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More Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts

t-rex-funny reversable t-shirt

funny dinosaur t-shirts

t-rex playing drums

Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts – So, for whatever reason we were inspired to do another post about funny dinosaur t-shirts.

It might not be enough to simply display vector art of dinosaurs on t-shirts to get people to take their wallets out. Because good clip art has become so readily available & technology has allowed anyone to be a “t-shirt designer,” the market is a bit flooded online. Sometimes with successful t-shirt design you have to be creative & push the envelope a little to get people’s attention.

This, “Ask me about my T-Rex” t-shirt does just that, and is the latest in the recent trend of shirts that you can flip on over your head to reveal the design on a second side. Not a bad ice breaker at a party! (Maybe wait until everyone has had a couple drinks to unleash the T-Rex though)

Also, the “Never Forget” dinosaur extinction t-shirt, and the “Dino DNA” (Jurassic Park) shirts are pretty funny too. Actually, great idea to take recognizable non-copyrighted elements like that from movies. Get the shirts here:

Ask Me About My T-Rex t-shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts:
Never ForgetDino DNA t-shirts from Busted Tees. Get a coupon
T-Rex Playing Drums
t-shirt from Amorphia Apparel


Honey Badger Don’t Care T-Shirt

honey badger dont care t-shirtHoney Badger t-shirt at allposters.com
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honey badger dont care tshirtHoney Badger shirt from fivefingertees for $9.99!
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honey badger shirt

honeybadger shirt

“This is the honey badger… watch it run in slow motion. It’s pretty bad-ass, look!”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like a honey badger?) you’ve probably seen the hilarious youtube video called, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger.” The famous clip consists of 3 minutes of video showcasing the fearless honey badger, who apparently kick the asses of poisonous snakes, bees, jackals, & other deadly animals.

The thing that makes it funny, of course, is the addition of a new flamboyant narration. “Oh, the honey badgers are just craaaazy!” Anyway, these phenomenons that go viral and sweep the web are known as internet memes, and with over 18 million views, this honey badger video certainly qualifies.

honey badger t shirt olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde Rocks Honey Badger t shirt

These memes often spawn merchandise from designers or opportunists looking to cash in on these spikes of interest in a certain photo, video, or website. Not a bad idea, if you can get your design out quickly when one of these sweeps the web. If you have a google account, use their free google keyword tool to see just how many searches are being done for these specific phrases. Don’t have time to wait to appear in organic search? Consider using Google adwords to bid on clicks from a nickel each.

You can even find local memes to profit from. A couple of years ago the Phillies won the World Series, and everyone went crazy in my hometown of Philadelphia. After winning, 2nd baseman Chase Utley blurted out the phrase, “World phucking champions!” Within 24 hours, shirts bearing the phrase were being sold online, and I’m sure it was worth their time to create the design.

Next time you see a meme catch on, start to think if you can ride the momentum w/ a good t-shirt design. In the meantime, you can get your own Honey Badger t-shirt at noisebot, crazydog, or a number of other t-shirt sites online. View the actual honey badger video here.

honey badger t-shirtHoney Bager Don’t Care shirt¬†from crazydog


Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirt

keep calm kill zombies shirtKeep Calm, Kill Zombies t-shirt at crazydog tshirts
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i heart zombies t-shirt

i heart zombies t-shirt

Keep Calm Kill Zombies T-Shirts – Apparently stores now begin their Halloween displays in August, so I’ve decided I’m going to start looking for some cool Halloween t-shirts starting right now.

The other day I saw a pretty good looking girl wearing a pretty cool Keep Calm Kill Zombies t-shirt. (You don’t have to be a hot girl to wear it, but something about the idea of an attractive girl fighting a zombie works for me.)

keep calm carry on poster

english motivational poster

Based on the famously reassuring “keep calm and carry on” posters in the London tube system, these t-shirts seem to be available various places online with or without simulated zombie blood. (I was reassured that no zombies were harmed in the making of these t-shirts)

In any event, they have these shirts online, including Amazon, and Crazydogtshirts where I saw this specific one, as well as the I Heart Zombies t-shirt above.

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