Obama in The Sea of Hope

Just as Obama is in the midst of his first huge overseas tour as President, Chop Shop releases this hopeful tee for men and women. Like the folks over there say:

“After 8 years lost in The Sea of Holes… America emerges into the Sea of Hope with …


Just in time for the aftermath of the first debates, comes this hand-drawn tee from Daniel at PostModern Sideshow. Dan says: “I like to think of it as McCain carrying Obama all the way to the White House, while enjoying a 100% all beef frank.”

Mmm. Hotdogs.


5 Really Great Obama T-Shirts

“Nearly everyone is getting used to seeing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s official message on TV. But some people are seeing him on unofficial wares. Obama’s face is emblazoned on thousands of graphic T-shirts sold online, on street corners and in chain stores. For some, the icon is …