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Tipsy Elves: Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ugly christmas sweater gingerbread men

ugly christmas sweater snowmen

tipsy elves santa hatTipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweaters: I always like to see t-shirt / apparel companies on Shark Tank, and last week they featured Tipsy Elves; a company that sells new, ugly Christmas Sweaters for about $60 each.

I’m actually a bigger fan of a couple of the accessories that they sell, including a cool Santa beard hat, and a Santa beer bottle coozie. Either one of those is going to get you noticed at any Christmas party.

Anyway, not a bad idea to deliberately create ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, I’ve seen a buzz online about “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day,” on December 20th. Well, if 10% of the people participating in that event buy their ugly sweater from Tipsy Elves, they’ll get a nice pre-holiday windfall!

They also put a “naughty” spin on a lot of designs, which adds another layer of humor to the whole ugly Christmas sweater thing.

What do you think? Does this fad have legs, or are the tipsy elves going to suffer from a hangover in a couple of years?

By the way, congrats to them, as they did end up making a deal on Shark Tank; getting $100k from Robert for 10%. (Valuing the company at $1 million.) Check them out at TipsyElves.com

ugly christmas sweater reindeer

Why do I keep misspelling it as “tipsey elves?” By the way, if you’ve created a new t-shirt store and need publicity, consider doing a press release in addition to your other online and social marketing. The best press release company online, PRWeb, has a coupon for $50 off here.


Nostalgic Christmas Movie T-Shirts

griswold national lampoon christmas t-shirtseddie merry christmas shitter fullMerry Christmas! Sh#@%er Was Full! – Every time December comes around, I feel the need to watch a number of movies. Probably the top 3 are, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” and “A Christmas Story.”

These movies aren’t especially good, but for some reason they have lodged themselves permanently into pop culture to the point that someone may accuse you of being Al-Qaeda if you hate them.

charlie brown christmas cola colaA Charlie Brown Christmas has a nice “anti-commercial” message, but the irony is that every 3 minutes the movie is interrupted by commercials. (Did you know the original version included product placement by Coca-Cola? After the opening title, Linus originally crashed into a sign for Coca-Cola after being thrown by Snoopy)

I bet 99 out of 100 people who lived through the 80’s can tell you what movie cousin Eddie’s famous lines like, “Merry Christmas, shitter was full!” came from. (But, unlike actual images from the movie it’s not copyrighted, so you can incorporate it into a t-shirt design) A number of online t-shirt stores, including 80s Tees have these, and I’m sure they sell a lot this time of year.

Anyway, whether they are great movies or not, they spark nostalgia in a many of us, enough to the point that we might even buy a t-shirt for a friend or family member to remind them of some laughs we shared years ago. Next time you watch a well known pop culture classic movie, think whether there is t-shirt design material in any of the famous lines! (you serious, Clark?)

more christmas commercialism: harry & david busted tees wolferman’s


Ugly Sweater Contest t-shirts

ugly christmas sweater t-shirt

Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt – Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again. When all of us who work in a corporate office are invited to the obligatory Ugly Sweater Contest holiday party. I did some poking around online looking for the origins of this most absurd of traditions, and couldn’t find anything. I wonder – did it start out as a regular Christmas party, and then enough people by-chance showed up in butt-ugly sweaters that it turned into a contest?

Or maybe there were earlier, more biblical origins: perhaps it’s to pay homage to the 3rd wise man (you know, the guy who brought myrrh to the party) who was dressed in that atrocious orange and red frock?

Well regardless of how it started, it’s here to stay. This year, have some fun with it by picking up one of these Ugly Sweater Contest inspired tees. Lets see how long it takes your boss to figure out that the reindeer on it are humping.

Humping Moose Holiday Sweater t-shirt @ Crazy Dog Shirts
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