Continental Breakfast – Geography T-shirt

December 5, 2012 funny t-shirts
continental breakfast t-shirt

Continental Breakfast T-shirt – Just wanted to highlight this creative play on a “continental breakfast” by @Dijay featuring breakfast foods in the shape of the continents. A great idea, and the food is definitely recognizable as the continents. However, I’m not sure people would make the connection of the play on words without a brief […]

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Designers Representin’

June 16, 2008 Tees
New Castle

The folks over at Burn Suburbia have a pretty cool idea. Take an artist and have them create a design that embodies the city they live in. We love the idea and more importantly to us teephones (those that talk t-shirts) we love the shirt. Go check it out! $22 + shipping at Burn Suburbia

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