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Gangsta Frankenstein

gangsta frankenstein t-shirt

Gangsta’ Frankenstein – Now that it’s October, I figured I should find a cool t-shirt with a Halloween theme. Check out this Gangsta’ Frankenstein t-shirt from TotalLost. (I could see a movie based on this, in which Frankenstein is transported to early 1990’s Compton, where he launches his gangsta’ rap career, only to learn the timeless lesson that with mo’ money comes mo’ problems… Ok, maybe not.)

You know, I think you could make a whole genre of t-shirts with unexpected people doing the gangsta rap pose. Probably everyone from Jesus to Betty White would be worth gangsta-fying. (just don’t do a Prophet Muhammad design) Check out Rany’s other designs at Total Lost on Etsy

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Imagine if you said out loud, “Hey! I wish someone would send me a little drawing of a skull,” and over 100 people responded. If you’ve ever wondered how that would look on a shirt, head on over to Psycho Reindeer and pick up the latest fortnight shirt: Boneheads


Skulls, it’s not just for halloween anymore. Head on over and buy a shirt.

$12 + free shipping at Psycho Reindeer


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