Continental Breakfast – Geography T-shirt

December 5, 2012 funny t-shirts
continental breakfast t-shirt

Continental Breakfast T-shirt – Just wanted to highlight this creative play on a “continental breakfast” by @Dijay featuring breakfast foods in the shape of the continents. A great idea, and the food […]

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Hungry? How about 200 shirts to satisfy your appetite at Hide Your Arms?

February 3, 2010 News

If you really think about it, you can represent any aspect of life via a T-shirt. Andy over at Hide Your Arms has made a great list of 200 shirts that rep food. Designs like these:

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December 2, 2009 Tees

Delicious typography. A super-soft, Tri-Blend t-shirt in espresso brown from American Apparel, printed with everyone’s favorite logogram (set in Knockout). $22 + shipping at SimpleBits Shop

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El Rancho

November 14, 2008 Tees

Take a custom printing company, throw in a love for vintage, and you get this (and a bunch’o other) cool retro tees. $20.00 + shipping at Shirt Industries

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Planet of the Crepes

September 4, 2008 Tees
Planet of the Crepes

PCT Reader Jan F. told us about this delicious tee. Jan (who won a Torso pants contest for the concept of the tshirt) says: “I’m just a big planet of the apes […]

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