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Drunk Nate Silver t-shirts

Who dat? Nate Silver is the New York Times prognosticator who used a knowledge of statistics and polling data to accurately forecast the 2012 election results with near perfection. He correctly predicted how all 50 states would vote, and came within a hair of calling the popular vote. And by doing so, spawned one of the funniest internet memes in a while: #DrunkNateSilver.

Along the same lines as the popular Chuck Norris Facts, #DrunkNateSilver tells the tale of Nate Silver’s superhuman skills of prediction while being a drunk ass-hat. Some of my favorites are:

• Drunk Nate Silver is riding the subway, telling strangers the day they will die.
• Drunk Nate Silver can guess your weight, in stones.
• Drunk Nate Silver looking at the Mayan calendar, shaking his head calmly, X’ing out Dec 21 and circling Dec 31.
• Drunk Nate Silver plays pi degrees of Kevin Bacon.
• Drunk Nate Silver predicted “Drunk Nate Silver” would become a meme two weeks ago.

We will see how quickly this burns out (it might already have!), but wearing this t-shirt could be a good conversation starter at a party. When trying to make a buck off t-shirts inspired by an internet meme, you have to strike while the iron is hot – because after next week I guarantee almost no one will know who Nate Silver is, and be forced to ask the question: “Who dat?”

Nate Silver shirt by Skreened.com

Beast Wreck T-Shirts

Beast Wreck Shirts – Jared from Beast Wreck has made my day with these kick ass t-shirt designs. He describes the style as “A mad-scientist’s concoction of equal parts pop, pulp, rock, and retro…”

obama zombie t-shirt

ZOMBAMA'S REVENGE - obama zombie t-shirt

Obama Zombie – So, takeoffs on the original Obama “HOPE” posters are everwhere. This has to be about the coolest parody I’ve seen though. When asked what the political statement here was, Jared responed, “I’m trying to say is that I have fun with ridiculous parodies of self-important ‘street artists.’ That’s all.” buy it

Kool Aid angry bat t-shirt

KROOL AID - Kool Aid Man Wrecking Sh*t

Friendly mascot for a sugary drink? Hell no! Krool aid is angry, and wielding a bat. Maybe he’s upset at being used as a corporate pawn for so long. (was he laid off in the recent economic downturn?) check it out

bobbafet bounty hunter t-shirt


What happens when you cross the galaxy’s baddest bounty hunter and Speed Racer? Something like this bad-ass BOUNTY HUNTER t-shirt

Give him a thumbs-up below, and check out all his awesome t-shirt designs at the beastwreck store!


Obama in The Sea of Hope

Just as Obama is in the midst of his first huge overseas tour as President, Chop Shop releases this hopeful tee for men and women. Like the folks over there say:

“After 8 years lost in The Sea of Holes… America emerges into the Sea of Hope with a new president at the helm. Wear your hope on your sleeves, literally.”


$20 + shipping at Chop Shop


Restoring America

In case you missed it, a few nights ago Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States.

Time will tell whether the campaign promises of a fundamental change in politics, policy and society will come to pass, but the message from the 64 and half million people who voted for the president-elect was clear: “This is what we believe in. This is the America we want.”

America Is Restoring – Please Wait:

£14.99 + shipping at Bonaroo



Just in time for the aftermath of the first debates, comes this hand-drawn tee from Daniel at PostModern Sideshow. Dan says: “I like to think of it as McCain carrying Obama all the way to the White House, while enjoying a 100% all beef frank.”

Mmm. Hotdogs.

$15 + shipping at Post Modern Sideshow


5 More Really Great Obama Shirts

Since we did our first post about awesome Obama shirts, we’ve found even more great designs and had a bunch of submissions to the site.

So here’s part II, with five more outstanding designs!

1. There’s Something About Berry

Something About Berry

Super-clever concept that’s been well executed. Lots of different designs available around the same theme. $25.00 BUY NOW

2. Hope

We really dig the clean simplicity of both the designs offered through this shop, but this one is our favorite of the two (and not just because they’re one of our advertisers). $19.95 BUY NOW.

3. “Yes We Can” Around the World

Around the World

It’s no secret that the rest of the world heavily supports Obama. Now, no matter where you are you can wear your support. Through cafepress and spreadshirt (if you’re in europe) you can pick up one of these shirts in one of 10 different languages. BUY in the US or EUROPE.

4. “Yes We Can”

Yes We Can

Most of the shirts on this site are only so-so, but this one fits the bill for being cleanly designed and straight to the point. Tons of different styles available.

5. Restore America (vintage)


One of the more expensive designs out there, we still really dig this one because it’s printed on a cool baseball tee and has a great vintage feel. Plus, the site says a portion of all proceeds will go to the Official Barack Obama Campaign. $35.95 BUY NOW


5 Really Great Obama T-Shirts

“Nearly everyone is getting used to seeing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s official message on TV. But some people are seeing him on unofficial wares. Obama’s face is emblazoned on thousands of graphic T-shirts sold online, on street corners and in chain stores. For some, the icon is all about Obama’s message, for others it’s simply a hip fashion statement.”

The excerpt above is from a Chicago Public Radio story about Obama’s transition from political candidate to pop culture icon, with his likeness appearing on everything from t-shirts to trinkets.

The wildfire spread of unofficial goods can partly be attributed to the popularity of Obama’s message, but not entirely; we’ve had popular candidates before.

What we haven’t had before, though, is a candidate with such a strong brand right out of the gate. Obama’s camp is also the first to completely grasp the potential of the internet as a vehicle for campaigning and have done a better job harnessing it’s viral and social natures than any of it’s competitors.

The result? Well, enough shirts for us to do a round-up of awesome Obama tees (in no particular order, of course):

1. Obey Obama Progress Tee

Obey Obama

From the OBEY Giant folks, this tee is imprinted with Shepard Fairey’s “Progress” design. $28.00 BUY NOW Also available for women.

2. Barak Obama is my Homeboy


These guys are the self-proclaimed “largest online grassroots campaign supporting Barack Obama”. They certainly have one of the most popular tees out there. You can buy it, and others, from their site, as well as setup your own blog to talk about the presidential race. $18.45 BUY NOW

3. The Obama-Bama Tee

The Obama-Bama Tee

Originally just for kids (because really, what’s cuter than kids with a political opinion?), lowercase tee now offers these for grown-ups too. $17.00 BUY NOW

4. Audacity To Hope


Looks like shirts from apb have been selling out… they’re the most urban designs we’ve found and clearly popular. This design, and the other designs they have available, are still available in a few sizes. $24.99 BUY NOW

5. Captain Obama

Captain Obama

This is probably our favorite of the all the tees we found while doing research for this article. Designed by AJ Dimarucot for Thriving Ink, it’s just one of the different shirts created for their Hope is Dope line of shirts. Part of the proceeds for sales of the shirts will go to charity. $21.95 BUY NOW

So there you have it, our wrap-up of our favorite obama shirts out there right now.

This post was so popular, we had to do a second one! Check out Part 2 for 5 more really great tees.