Reformed Nudist

It was hard to choose which of the great designs from brand new line “Anti-Clothes” to feature because most of them do an incredible job being both well designed AND funny. Which is no small feat.

I think their ability to juggle that line between genuinely awesome artwork …

Planet of the Crepes

Planet of the Crepes

PCT Reader Jan F. told us about this delicious tee. Jan (who won a Torso pants contest for the concept of the tshirt) says: “I’m just a big planet of the apes fan who thought of this one day while eating breakfast.”

Mmmm… crepes.

$19 + shipping at


Nate, who started Vintagedge back in ’03, linked us to today’s tee. New Hampshire, you are one lucky state! Most relationships don’t last 10 years, never mind two hundred and seventeen.


There’s tons of other funny state tees here, plus a catalog of general humor ones. The best …

Clown Fish

GlennzTees treads that ever so delicate line between funny and artistic, and manages to be both. They have 3 new shirts that they’ve just added to the shop, but this one is one of my favorites. Go check them out!


$19.95 + shipping at GlennzTees