great for getting relief to help Haiti, but it doesn’t give much flexibility if you want to mix fashion with your philanthropy. I know it sounds like a vanity issue, but the more you can accessorize an item, then more you will wear it, and the more you will get the message out.

So what were the results of my search?

I found a collection of shirts that provide a range of syles, yet have the same message – ALL proceeds/profits from the sale of the shirts are earmarked for Haiti relief. There’s nothing wrong with sites that are donating a portion of the proceeds, but I felt it would be good to do a list of sites that were giving all of it to charity.

Take the list for a spin, and if you’re inspired at all to add a shirt to your wardrobe, hit the link and pick one up today.

Kid Dangerous: Help Haiti

Sales of this shirt will benefit One Dome At A Time and will help them provide immediate needs. (blankets, water, food, medicine, etc.)

$35 + shipping at Kid Dangerous


UNDRCRWN: Assist Haiti

Until Jan 27th, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt and 5% of sales sitewide will be donated to Yele Haiti.

$20 + shipping at UNDRCRWN


Aaron Ivey: Help Haiti T

Musician Aaron Ivey is donating all of the proceeds to Real Hope For Haiti, Livesay Family Ministry, and Heartline Ministries to help in providing aid.

$25 + shipping at Aaron Ivey


HelpEndLocalPoverty: Hope For Haiti

Proceeds go to Real Hope For Haiti, Livesay Family Ministry, and Heartline Ministries to help in providing aid.

$25 + shipping at HelpEndLocalPoverty


Hozell: Hozell For Haiti

Hozell is a leisure clothing line based out of Huntington beach, Ca. and is donating all proceeds from the sale of this shirt to the Red Cross.

$20 + shipping at Hozell


Who Are Ya?: Haiti

This design is an homage to the Haiti National team (futbol) and proceeds will benefit UNICEF.

$17.99 + shipping at Who Are ya? Designs


Bungie: Be A Hero

Creators of the Halo game series, all profits will be directly donated to relief organizations on the ground in Haiti.

$19.99 + shipping at Bungie


Everlast: Andre Berto Haiti Relief Tee

Haitian boxer Andre Berto has teamed up with athletic equipment make Evelast to offer this shirt. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit the Red Cross.

$20 + shipping at Everlast


Timberland: Earthkeepers™ Yéle Haiti Wings

This shirt is one in the series of Haiti relief shirts offered by Timberland to benefit Yele Haiti.

$35 + shipping at Timberland


Heroics Clothing: Save Haiti

Available in styles for men and Women and the most fashion forward of all of the relief shirts I have seen. Designed by artist, Devon Almarinez, proceeds from the sale of this design will benefit the Red Cross.

$17.99 + shipping at Heroics Clothing


It’s great to see how the Shirt-O-Sphere can mobilize to help generate support in a time of need. It may just be a shirt, but to those in need, it is a chance at survival.

For other ways to send relief to Haiti, check out the donate to Haiti page at Google.


If you would like your site or shirt featured on PopCultureTees.com, send us an email and let us know.


Drink PiNC.

No witty comments for this one, but the design caught my eye. Pepsi drinkers will know what I mean.


From the Go PiNC site:

PiNC. is the newest line to the brand LiKuid Nation. Bc LKDN is based out of NC, we wanted to have something for the world in the LKDN line and something special for North Carolina in the PiNC. line. PiNC. stands for People In North Carolina.

Bc LiKuid Nation cre8tor, Cam Bennerman played basketball for N.C. State (2002-2006) as well as designer J.Sol attending N.C. State, we decided to donate a % of all sales to the Kay Yow Foundation for Cancer.


The price point is a little more than we are used to seeing on PCT, but it’s like making a donation to charity. Plus, you have a shirt to wear when the feel-good aura starts to subside.

$35 + shipping at LiKuid Nation // Pinc


Desired Hearts

Desired Hearts, a t-shirt contest site built around the idea of contributing to charity, has just launched with some great designs available for sale and to vote on.

Says the co-founder and creative director: “We’ve thought a lot about the industry and the other sites that are doing this (Threadless and Design By Humans). We never want or plan to become those sites although the general idea is very similar. However, the core idea behind Desired Hearts is the contribution to charities while building an upscale, trusted brand.”

“So instead of battling Threadless and Design By Humans on how much we can pay the winners, we’ve gone a different direction. From now on, we’re going to give $5 to charity for every shirt purchased. That’s 20% of all proceeds going to the charity of your choosing. We want to do this because it’s what the site and the brand is all about: showing the love.”

Click here to check em out.


Fifty Thousand Shirts

“My name is Steve. On Monday, May 19, 2008, I set a goal to sell 50,000 shirts and raise $1,000,000 to help in the aftermath of China’s 7.9 earthquake.”

In the aftermath of any crisis, there are always people who stand up and try to help. When the crisis is half a world a way, it’s always a little bit harder to make any kind of direct impact.

Fortunately, what’s a few thousand miles when matched against the internet and a little imagination?

50 Thousand

About the Design: “One by one, fifty thousand hand drawn tally marks create the “x” on your shirt, each one representing a life that has passed, and connecting it with a life that has committed to help rebuild. Your shirt is a symbol how one person, multiplied 50,000 times, can do something amazing.”

Steve is hoping that $20 of each shirt sold will go to the cause. You can help by buying a shirt, linking to the facebook page, or digging the story.

$25 + shipping at Fifty Thousand Shirts



Selling tees to benefit a charity isn’t a new idea, but these guys take a different approach.

Each t-shirt on the site was inspired by a personal, meaningful experience with the people and organizations that the sales benefit. The folks at Rosa Loves say it best:

“The main idea that took shape was the issue of who, exactly, would benefit from the money that was raised through shirt sales. Instead of donating to larger charity organizations that were already established and had financial support through other ways – it would go to specific individuals with needs in the community around us. It was in agreement that even though there are many wonderful organizations that are doing great, meaningful, and life-changing work, the public can already donate through other avenues – and the cause of the donation seems a little far removed from our reality. It’s usually thoughts like,”those people over there” that perpetuate a sense of complacency and lack of concern. Rosa Loves wants to shed light on the stories around us, to give them a real face, a real name.”

Read the story behind “Armonia” and then check out all the great tees and stories at Rosa Loves.

$25.00 + shipping at Rosa Loves