Gizmo Joins the Zapatista Army

November 8, 2012 movie t-shirts
gizmo gremlins zapatista army

Marquismo Men – I think one way to come up with creative designs is to combine 2 unrelated images to create something completely new. Such is the case when you enlist Gizmo (from Gremlins) in the Mexican Zapatista Army (aka the EZLN) in this design at Dimex Vive. Not sure exactly what the motivation was […]

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“Mexican Thumb Wrestling” from Psycho Reindeer

March 10, 2010 Tees

The latest offering of the fortnight from Psycho Reindeer pays homage to an old sports tradition. If you’re a fan of Lucha Libre, give this shirt 2 thumbs up until one goes down for the count. $12 + FREE shipping at Psycho Reindeer

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El Rancho

November 14, 2008 Tees

Take a custom printing company, throw in a love for vintage, and you get this (and a bunch’o other) cool retro tees. $20.00 + shipping at Shirt Industries

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