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Femme Fatales – Matthew Skiff

femme fatale shinobi

femme fatale - shinobi (aka Kim Kardashian vs ninjas!?)

femme fatale americana t-shirt

femme fatale - americana

femme fatale tigress

femme fatale - tigress

Thanks to Kyle at krypton t-shirts for letting me know about this awesome Femme Fatale t-shirt series illustrated by the very talented Matthew Skiff.

I’m loving the lines, color, and balance in these designs. Really, no text is even needed in these vignettes of sexy femme fatales that combines exotic fantasy art w/ vintage comic book style. Look, there’s a zombie!

Brilliantly illustrated, these limited edition t-shirts are available in 2 colorways, and are printed on soft American Apparel tees.

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This is Not Leather- Killer Brigade T-Shirts

leather t-shirt

This is not actually a leather t-shirt

This is Not Leather – Whoa, what a cool design sent to us by Mo at Norwegian clothing brand Killer Brigade. Looking like leather over a real skull t-shirt (which i believe is considered “business casual?”) this kind of takes that old “tuxedo shirt” idea to a new level. I guess you would call this “Trompe-l’œil,” defined as “realistic imagery in order to create an optical illusion.”

I really like how the leather design on the front fades out around the edges, and bleeds right onto the edge of the collar, giving it a cool, realistic effect. Although the store is based in Norway, I’m wondering how Americans like myself can get one of these t-shirts? Mo, if you have the answer, please comment below!

Also, check out one of their other cool designs below:

space queen t-shirt

space queen t-shirt


Yamaha xs650 Engine T-Shirt

yamaha xs650

yamaha xs650 t-shirt by Godmachine

xs650 yamaha engine

xs650 yamaha engine

Yamaha xs650 T-Shirt – Is there anyone more passionate about what they ride than motorcyclists? This isn’t just true for Harley riders, or the Japanese crotch-rockets. The Yamaha XS650 engine has a devoted following over at xs650chopper.com; a site devoted exclusively to this vintage engine that powered badass cycles for over a decade starting in 1968.

Ted from xs650chopper.com is so into the legendary xs650 power plant, that he commissioned Godmachine designs to design a t-shirt as a tribute to the engine (above) and it turned out really nice!

godmachine t-shirt

godmachine design

After checking out the other designs at Godmachine, I’ve decided that their artwork deserves it’s own post. Pretty sweet!

In any event, you can see this t-shirt in more detail, or pick one up for yourself here.

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Flower Children

Now here is something new: For that beach bum, 70’s look, try the recently started Flower Children. Based out of Montreal, Flower Children opened for business this month and it looks like they didn’t cut any corners here. Their website is top notch and a few of their tees have some trippy designs to them.

flower children t-shirt

Kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland or Candy Land-like theme gone wrong. Trippy, a little creepy… but we love it.

I love how each shirt is like an adventure. Like the one above, you can stare at it for a while and attempt to piece it all together. This is not just a design put on a shirt. Its more than that.

Now we have seen designs like this before, but these are deeper… more unique. Something you can get lost in staring at them. However, my only criticism is that half the shirts they sell are great and the other half… well, is not quit up to par to the others. Check them out for yourself at their website here. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video?

Flower Children Preview 10/2010 from Enfants Fleurs / Flower Children on Vimeo.