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Alien Graffiti T-shirt

alien graffiti

Alien Graffiti T-Shirt – Pretty funny design of an alien spray painting some crop circles on the wall. (Although, if they aren’t in actually crops, what would they be called?) Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught, because illegal street art can carry stiff penalties.

Also, according to article 731.01, they can tack on another $250+ to this guy’s fines for public nudity. (Not to mention if he is in Singapore doing this, which would be really bad!) Anyway, this funny t-shirt is also over at Glennz.com



The designs on Loiter are all over the board, ranging from traditional college humor to more artistic tees with an urban/graffiti grunge flare. They have LOTS of designs to choose from, by LOTS of different artists and have just added a bunch of new ones. We’re really digging this one:

But we really wish they’d include some shots of the designs on actual t-shirts. Wonder how large the prints are?

About $17.00 + shipping at Loiter