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More Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts

t-rex-funny reversable t-shirt

funny dinosaur t-shirts

t-rex playing drums

Funny Dinosaur T-Shirts – So, for whatever reason we were inspired to do another post about funny dinosaur t-shirts.

It might not be enough to simply display vector art of dinosaurs on t-shirts to get people to take their wallets out. Because good clip art has become so readily available & technology has allowed anyone to be a “t-shirt designer,” the market is a bit flooded online. Sometimes with successful t-shirt design you have to be creative & push the envelope a little to get people’s attention.

This, “Ask me about my T-Rex” t-shirt does just that, and is the latest in the recent trend of shirts that you can flip on over your head to reveal the design on a second side. Not a bad ice breaker at a party! (Maybe wait until everyone has had a couple drinks to unleash the T-Rex though)

Also, the “Never Forget” dinosaur extinction t-shirt, and the “Dino DNA” (Jurassic Park) shirts are pretty funny too. Actually, great idea to take recognizable non-copyrighted elements like that from movies. Get the shirts here:

Ask Me About My T-Rex t-shirt from Crazy Dog Shirts:
Never ForgetDino DNA t-shirts from Busted Tees. Get a coupon
T-Rex Playing Drums
t-shirt from Amorphia Apparel


Fun dinosaur themed t-shirts

My Favorite Dinosaur – As stated on the My Favorite Dinosaur site, these t-shirts were “created by people who often wear t-shirts and think Dinosaurs are awesome.” What a customer base! Everyone wears t-shirts and I’ve NEVER heard anyone say, “Meh, dinosaurs kinda suck.” Everyone loves dinosaurs!

The t-shirts are very simple and graphic, featuring a line drawing of each dinosaur and its name. The site features accompanying information on each dinosaur, like where and when it lived, specialized features and what the name means. There is even simple representation of how big it would be compared to an average human, which will remind you how incredibly terrifying these creatures must have been in the flesh. I think that it would be really neat to include at least some of the information on the back of the shirt. If you’re going rock a t-shirt with a freaking Iguanodon on it, why not educate the public on its awesomeness at the same time?

There are dozens of colors to pair with your favorite dinosaur, and you can even customize the text and color of your dinosaur, so the possibilities are endless. The sizes range from infant to toddler to adult, so the entire family can Walk the Dinosaur.

These t-shirts are simple and whimsical, and just plain fun. Check them out here.


Big Stone Head – Funny T-Shirts

big stone head t-shirts

big stone head t-shirts

i feel neutral about ny

i feel neutral about ny

Big Stone Head: As I’ve mentioned before, I love finding a hidden gem in the submissions to our t-shirt blog. Such is the case with Big Stone Head, the brainchild of Jory John & Avery Monsen.

Their designs are full of the kind of dry humor that I love to see on t-shirts, and work especially well as kids t-shirts. In fact, as I was looking at some of the shirts on their site, I called my wife into the room and said, “We have to get this for our kids!” These are the kind of shirts that will get you laughs at the next playgroup, and most of them are even appropriate for wearing to school.

Jory and Avery have taken a slightly twisted view of conventional kids’ themes like pirates, zoo animals, & dinosaurs, and made some great, chuckle-worthy designs out of them. In fact, I was reminded of the hugely popular recent children’s book (for adults), Go the F*ck to Sleep.”

all my friends are dead book

all my friends are dead book

The “All My Friends Are Dead” design immediately struck me as one of those homerun designs with a similar, viral potential as the “Go the F*ck to Sleep” Book. Actually, it looks like they have put out a couple of successful “All My Friends Are Dead” books, also filled with dry humor, satire, and irony. A quick google image search shows that there are knock-offs of the design out there, which is both flattering and annoying.

Next time you are at a loss of what to get your niece or nephew for their birthday, consider something from the Big Stone Head store!


Nowhere Bad T-Shirts

"Clash of the Titans"

Daily deal sites are all the rage online, and the t-shirt world is no exception. While you probably know of sites like teefury, there are also smaller sites that feature some pretty cool designs from independent artists.


Origin of the species

Origin of the Species

Nowhere bad features one new t-shirt design for sale every 72 hours before the t-shirt is retired from their site.  There seems to be a sci-fi theme to a lot of their t-shirts, as they touch on some of our favorite genres: monkeys, star wars, and robots.

Anyway, check out their site at nowherebad.com or feel free to weigh in below on the age-old question of who would win in a fight between Boba Fett and a T-Rex. – Personally, I think Bobab Fett would just hover around and tee off on a dinosaur, but maybe I’m wrong.

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