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Space Invasion At Finroo

Finroo sell cool graphic tees in limited editions of 100, on bamboo and organic cotton – and donate a dollar from each sale to charity.

With space invaders serving as an unofficial mascot here at Pop Culture Tees, the choice of tee to feature was obvious:


Oh no! It looks like the aliens have finally sussed out that slowly descending in waves was getting them nowhere, so they’re invading en masse! Someone call Will Smith!

Subverting the standard space invaders concept is popular at the moment, as Glennz also has an alternate perspective on the subject.

$34.99 + shipping at Finroo


I’m the Fifth Cylon

Probably the strangest named shop we’ve featured on the site, these are the same guys who are behind reddit, and are dedicated to offering geeky stuff to folks who like that kind of thing.

Pick up this tee just in time for the series end:


Also, all profits from this design go to the EFF. Cool.

$19 + shipping at breadpig


AT-AT the Rodeo

“Have you ever wondered where young Imperial AT-ATs were trained and broken in before they grew up to become the highly efficient killers you witness on the ice fields of Hoth?”

“AT-AT the Rodeo of course!!”


This clever design is perfect for any hard-core Star Wars fan. Printed through Redbubble, so you get your choice of lots of different colors.

$25.00 + shipping at Geek Chic


Steve Jobs Lives

Really, following this news:

“Apple Inc.’s CEO Steve Jobs says he is taking a medical leave of absence until the end of June. Jobs told employees in an e-mail that his health issues are more complex than he thought.” (- Huffington Post)

the only surprise should be that it took this long to get the site up.




Buy them here (they don’t appear to be from a print on demand site); printed on American ApparelĀ® 2001.